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  1. It is REALLY windy here today! We almost blew away on our walkies! Andipants! You are habing a greyt time posting and I lubs your emojis too! Hamish You better stay away from that house. Molly had a gud idea to just habs poopie playdates at YOUR house! Fancy, Momma bought us some of those same flannel PJ's from Houndtime too. She went back to the convenshun center on Sunnyday before they closed. Mine is peenk wif hearts and circles and Beka's is navy and yellow wif hearts and pawprints. We are going to wear them the negst couple ob nights cuz it will be bery chilly! Ivy, chillyhoundie
  2. Momma came home from werk early today cuz she woke up dis morning wif a really bad backache and it didn't get any better sitting through meetings. So she came home at lunchtime and gabe us treats! Free Cheez!!!! Hamish!! you got bitted at the dog park? Dat's why we habs a special playgroop just for houndies cuz we do knot bite each other. There is a dog park much closer to us but long ago my angel sisser Breeze got bitted on her needlenose and needed sniches. Plusalso the owner ob da dog that did it just sed "oh, did she get bit? I wuzn't watching" Oh! you saw sky fairies! Dat sounds sooooo pretty! I lubs to watch dem too! OOOH! The Washington Nationals are going to the World Series! Ivy, knot really a fan ob baseball but we habs to cheer the home team!
  3. I wuz habing trubble getting on GT tonight! It said "this community is not available" That skeered me! Poor Miss Patsy! We are going to get your rainy rains tomorrow all day. Lila, Daddy wuz eggsited that his Packers won that game! We are back at home and Momma went back to her werkjob today. We had lots ob fun at Dewee! Thank you Merc for posting some ob my pikkies! Ivy, glad to habs her regular 'puter back
  4. Yes, Miss Soosan, they are Iggys. Plusalso there wuz a lady handing out cards for their adoptshun group while they were posing!
  5. Gud morning everyone! We are in the car on the way home. Merc, it wuz wunderful to see you again in the fur! and I miss you! I am wearing my noo purkle collar today too! We ran around in the backyard one more time this morning. Goodbye yard until negst year! Then Momma and Daddy were packing eberything up and I made sure to be a pesto so they wouldn’t forget us! Happy Thanksgiving to our Oh Canada frends! Ivy, homeward bound
  6. Hi from the beach! Today we were in a greyhound parade on the boardwalk! We got to see lots of other houndies and some were wearing costumes! Plusalso I got to see Merc again! Momma put some on FB, could someone bring them ober here pretty please? Ivy
  7. Hi from Dewey! I habs been so busy that I habs knot had time to post! We went to the convention center and I got a noo purkle collar! I wore it for the ice creem soshal when I saw Merc! He eben gave me his ice creem! Isn’t he wunderful? Then we saw each other again today since he came over to our house whilst the hoomans went to lunch. We went back to the convention center again today and I got my taken by the roving photografers! I do knot know if they will post it but we will watch for it! Wow! Lots of stuff habs been happening since I tic tic-ed last! Miss Carol Ann will be Minnie Mouse, Hamish and Junior habs been misbehabing and maybe just maybe the mystry poster at Miss Chris’s house is KLilly! Momma is going to FB now to post some but she can knot post them in the Club because she is on her I pad so if any won sees them could you post them here pretty please? Ivy
  8. We will be thinking ob Misser Doug and going backandforfandbackandforf for him tomorrow!
  9. I agree with Vanessa. Rice is cheap and bagged rice is so easy to make! I simmer it for 20 minutes and let it stand off the heat for 5 minutes. Perfect rice every time! If I am in a real hurry, I use Uncle Ben's Ready Rice- vent the bag, 90 seconds in the microwave and it is done! We are getting ready to leave for Dewey tomorrow! Saturday lunch is greyt! then I will get to see Merc again! Nobody here habs poop foot and Momma is glad. There is a mystery houndie at Miss Chris's keyboard! Momma habs neber had to go to school on her birthday cuz it is in July. She habs only werked one time on her birthday cuz she wuz starting up an open heart program that day and had to be there! She habs always taken the day off in other years. Miss Patsy, habs you seen that Jim Cantore guy yet? Ivy, enjoying her sunshine instead of
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