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  1. Success! I think I did it! I habs a ob Momma roaching! Here it is: Whot do you think? Ivy, secret photografer
  2. I am here! We had a quiet day today. Momma went back to the garden center wif Auntie Gwen to help her pick out plants for her noo garden. She is going to help her plant them on Sattiday since it was raining today and will be raining tomorrow. Then Momma took us for a Mommy and Me walk this morning. We had a fambly walk this afternoon! Lila! You need the ark! The fishy mystery continues! Miss Chris Miss Caroline, how are you? How about you Miss Sherrie? for both of you! I am still trying to get a gud ob Momma roaching! Ivy, sekret photografer
  3. Guess where we went today? We went to THE DOG PARK! No, it is knot our usual day, but Momma's frend Miss Robin called her and asked "do you want to meet at the Dog Park?" She habs a galgo named Feirulais, or something like that. (Firu is whot she calls him). He is a bery hansum, sleek black 2 year old houndie who likes to run. So we chased and chased! There wuz a black lab poopie there too! Miss Tin habs a red deck! Oh! Plusalso she habs the mystery ob a missing angelfish? Hmmm, houndies like fish...... Spirit, I do knot like going to the tortunarian either! Uh oh, Zeke is habing tushie problems? I hope he is OK! I hope all the hoomans who are feeling poorly are OK too! Miss Caroline? Miss 'Lizabeth? Miss Sherrie? We lubs you! Oooooh! I wuz trying to catch my Momma roaching! Looky here! It's knot purfekt, but it's better! Ivy, secret photografer
  4. Happy Birthday to my Daddy! We habs beautimous weather today! It is sunny and warm and a greyt day for walkies! Our dog walker, Tracey, came this morning to walk us while Daddy wuz hitting the leetle white all around and Momma wuz running errands. Then we did a fambly walk this afternoon! Here is a ob us on our walkie wif Miss Tracey: Tonight we will get hamburglers, since that's whot Daddy wanted for his birthday dinner. They are habing a virtual birthday party wif Auntie Linda and my cuzzin Susannah. Momma baked a cake for Daddy and tried to decorate it herownself. She says it is VERY hard to write wif icing! Dustin, it will take A LOT ob dirt to fill in the space where the pool was! But you will habs your bery own racetrack! Ivy, who does knot habs a racetrack!
  5. Ivy can be a picky eater sometimes and I try different things to get her to eat- I will move all her kibble to the center so she doesn't have to work too hard to get it from the edges, put grated cheese on it, crumble Stella and Chewys freeze-dried turkey Meal Mixers on it, and sometimes yogurt or Gerber's meat baby food. Is she spoiled? No, of course not! As Chris said, Greyhounds are great people trainers! Cherry, on the other hand, will gobble up her food in 60 seconds flat!
  6. Molly McPatriotic, that is a really good ! Miss Patsy, you can soshal distance wif us anytime! Lila! I hope you feel better now! Hamish, I am sorry your party wuz canceled, but I hope you had a nice birthday anyway! Merc got pancakes! Nom nom nom! We had two nice walkies today and the weather is really nice! Sunnyshine and temprchurs in the high sebendylebens! Momma and Daddy did a virtual birthday visit wif my Auntie Linda! Happy Birthday Auntie Linda! Tomorrow is my Daddy's birthday! Ivy, going to party wif Daddy tomorrow!
  7. Andipants, that's whot my momma says too! But she says that's knot the *only* gud thing. The other gud thing is all the pretty collars she can buy for us! Gud morning everyone! It's a cloudy morning here in Mary Land and very quiet outside right now. I guess peeple do knot get up early on holidays in our neighborhood! Look at FLizzie and KLilly and Andipants! Miss 'Lizabeth, Momma and Daddy might go to Grapehounds Noo York next year- they habs frends that libs there in a beeeg beautimous old house and they sed there are eggstra bedrooms for them and for us! Hamish, did you habs a nice birthday? How is your noo leetle kitteh doing? Today is my Auntie Linda's birthday and tomorrow is my Daddy's birthday! We are usually at the Jersey Shore for this weekend, but knot this year. The 'rents are habing a virtual birthday party for Auntie Linda at 5:30 today and another one tomorrow for Daddy! Maybe Cherry and I will join in too! We are hoping for birthday cake! Ivy, party houndie
  8. Gud morning! Happy Birthday Wee Hamish! Cherry told me she saw TWO bunnies standing together this morning! They had a stare-down until Momma moved, then the bunnies ran away.
  9. Merc, this is the closest I culd come to getting a ob my Momma's first roach. I though she wuld roach on the couch, but this is the closest she wuld come to roaching : I think she definitely is knot a roacher!
  10. Gud morning! We habs been awake since 5:15 ob the am, went outside for our potty break and then had our brekkie I wuld knot finish mine . When Momma and Daddy came home from the grocery store, I did LOTS ob Zoomies in the house! Then Cherry got out ob her crate and we chased and chased and chased through the house too! Then we got peanut butter! Nom nom nom! Miss Caroline, Nuttymeg! You stole your momma's scrampled eggs and toast? Oh! I mean Look at Charlie and Zorro! Miss Nancy ob da Burg, how are you feeling today? Momma is going wif Aunty Gwen to help her plant all her flowers in her flower beds today. Aunty Gwen moved to a noo 55+ neighborhood (?) and has flower beds now. Then when Momma gets home she will finish planting the rest ob OUR flowers in the containers on the front porch. Daddy is gonna do our walk this morning since Momma will be at Aunty Gwen's house. This afternoon we will do a fambly walk. So I better get my in now! Ivy, busy houndie
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