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  1. Happy Birthday, Miss Nancy Mam!!! We had a pretty day, nice temps, bratwurst on the grill. Intended to go to the field to say bye-bye to the sunflowers for this year, they are losing their petals and drooping fast. But I didn't. Maybe tomorrow. Nice picture at the beach, Miss Carol Ann. Miss Dr. Fruutcake, hope the kitteh is okay.
  2. Good picture of Kaila, et. al. Ivy, you had a good time playing with your friends! That's nice. Gino will get the hang of flinging toys soon, I'm sure! Yay! Miss Jennie! Yay for seeing and breathing!! Enough indeed, Miss Elizabeth.
  3. Feel better, Pisser! Miss Chris, that's good that your air is better! Sad to hear about RGB. She was a good justice and a good lady.
  4. Miss Vanessa, that's good that Bibi is home. Lila, glad to hear that your vet visit went well, and that you're feeling better. Merc, maybe you should wait until your paw heals before you do any more Houndie Dervishes. Ya think? Pants? What are these "pants" that you speak of??? The smoke from the CA fires finally sank down enough to affect us. It's been overhead for a long time, but now we can see it as a medium haze haze in the sky. Last night for the first time the sunset was orange and the sunlight made orange/red patterns on the walls and curtains. It was kind
  5. Lila, I hope the new torturnarian can help you feel more like yourself all the time. There are many more cheeses to be tasted!!!
  6. Miss Jerilyn, I hope the vet visit with Lila goes well. I know you will do what is best for her, no matter what. Also, I'm usually in my pajamas when taking the trash out to the curb. So far none of the neighbors has mentioned calling APS if I don't stop! Noor is just so hampsome! Hope he soon realizes that the hoomans will be very very nice to him.
  7. Miss Nancy Mam and Chris, I'm glad you liked the balloons. I think they look like upside-down Christmas tree ornaments! I also think the man that did the video used to be a racetrack announcer. He sometimes talked like one! Nice pictures of Noor! What a handsome boy! That face . . . :thhudd: Looking spiffy, Molly McSnazzyfurs!
  8. I wasn't going to post much this morning. That went South in a hurry!! Oh, Miss Sherrie, I'm so sorry about your friend. That is so hard to hear, I know. So much has happened in such a short time. Sending all the love and strength and prayers that I can in hope that it will help. Also sending good thoughts for your surgery and uneventful recovery. Miss Chris, I'm sorry you're having trouble with your neighbor. Those smoke pictures tell the story even without the color. Digital cameras don't do the job as well as the old 35mm Kodachrome did! Hope the winds die down and some
  9. Hello, everybody and everyhoundie! News and adventures galore this Saturday! So sorry to hear that Bibbi has gone to the Bridge. that the fires out West calm down and get some water from Mama Nature to cool them down. Oh, new houndie off leash is a scary thing! Glad that those peeps were there to visit with and that he stopped for pets so his mamaperson could catch him. Charlie, it sounds like you had a great walk this morning. Puppies are cute, and they are annoying, but mostly they are cute! Good of you to be a calming influence on the little scared Galgo. You'r
  10. Oh, Miss Chris and Andi, that is such a sad story about the boy and his dog. Peace and blessings to all those who are affected. On another note, I saw video of ranchers from other states bringing in massive semi loads of hay to feed homeless animals in California. Blessings to them also. Sleep well and be safe, my friends!
  11. Miss Chris, I hope the fires stay away from you. That map looks scary. You stay safe, too, Miss Jen. Miss Lucy, that your data migration goes better. Hmmm . . . they don't make coffee makers like they usta.. Miss Cindy, it's good to hear that your mom is doing better. Hope your dad will get to see her soon. A canoe could be nice. My boss used to say that more divorces are caused by putting the boat in the water than anything else. Molly McPlayful, that is a beautimous rattie. And such a happy smile! I'm a total wimp. I turned the heat on yesterd
  12. Miss Elizabeth! I have done things like that often, so I am trying to not laugh but am failing ... Dustin, Leo seems to be a good horsie, but he also has a good trainer!! Hope he does better each time he goes out. Also hope everybody is doing ok with the fires and the heat. Now there is snow in Colorado?? Oy vey! Crazy weather everywhere. We were 85 degrees, humid, and sunny yesterday . . . I had a turtle blizzard for dinner. Today the high will be 65 degrees, windy, and rainy. I'd like French toast with butter and maple syrup for this weather. Also a
  13. Hello Ebberybody and Ebberyhoundie!! Good Sunday Morning . . . AndiPants, I hope the shopping dood didn't lose his job. Latkes! But . . . but . . . oy vey! Do you know the acapella group Six13? They have something to say about latkes. Miss Elizabeth! Not the coffeemaker!! Oy gevalt!!! I have another family reunion (my grandmother's side) today by Zoom. Hope there are more people than four at this one. Whew! Miss Elizabeth, I'm glad to hear that you're not totally caffeine-deprived.
  14. for Miss Nancy, it's been a long time since we could do stuff like that. Makes it even more fun, eh? Good to hear that Nigel is doing well!! Molly McHopeful, did you say to yourself, "I'd better stay here, there might be something in those packages for Meeeeeeeeee!" I had a bad experience with Instacart too. They were very nice about giving me credit and apologizing, but that didn't put the right groceries in the bag for me! I swear Walmart parks my bins in the sun to wait for me! My lettuce is always soggy and wilted! Laila, I am glad that Angie failed her Lyme test!!
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