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  1. Happy Happy Happy Birfday, Merc!!! Good to see you, buddy!!! Nine is an impressive age, you are a very machure Houndie!! Also, Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Miss Elizabeth, et al. I miss all my friends. Stay safe, 'K?
  2. So happy! Nice to be all snuggly when it's chilly. Pretty Houndies!!! Petunia! My ScooterMan had a fluffy blankie with those doggos on it, just like that. And I had a Petunia before that, but she was a goofy, clunky cow dog. We called her PetieMouse. Nice memories.
  3. Miss Cynthia and Charlie I am so sorry to hear about Cap'n Jack. This just cannot be!! Please let the Cap'n and his new family know how much we love him and that we will be thinking of them in the days to come. Miss Jerilyn
  4. Miss Jerilyn, I am so sad to learn that sweet Lila has gone. May her memory be for a blessing. Safe and speedy journey, pretty girl. Your momma loves you very much and will miss you very much. Please give her a sign to let her know that you have found Hebbenly George and the others at the Bacon Bar and are planning zoomies for the evening's entertainment.
  5. I thought it was just me, AndiPants. Same situation here. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes not so much.
  6. Battle, you are a bonnie Scottish Houndie!! Kisses to you and your brudder Hamsammich. AndiPants, good to hear from you! Zeke, I'm sorry you are not comfortable and hope you can feel better. In the meantime, please don't chomp the mamaperson's arm (or any other body part). 'K? It's sunny and bright here, not much going on except a family gathering at the house across the street. You'd think it should look warm but it doesn't because of naked trees and the wintry angle of the shadows. That's kinda sad. Ya know what I mean? Everybody have a wonderful Sunnyday!
  7. Good Wednesday to Everybody and Everyhoundie! Thankful Veteran's Day to everyone who served or is serving. AndiPants, happy that you are home. Your leg looks better, sweet girl. Have a pleasant day!
  8. Miss Ducky, I call him/her Stirling. It's a pic that I found on the internet a few years ago, don't know who it really is. I kept and use it occasionally because it reminds me of my best friend's Blue Dane named Alex (Alexander the Great . . Dane). They are both gone to the Bridge. And it's just the cutest kissy-face poopy I've ever seen. AndiPants, I hope everything continues to be okay with your surgery. Miss Chris, if it ain't ants, it's fleas!!! Hang in there. Happy Birthday, Miss Patsy!!! I'm glad to be part of this Club. It's my happy place, like coming home to a ho
  9. Everybody and Everyhoundie! I yam heer wif you FF&F. butt . . . I yam in keg neater, dis is mah disk-eyes Oh! Oh! Andi, dear sweet girl, I hope that is not as painful as it looks. for getting better and being able to come home tomorrow.
  10. ScootersMom


    Karen: Your hearts must be breaking even as your memories make you smile. We will miss Lexie so much. She was a beautiful model and a greyt little actress. We loved and were amazed at her patience and cooperation in each pose. It was clear that she loved and trusted you. Safe and speedy journey to the Bridge, sweet girl. Rocket is waiting to greet you. We love you more than tongue can tell.
  11. OMD, I'm dying!!!! After I read about the barf and the rabbit, I read Dog in Elk and I has a sweet potato. That made me remember my experiences with Lady, Scooter, Nah-Mosh, Petunia and the moles . . . and the dead squirrel (left in front of the stereo apparently because it wanted to hear some music) . . . and assorted deceased birds. By this time I had forgotten the subject of this post that had started it all and had to go back to the top to see what it was. My sides hurt . . . .
  12. ScootersMom


    I'm so sorry for your loss. Iker was a special boy, so pretty and so expressive. He will be missed by many. Safe and speedy journey, sweet one. You were loved.
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