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  1. For some reason I am visualizing John Turturro in the bowling alley polishing balls (ref. The Big Lebowski).
  2. Pippin, don't cry, I lubbed your video. That is a very pretty place and it's nice that doggos can run free on the beach and get their toesies all wet and sandy!
  3. Miss Nancy Mam, I think we must live in the same house. I have a day planner on the table and a land line with a Trimline phone on the kitchen wall. For shame, Widgie!! I hope Manny behaves better toward Ryker. They are both very pretty.
  4. Miss Patsy, you mentioned canvas walls. Do you have a pop-up camper? DLH and I had one many years ago, back in the '80s. It was a Palomino that expanded to sleep four. The top and sides were canvas and even in the hottest part of the day it was comfortably cool inside with the screened endflaps unzipped. There was a teeny tiny kitchen area in the center, but we always cooked at the campfire. Many happy memories of going away for the weekend, camping and fishing for all kinds of fishies! This is kind of what our cute little unit looked like.
  5. Nate! Ryker is a handsome gentleman. Nice to see His Chubbiness is getting on well with him.. FancyPants, we would miss you very much. Maybe you could semi-retire. You know, like a consultant, and just report on special happenings?
  6. Miss Nancy of da Berg, I'm sorry for the loss of your good friend. He sounds like a very nice man.
  7. Miss Patsy, are you still hot .. hot .. hot .. and hoomid? The weather lady said that Sioux Falls is 93 degrees right now. We are 90 degrees with a 65 degree dew point down here. Thank Dog for the chilly boggs.
  8. Miss Ducky, I'm so sorry to learn that Little Charlie has left us. His Iggyness will be missed by all of us. Safe and swift journey, little one. Run free.
  9. Oh, Andipants, you lucky, lucky girl! Miss Chris has good taste (pun intended)! That is a Weber!! With its own counter!! I lubs lubs lubs Weber grills. I have a Weber. Mine is not so fancy but they are still the best!! Good eatings to you.
  10. Good Sunningday to Everybody and Everyhoundie! The lawnmowers are going fast and furious already this morning. We are a little humid and going to be slightly above normal temp today with a leeetle chance of rain so I guess folks are trying to get ahead of that. Myownself is planning on doing not too much of anything. Yesterday after Tai Chi, I stayed at the library to watch the Kansas City Disc Dogs perform. I didn't take any pics myself, but here are pics that the disc club took. The little GSD is slower than the Border and Australian Collies, but has beautiful form. The all-white dog is deaf! KCDD Bonner Springs Library Demo 2021 - Google Photos
  11. OMD!!! Look at those earses!!! Congrats to everyone.
  12. Awww . . . Wiki, that's so sweet that you're enjoying that blanket. Whiskey Biskie and Lila are no doubt smiling because it makes you happy.
  13. When I was a teenager, I saw Fritz the Cat at Cowtown on the edge of the Stockyards District . . . it was an eye-opener!!!
  14. Gasp! But . . but . . oh, my. I really thought I had a chance . . just call me Miss Haversham! Hope it all works out for him. Would llike to see him on Jeopardy! too.
  15. I thought so, too, Miss Jerilyn. He has a nice voice and a calm demeanor. I would vote for him! Hope everything works out to his satisfaction. He seems like a nice man.
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