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  1. Delurking just to explain the Crispmix boggs. Zacee and Dexta have two little elves that visit them throughout December called Rudy and Jingle. The elves get up to all sorts of mischief but also just keep an (in a friendly way) on the boys behaviour and report back to Father Christmas. On Christmas Eve the elves obviously have to go back and help get ready to deliver all the presents, but before they go they leave a special box which has a few things in. Usually a new pair of pj's each, a Christmas dvd, some popcorn, the plate to put the carrot for the reindeer/cookie for Father Christmas, magic reindeer food and possibly a couple of activities for the boys to do. I wanted to make a special personalised one and Mum is very kindly helping me to do it as I don't get much time when the boys aren't here and I am not working etc Miss Fran
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