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  1. Laila, I am not on Tik Tok but that sounds like fun. Emus are cool too. I'll check it out
  2. Hope everyone had a good Sunningday! It was cold yesterday . . . well, not COLD cold, but cool. Like lower 50s. I, in my infinite wisdom, went to Tai Chi without a jacket thinking that Shirley class would be indoors. Not so, Grasshoppah. The wind was blowing, too. But I survived. This weekend was open house at the Alpaca farm. I have not seen alpackers since 2019 so I went to visit this afternoon. There aren't as many on the farm as before, only about twenty, but Will the Ambassador and Greeter is still there. He's thirteen years old and quite the opinionated man. All of them are cute. It was warmer today, in the 70s, but the pesky wind was still around. My favorite pic from today.
  3. Yes! And also found myself saying "The Dude abides." a lot.
  4. Holy Crap! I went through a black and white stage once but not like that . . .
  5. Happy Anniversary to Miss Kathy and Misser Jim! Dude . . . Lila . . . Dante . . .
  6. Our temps are in the low 70s, gentle breeze, no clouds in the sky. It's supposed to be like this all week. It should be nice weather for the alpaca farm's open house on Saturday. Daddy loved this weather, he would quote a poem about "October's bright blue weather." Scooterman loved his walks always but especially on days like this. I've seen some very beautiful things while strolling the walking paths with him. Molly McPrettyPoodle, that is such a cute picture of you. Miss Patsy, thank you for your donations and glad you will be able to see your kiddos soon. Oh, this is funny, AndiPants . . . I had to read like sixelebenty times to understand how you had read it. Words are tricky!
  7. Miss Jerilyn, that is a very cute baby moose. I understand how you feel and am sorry to make you uncomfortable. Miss Vanessa, that's interesting that you mention grunge. I'm reading "The Storyteller", David Grohl's autobiography. He has some very nice things to say about Kurt Cobain and the Seattle experience. Our leaves have not yet turned, they're just beginning to look a yellowish-green so it will probably be about a week before they turn. The colors might not be as nice this year because it's been pretty dry. We used to leef-peep along the riverbanks to the north of here; the trees that grow on the bluffs are pretty. Have a pleasant day.
  8. Miss Elizabeth, I have never had Moose, though many people say it's good. There is even a RenFaire song "Moose, Moose, I Like A Moose" . . . . wait . . . whot?. . . . that is knot the same thing? Oh. Let me begin again. Moose has never been on my dinner menu, but Antelope has and it is nom, nom, nom! It's better than venison, IMO.
  9. HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY SWEEP!!! Hope you have many, many more!
  10. Pippin, I did not remember that Longfellow was from Maine. That house would be interesting, I think. Amalfi is a beautiful poem, he could paint such lovely word pictures. Thank you for sharing. Oooooh! Wicked Wiki gots a Wicked Toy! Ivy PrettyEars, I saw that. I like Captain Kirk a whole lot, always have, and like to hear him talk to people because he is interesting, but I think he's "profoundly impacted" by a lot of things. Ducky, you are such a mensch. Thank you for helping out when folks need it.
  11. Pippin, that is a beautiful tree. It right away made me think of Longfellow, The Village Blacksmith. "Under a spreading chestnut tree . . ." That made me think of Daddy, working at the forge and anvil with tongs and hammer. Which made me verklempt. But it's still a beautiful tree! Cherry does stairs . . . such a brave girl! Also for Flizzie eating and pooping. Where else could we celebrate poop!? Miss Halise, I hope things go better today and your ear gets better. Those middle-of-the-night phone calls are upsetting even when there is no family illness.
  12. Flizzie and her 'rents. Ivy PrettyEars, that is a very nice pic. Wishing everyone a good day.
  13. Love the piccies, Ivy PrettyEars! Merc is sooo hampsome! Unterfusshund! Backnforfnbacknforf for Flizzie. Miss Nancy Mam, it doesn't seem possible that the inn is closing already. Where did summer (knot our Summer) go??
  14. Very nice pics, Little Ivy PrettyEars! Look forward to seeing more.
  15. Oh, my! GRtB sounds like a lot of fun. And flying squirrels - - on leashes!! Who knew?? Really nice, too, that Ivy and Merc could spend time together. Miss RE Carol, I hope you get your eye surgery don this time. Miss Kathy, that's a very nice picture you did for your special friend. Have a pleasant Sunday, everyone.
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