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  1. I belong to a wild snake education group on FB, they say there is no real snake repellent. The best way to discourage snakes is make the environment unappealing to them. Keep grass cut sort, no brush close to the house, no food sources for rodents, etc.. Snakes are beneficial to the environment really. If you see one in the yard spray it with a hose and it should move on.
  2. Miss Patsy, if you read up where those Rumley tractors are made, I live in LaPorte, Indiana. How about that. The old building is gone now, but the name Rumley is a big thing here. Rumley went on to become Allis-Chalmers. My great uncles used to work for Allis-Chalmers. There is a FB page Rumley Allis-Chalmers LaPorte Heritage Center. Small world. Sue the lurker
  3. Ms. Susan, the jigsaw app I have for my iPad is Jigsaw Puzzle by Critical Hit Software. The picture in the App Store is a brown square with a green puzzle piece in it. I found it by searching the App Store for free jigsaw puzzles for iPad. Sue the lurker
  4. Ms Susan, I'm still sorting things from last year when my aunt and mom died. I understand you wanting to get it out. But I'm one to be concerned about landfills. Plus also, lots of people love to thrift shop and other people's junk is a treasure trove to them. Animal shelters or rescues love, love, love old towels and blankets. They can be like gold to them. Ms Sherrie, having Jim at home under his tree is perfect. With my aunt I let her go on the family homestead where she liked to walk and be with nature. My mom was spread at a few places that were important to her, one being the back yard here because she really loved this house. My favorite scattering of my mom was in two different casinos that she enjoyed going to. Just a bit of ashes in each, but it made me smile. Sue the lurker
  5. Ms Sherrie, my condolences on the loss of your Mr Jim. I know it doesn't feel like it now, but you both were blessed that he got to pass at home, and it wasn't a long ordeal. I'm sure he was at peace being at home with people, and his girls, who surrounded him with love. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones at this time. Wrap yourself in the love coming to you. Sue the lurker
  6. Sherrie, it sounds like the fiasco I had here. Hospital bed ordered to be here late afternoon to give me time to move out moms bed. They tried to deliver it early. Just a complete cluster, but it all worked out. Things have a habit of working out. Mom got her meds orally. Thank God. I had an anti anxiety drug and morphine, both liquid and put under her tongue so that made it easy. So glad you have help and a support system, I had me. It's going to be rough, but you will be thankful later you could carry out Jim's wishes. A huge pox on the hospital for not dispensing emergency meds for his move. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and for Jim, I pray for an easy passing. You can do this. You have the strength through your love for your husband. Accept any and all help that is offered. Lots of gentle hugs to and Jim.
  7. Miss Sherrie, Hospice can be a Godsend. My mom wanted to pass at home and did. They supplied the hospital bed and meds for me to give as needed. Mom only was with hospice care for one week before she passed. Now for TMI, she wasn't eating so the only out put was urine, a catheter was set so I didn't have clean up, just keeping that clean. I have a bad back and little upper body strength but I was able to roll her over to avoid sores. They can show you how using a sheet. It's not easy taking care of someone you love at this time, but I am so thankful I was able to. It meant so much to carry out moms final wish to be at home. I feel it put her mind at ease and made her passing easier. My heart breaks for you. Prayers that when its time, Jim passes easy and you travels through the limbo of grief are kind. It's a rough road as many here know. Carol Ann, my condolences on the passing of Gizzy Sue the lurker
  8. Late last night when Cindy Lou and I were trying to sleep, what did we hear? A loud honking goose flying over our house. Then I found this picture of another welcoming committee at the bridge. Sue the lurker and Cindy Lou WhooOoo
  9. Since mom is showin off that Phat Gurl I demand you all see my pretty face again. Humph! This is me a long time ago ( not that long missy, it was Christmas), long time for me. See the pillow my aunt sent me. I make sure mom has to look at it all the time. Hehehe Cindy Lou WhooOoo
  10. Goose, look for Phat Gurl. You can keep your chin on her back, she is real gentle. Sue the lurker who thinks the heavenly lub is getting very crowded
  11. The bucket may or may knot allow the sharing of Phat Gurl. Thank you for asking Ms Susan, I haven't looked at her beautiful face, or belly, in a long time. Sue the lurker
  12. Miss Amber, it me happy to think that on Saturday you will be beginning to heal 5 hearts. Yours, Mr Bailey's, Ruby , Manny and there other mother's. I do hope your group can let her know they have landed in a very good home. It would help her rest easy as she goes through her treatment. Sue the lurker
  13. Thank you so much for adding Phat Girl to the list (brought tears to my eyes to see her remembered with the others). She was knot a GH, but did belong to the WFUBC. She was honored to be accepted as a member. For those who do not read the "club", Phat Girl was a Bull Mastiff who learned to roach from her GH friends :-) and we tried hard to bring smiles to families going through hard times, Phat Girl in her glory. sue the lurker, and admirer of all your wonderful hounds
  14. I did once with another breed. I won't say that it was easy, or fast. What I did was make thunder storms a fun time. I would use high value treats, only used for noise events, and when the first sign of the storm I would start talking in an excited voice and dolling out the treats. As long as I could make the event a non issue and as fun as possible it worked. I'll admit that if anyone would have seen me dancing around the house, acting all excited and using baby talk they would have committed me. But after one season of thunder I had two dogs that would not try to break out of the house with fear. Were they ever completely comfortable? No, they would still pant and pace a little, but they would lay on their beds and expect treats. One of the dogs was a 97# Rottie who jumped a 6" fence to get away from fireworks at one time. She would check the windows for an escape route before we had "storm parties". This might not work for all dogs but it worked wonders for mine. sue
  15. Waiting and watching for updates. Keeping you, your family and 00-Dude in my thoughts and prayers. and a for 00-Dude when he gets home. sue the lurker
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