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  1. So, Mummy's leebing me tuday. She sez it's Homecoming butt she won't be home and I'm knot coming.
  2. Continuing for Miss Dr. Robin Fruutcake and Misser Kevin and Dustbin. Zorro, you look so pitiful in that pic! I hope your ear feels better soon, my little sweet potato with butter and brown sugar, and hope you don't have to wear the Cone of Shame too much longer. Am also glad to hear that Charlie is helping to take care of you. He's a good brother. Have a good trip to Spain, Miss Nancy!
  3. Good Thursday, Everybody and Everyhoundie. Wow. It just hit me . . . we will never again *hear* JJ say "Ah lubz all mah frenz.... I hope your star shines brightest and longest of all. Zorro, my little vanilla dumpling, how is your earsie? Is Charlie looking at you like you look funny? to everyone.
  4. Safe and speedy journey to the bridge, JJ. I will miss you, my friend. You are a sweet and loving Houndie. I will look for your star tonight. My heart is broken for Dr. Fruutcake and Misser Kevin and your loyal brother Dustbin.
  5. Hello, eberyboddy and eberyhoundie! Little Lulu is soooo cute . . . love her smile! Molly McSickly, sorry to learn you're having tummy troubles. Feel better soon, hokay?! Zorro, we love you, buddy . . . even with your ear stapled to your butt. We will be thinking good thoughts for you. Hope this makes you feel better, it's got to be annoying having a sore ear all the time. Fingers crossed that Balti gets those nasty toofers removed successfully and soon. We are thinking of you. No, Miss Dr. Robin Fruutcake, that does not sound crazy. I'm sure we all would agree that it would be a relief for JJ. He's such a precious and loving boy. I'm so sorry that he is failing so quickly and hope for the best for him, however that plays out. Our collective hearts ache with you. Miss Sherry, that was a lovely, if tearful, picture you painted of ladies to dance with. Tiny is adorable! Love the face, and oh! those earses! Oh, Hamish, my lurcher boy used to bark at me when I was on the phone. So high-pitched and LOUD!! It was BARK'NBARK'NBARK'NBARK'NBARK'NBARK'NBARK'NBARK'NBARK'N until I hung up. Annoying! But I loved him so much anyway. And a Surface!!! Good choice, Miss Susan. I would love one of those myownself!
  6. Miss REC, I hope MIsser Richard will take his meds at the home. We will be thinking of you both. Little LuLu is home!!!! She looks much less scared now. She will soon be looking very happy, I'm sure. Miss Ducky looks very happy now!! Daphne, I agree about the microwave. I would starve for sure without one.
  7. Lila, Mistress' pizza sounds really good also! Whiskey Biskey, that flat skwirrl could have been tossed there. It was at the foot of a tree, so it also could have died naturally and fell down. You're probably right, it will be gone soon. Yay for Andi and her adventures. A tired houndie is a happy houndie!
  8. Hello eberyboddy and eberyhoundie! Oh that hammish sammitch looks goodgoodgood! De hoomids are bak!!!!! Dey 'tacked me whilst I workworkd in da yaaaaahd. I yam so hupset dat I yam speeking Houndish!!!!! Wen will dis torchament bees ober????? Oy gevalt!!!!! Plusalsotoo, I almosts runned ober a sqwirrl wile chopin (knot the music Chopin) da grasses wif me lawnymower. Butt!!!! Dis sqwirrl was D E D and juss a flatt skyn dat layed dere and lookyed at me!! And Pee Ewwwwww!!! Hit is asmellie!!!! Like Greyfarts only worst!!!!! Hokay, I mean (ahem. .), Okay, I am more in control of myself now that I have done as much outdoors as I'm going to in this humidity. The yard looks pretty good except for the circle of taller grass around the decomposing tree rat. I will let it lay and let Ma Nature take care of it. In fact, I have recovered enough from the trauma to order a pizza. Pepperoni and sausage with mushrooms. Yum. Hope everyone has a good afternoon. TTFN
  9. OMD, I'm dying!!!! After I read about the barf and the rabbit, I read Dog in Elk and I has a sweet potato. That made me remember my experiences with Lady, Scooter, Nah-Mosh, Petunia and the moles . . . and the dead squirrel (left in front of the stereo apparently because it wanted to hear some music) . . . and assorted deceased birds. By this time I had forgotten the subject of this post that had started it all and had to go back to the top to see what it was. My sides hurt . . . .
  10. ScootersMom


    I'm so sorry for your loss. Iker was a special boy, so pretty and so expressive. He will be missed by many. Safe and speedy journey, sweet one. You were loved.
  11. ScootersMom


    Ducky, I'm so sorry. The pictures of Mazy are beautiful. Thank you for telling her story and sharing her with us.
  12. It takes a while to figure out how many houndies there are.
  13. The best Christmas song evah! Blessings to you and your precious memories of Paddy Mayhem.
  14. What a beautiful Christmas card! Happy Holidays to you also.
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