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  1. Was not logged in again today. Clicked on the activities tab and was logged in.
  2. Website has logged me out again and logging in i got the same error message as the last three times: Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: 2S119/1 On my desktop running Linux and Firefox.
  3. 6 cups of 7% food has more total fat than 4 cups of 10% food.
  4. Frozen veggies dehydrate nicely, no mold or mush. Spread them out while frozen just like you would fresh veggies.
  5. Can steroid cause aggression? It does in human athletes. They call it 'roid rage'. I don't know why dogs would be any different.
  6. I don't remember Fly as being very afraid of thunder, and she doesn't mind snow, but my contact with her was limited to once a week. Some new dogs at the kennel settle in rapidly, but she seemed to take a little longer than some but less than others. Almost 3 weeks is almost no time. I have a 10 year old that can hold it 24 hours because she doesn't like to get wet.(i don't either ) Just remember she is a Greyhound but she is still a dog. Bill
  7. Looks like a simple problem, just adopt a Grey friend for her.
  8. Normal resting heart rate in Greyhounds is 60-90.
  9. I don't know what good the FDA is going to do, they don't have a clue why 300 dogs have died. They also think it's a great idea to grow chickens in the US, ship them to China for "processing" and return the result to the US without "processed in China" labeling. Anybody want some unlabeled Chinese chicken soup?
  10. Change the fence to one he can see thru and he will have no need to jump on it to see whats going on.
  11. If you walk him with only a harness you should get a good martingale collar. You have to control the bitey end .
  12. The grass probably won't show up until tomorrow so be ready for "hangers".
  13. QCGA got four broodies in this week. We have seven available.
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