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  1. Oh!! Clem!!! My little plate of biscuits and sausage gravy with black pepper on top and a bottomless cup of coffee with cream!!! You look very comfortable on that couch. I'd like to scritch those ears and get whiskery nose-kisses. Hope all is well there. Thanks, Miss Ducky, for posting the pic. Albus is a cutie. Miss Caroline, I forgot to say that Stacy's Simply Naked is my fav pita chip also. I get a ready-made spinach/artichoke dip at the store and add more artichokes and shakey cheese to it. Heat it in the microwave and scoop it up with the naked chips. Yumm-o!!
  2. Miss Caroline, shopping is exhausting for sure So many steps to go through to make sure we are safe. Miss Ducky, you are on fiah today! Love the poem, love the corona-mask, love the pics of Miss Susan's cute little Albus, and Georgie is just gorgeous!!
  3. Yay for a new kitteh! Don't get your new kitteh all snotty, ok Wee Hamish? Also Yay! for DA's soft tissue injury . . . hope it heals quickly. No likliklik! We are BRRRR!! here in the Center of the Universe today It's dark, sleety, rainy, snowflaky, yucky . . . . 31 petigrees . . . . and the redbud trees had just started to bloom . . . .
  4. Wee Hamish!!! My little plate of neeps and tatties!! The earses!! The snooter!! You are just sooo hampso ::THUD:: Molly, that is a beautimous portrait of you!
  5. The Case of the Vanishing Club. Streaming now . . . I can pick up my groceries this afternoon . . . This time I ordered fresh food and produce, will be a nice change from frozen and canned. Watermelon and salad and hoagies, oh! my! And pasta salads! The store still doesn't have any TP, but I might have scored a big bag of Kleenex travel size packs. Charlie, so sorry to hear that Zorro's favorite toy is fading fast. You, however, are handling this situation in the most sensible houndie way possible.
  6. ScootersMom


    Karen: Your hearts must be breaking even as your memories make you smile. We will miss Lexie so much. She was a beautiful model and a greyt little actress. We loved and were amazed at her patience and cooperation in each pose. It was clear that she loved and trusted you. Safe and speedy journey to the Bridge, sweet girl. Rocket is waiting to greet you. We love you more than tongue can tell.
  7. OMD, I'm dying!!!! After I read about the barf and the rabbit, I read Dog in Elk and I has a sweet potato. That made me remember my experiences with Lady, Scooter, Nah-Mosh, Petunia and the moles . . . and the dead squirrel (left in front of the stereo apparently because it wanted to hear some music) . . . and assorted deceased birds. By this time I had forgotten the subject of this post that had started it all and had to go back to the top to see what it was. My sides hurt . . . .
  8. ScootersMom


    I'm so sorry for your loss. Iker was a special boy, so pretty and so expressive. He will be missed by many. Safe and speedy journey, sweet one. You were loved.
  9. ScootersMom


    Ducky, I'm so sorry. The pictures of Mazy are beautiful. Thank you for telling her story and sharing her with us.
  10. It takes a while to figure out how many houndies there are.
  11. The best Christmas song evah! Blessings to you and your precious memories of Paddy Mayhem.
  12. What a beautiful Christmas card! Happy Holidays to you also.
  13. Beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing Monty's story with us. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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