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  1. Miss Patsy, I'm sorry that your beloved Packers did not win yesterday. However . . . I 'm happy that my beloved Chiefs are playing the 49ers. I did my part yesterday along with Bad Luck Chuck, only I didn't even watch the game or check on the score while they were playing. Lovely pictures of Cherry . . . she is beautimous. Waiting with bated breath for the story of the wearing of pants in Florida!! Glad everyone who has been traveling is home safely and bon voyage to those who are preparing to travel. Wishing everyone good weather. Just keep thinking . . . . only 65 more days until Spring!
  2. Ahooooyyyyy!! Cap'n Jack!! You are so hampsome, my little sugar lump! Good to see you ticticing again! Nice pic, Spirit. What a luverly bum you have!
  3. MEC, I think that young couple would like that little house very much. Good idea!! Miss Tin has a couch full o'houndies!!! What fun!!
  4. Miss Jennie, I am so glad you were able to get your dad to the hospital but so sorry that you are snowed in and can't visit him. Hope the snow stops and enough road can be cleared to let you get to the hospital. Happy Wednesday to all from Miss Noo Carol, who has lots of things to do today and is fixing to get ready to begin to commence to start to figure out a way around them.
  5. Miss Cynthia, thanks for the pics of the boys on their day out. Cap'n Jack looks good, Zorro looks confused, and I'd know Charlie's speckled butt anywhere! Now I'm going out to uncover my car from the snow. The streets have melted enough that I feel safe taking a little trip across town.
  6. Miss Susan, the Chiefs sometimes forget how to play the game and sometimes don't even seem to know WHAT game they are supposed to play. Oy! I see on the news that a great miracle has occurred and they remembered!!! Final score is 51 = 31. That doesn't say much for either team's defense, does it? Chiefs scored so many TDs that the stadium ran out of fireworks. Plusalso, Misser Patrick Macutiehomes tied/broke some records in the 2nd quarter. It's fun when they win. Miss Noo Carol, Fair Weather Football Fan
  7. Miss Robin, we are sorry for your loss. Miss Susan, you do not like our cutie-pie Wunderkind 1/4 back Mahomie?? (Patrick Mahomes - Go Chiefs!) Yesterday we had thunderstorms, freezing rain, and sleet. Today we have snow. Everyone is advised to stay home. That works for me 'cause I myownself am struggling with a killer bout of rhinitis and won't be going anywhere. Hope everybody and everyhoundie is okay and having a good weekend. Taking my blanket and book and going back to bed. PS - Oops, I forgot to say . . . Hamish! Hamish! Whosedaman, whosdaman, whosdaman!! Good job on recall, Laddie!
  8. Hello, Everybody and Everyhoundie! Seems that things are getting better and folks are feeling better and having a real, real, pretty good weekend! Nice to see a post from you, Velvet, keep us up-to-date on what you're doing, 'K? I'm trying to get interested in my chores and stuff. The weather isn't helping.
  9. Charlie gets to see the Cap'n! Charlie gets to see the Cap'n! Charlie gets to see the Cap'n!
  10. Lila, the answer is No . . . once my eyes are open and I'm vertical, I'm up for the day. I did squeeze two naps in later though. Miss Ducky, for Mazy. She is missed. Miss Robin, that looks ccccccold!!!
  11. Happy Twenty-Twenty!! to everybody and everyhoundie!! I feel a nap in my future. I did not stay up to watch the ball drop. Slept well (I thought) and woke around my normal time (again, I thought) of 6am. Turned on the news as usual and noticed my cable box said 3:15am. **!!! Either I have a poltergeist or somehow had hit the "change hour" button on my alarm clock three times! What a way to start the new year. (Shuffling off to find more coffee.)
  12. Oy gevalt!!!!! Yes, pork is forbidden. There is another joke there too, because Chanuka is a time of eating and celebrating - - - there is no fasting or grief during. Just latkes and jelly donuts and games and fun.
  13. Laila, you sound so very sad, sweet girl. Hope the weather clears and Miss Nancy feels better soon. The flu can be really nasty.
  14. Merry Christmas to everyone, special hugs and nose nudges to those whose hearts are heavy today. You are loved. Thanks for the beautimous pictures of Velvet and Hamish! What a nice start to the day!
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