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  1. Miss Nancy of the North I still miss my boy at breakfast. He liked oatmeal. Change is so hard. Glad Ruby is home with you.
  2. Oh, MEC, that is sad news about Misser Richard. A '50's party sounds like fun!
  3. Wings with Ruby dust. That conjures up an image of a beautiful, elegant houndie looking down at us with neck arched, one paw raised, and sparkling wings half-unfurled. It brings tears but also joy. I hope it comforts Miss Nancy also.
  4. JJ, so good to hear that you are feeling better. Whatever is the reason for it, we hope it continues. Hot and humid here too. Am cutting the grass while it's still sort of bearable (lots of water, lots of breaks). Supposed to be heat indexes in the 100's for the next week or so. LOL!! My mother was very disgusted when she learned that I was taking a class in school called "Physics". She wanted to know why they didn't give it a nicer name.
  5. Good one! I lub lub lubs puns, and would never have thought of that. Hapy Birfs Day Miss Chris! Congrats to Dr. Michelle Whiskey Biskey, the new collars are perfecto! Miss Nana Hada Parsnip is so cute! Methinks she played you pretty so good, betcha betcha!! (best Jar Jar Binks I can do ) Miss Susan, you are doing great with the new house. It can be frustrating and stressful sometimes but will be so worth it when you're done.
  6. Hugs and/or to: Nigel and Miss Nancy Miss Susan and Miss Michelle Miss Vanessa and Gino JJ and Miss Dr. Robin Fruutcake Laila, that was a nice story about the baby cardinal. I too hope that it learned to fly and is okay. Merc, that was a good thing to do for that owl. He/she looked really confused about what had happened! MEC, I'm sorry about the Sloworm. I always hate to hurt any creatures when I'm working outside. Have a good night, everyone! Much lubs to all.
  7. Miss Vanessa, I'm glad you are feeling better. It's such a bummer to be sickie in the summer what with all the going baknforf from heat to AC. Also happy that Johnny is home now. I can relate to the being stepped upon. My boy had excellent aim . . . he could stand beside me and hit my foot perfectly when he pushed off for a 100 MPH zoomie. It not only felt big and heavy, it also felt sharp! Miss that boy!
  8. {{{Miss Nancy}}} for little Nana Hada Parsnip and a good outcome. I like the ceramic angelfish, too . . . nice remembrance of Atom and Johnny. Miss Patsy, love your travel stories. Wish you had a pic of the purkle outhouse! ETA: Oh, gosh, hope your knee is okay!!!
  9. Oh, No, no, no, no, NOOOO!!!! Not Johnny!!!!! Such a shock. Miss Vanessa, I am so sorry that this happened. Please know that we are with you in spirit and our hearts ache for you because we have all lost a beloved fur friend. I will look for Johnny's star and send a prayer to him that he give you a sign from the Bridge. Blessed be.
  10. Oh, Miss Chris, I am so sorry that Atom had to go. You took care of him the very best you could, and he knows that he was loved. He will be meeting all the other beautiful houndies at the Bridge and his star will be among the brightest in the sky tonight. Blessed be.
  11. Miss Chris, so sorry to read about dear Atom. Hope he's better soon.
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