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  1. Candy, tell your mom to check out The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. sue the lurker
  2. Candy, tell your mom to check out The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. sue the lurker
  3. Thank you so much for adding Phat Girl to the list (brought tears to my eyes to see her remembered with the others). She was knot a GH, but did belong to the WFUBC. She was honored to be accepted as a member. For those who do not read the "club", Phat Girl was a Bull Mastiff who learned to roach from her GH friends :-) and we tried hard to bring smiles to families going through hard times, Phat Girl in her glory. sue the lurker, and admirer of all your wonderful hounds
  4. I did once with another breed. I won't say that it was easy, or fast. What I did was make thunder storms a fun time. I would use high value treats, only used for noise events, and when the first sign of the storm I would start talking in an excited voice and dolling out the treats. As long as I could make the event a non issue and as fun as possible it worked. I'll admit that if anyone would have seen me dancing around the house, acting all excited and using baby talk they would have committed me. But after one season of thunder I had two dogs that would not try to break out of the hou
  5. Waiting and watching for updates. Keeping you, your family and 00-Dude in my thoughts and prayers. and a for 00-Dude when he gets home. sue the lurker
  6. I have a hard time reading this forum as most of us do. I have had some very good friends lose their pets this week, and found this to share with all who are now, or have gone through the grief of losing a special friend. A Place for Us (A message from the Rainbow Bridge) By Terri Onorato I know what you’re thinking. You think because you cannot see me with your human eyes, cannot feel me with your hands or hold me in your arms that I am gone forever. You recall how I looked when I left this earth and you cannot remotely imagine that I am alive in another place. You are rack
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