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  1. Nice pics today . . . Charlie and little (sic) Battle are adorable!! Miss Jen, that's totally OK. We know you are thinking of us and we are thinking of you. Hope Myka can come home soon. Nana Hada Parsnip, you are a delight! "Skirmish!" Miss Patsy, Butte sounds great. that Lila has better poops soon!
  2. HiHi to Everybody and Everyhoundie! Hot and humid. Hot and humid. Tomorrow's forecast is . . . humid and hot! Well, it's July 4th, what do I expect. The fireflies like it, they have been active this week. I like to watch them at dusk, but have done it through the window this year. Happy O!Canada Day to our Northern friends. Miss Lucy, I think easing into retirement is a good way to do it. I've been doing seasonal work for about 10 years, and now with COVID, I've only worked 2 weeks in 2020 and am getting used to having every day free. Velvet, I'm sorry that your Greyfriend has died. Big trees falling are scary, glad no one was hurt or no houses were damaged. Yay! Battle's home, Battle's home, Battle's home. So good to hear that Hamish likes him and that the kittehs are coping, sort of . . . Lowe's says they are bringing my fridge tomorrow! It was an adventure getting that confirmed, so I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Good Hoomid Tuesday, Everybody and Everyhoundie! Ivy PrettyEars, I'm sorry that your 5th Gotcha Day libber brownies were a day late, but you got them! Oh, Miss Nancy, that's too bad about the turtle eggs. You tried! Hope everyone who is under the weather is feeling better today or at least not feeling worse.
  4. Yay Misser Richard is home! Dustin, I'm sorry that you were askeered. It was nice of your Daddyman to let you be close to him. And though you didn't know it, I'll bet that JJ was there close by to watch over you, too.
  5. Good Monday, Everybody and Everyhoundie! Not so hot, but the Hoomids have taken control. Won't be leaving the house myself today. Breathing in 70+ degree dew point is hard enough, then to put a mask on top of that . . . Oy vey! Oh, Ducky, I'm sorry to learn about your granddaughter. Hopes and prayers that she recovers quickly and completely. It just never stops. Andi, oven steak is very good too. Especially baked in a cast iron pan so it can get all crusty-brown. Miss Nancy and Misser Doug, I wish your pains would go away and that you both could feel better. COVID, stay away from my frens!!! Miss Nancy Mam, hope your son gets a negative report too. A turkle!!! She liked the sand and maybe she knew it was a safe place to leave her babies. Turtles are symbols of health and long life, a good omen I think.
  6. Andi, I'm so glad you had a good time racing, sweet girl. You'll get better as time goes on, I know you will! Miss Chris, thanks for the photos. CK and Gino, I'm sorry it's so noisy where you live! I'd say you could come stay with me 'cause there hasn't been one firework explode here, but your 'rents would miss you. Good thoughts from me to everyone who is ill or hurting.
  7. Happy Saturday, Everybody and Everyhoundie! Rain, rain, rain. It started with growling thunder about 3:30, then came lightning with crashes. Supposed to do this all morning. It's really dark, some of the street lights are on. No Tai Chi on the lawn for us today! It's OK, we needed the rain but hope the farmers got all the wheat cut. Guess I'll read a book and listen to the sump pump kick on and off. If I'd get the gutter fixed it might not do that. The county I live in has chosen to make wearing masks mandatory rather than shut everything down again after the local government opened things up the first of June and the COVID infection rate went up drastically. I'm still doing stay-at-home with the exception of one or two outdoor group meetings. It gets less and less fun with time but is much, much better than the alternative! 😷 AndiPants, have a good racing day! Tell us all about it when you get home! Good and soothing thoughts to everyone who is dealing with bad things.
  8. Good thoughts for everyone tonight, so many things going on. Oy! Miss Jen, that is a very pretty tribute to Myka. Sassy AndiPants, have a happy runnings tomorrow! It's my sleeping time almost. After a certain age, nine is the new midnight, ya know! Sweet dreamings, lubs to all.
  9. Miss Nancy Mam, all the pups look very content together. I just love Nigel's overbite!! Wait . . . it is Nigel, isn't it? You guys are on fyah! again today. that he tests negative Miss Nancy.
  10. Happy Gotcha Day, Dustin. Hope you get some yummies to celebrate! We are all sorry that JJ is not with us. He is very much missed. that Misser Richard can come home tomorrow! Now you don't have to wonder what you're dealing with.
  11. for Misser Richard and Miss Elizabeth. Laila, that's what I thought too!!! Charlie, you and Cap'n Jack have the prettiest spots. ::thud:: Oh, Wee Hamish, I'm sorry you didn't get all the lovings that you should have. Maybe soon they will realize that you are just a big huggy-bear type of laddie! Zeke, I hope your tail can be fixed so that you don't have any more problems.
  12. Good day Everybody and Everyhoundie. It was a nice morning here today. Our library is cautiously opening and today at noon we had our first face-to-face outdoor with masks meeting of the Socrates (Philosophy) Club. We were on the lawn in the shade of big oak trees. There was a gentle breeze and it was very nice. Aww, that is a great picture of and snuggle-bug Zeke. Guest, that is a beautiful view to have with brekkie. I, myownself, can see my cedar fence and the back of my neighbor's garage! Cherry!! On the deck!! Pippin, you are such a good boy. We lubs you too. Miss Vanessa, we are sad that you are missing Johnny so much. We miss him too.
  13. Ah! We had fields of alfalfa for hay but that was many years ago and I didn't remember it having purple blooms. Dept. of Ag says we plant the other legume here also but I don't remember it at all. I do remember Buttercups and they are so pretty. Thanks for the info!!
  14. Dustin, it sounds like you're having a good summer! Spirit, I'm sorry you were scolded about the bird water. Your mamaperson loves you! She doesn't want you to have a sicky tummy. Charlie, hope you have a really good visit with Mam. Summer! Yay for going up stairs and sleeping in the big soft bed and car rides!
  15. Everybody and Everyhoundie! Miss Ducky, what fun pics of your furkids. Oooh, look at the pretty poopie! Hamish is going to have so much fun with little brother Battle. Miss Nancy Mam, pretty wildflowers. I recognize some, I think. Red clover, and daisies, and Queen Anne's lace, and chicory, amIrite? But the purple one and the yellow I'm not sure about. Miss Elizabeth, I hope you and Misser Richard are doing well waiting for your results.
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