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  1. It wouldn't hurt to find out if she was injured on track and what those injuries were. She has a couple of gaps in her racing history that could signify injury. Took several hits on the turns at the end of her career. Running to a lure is a lot different from just running around for fun, no matter how fast it looks like she's going.
  2. Too young to be terribly concerned. They have growth spurts and can go from chubby to lean in a matter of days at that age.
  3. He was so gorgeous. Love that Alaska beach pic. How very fortunate it was that he found you.
  4. I don't remember which line I followed to get back to Niger, I just picked randomly among ancestors
  5. I've looked at 3 of mine so far, one goes back to Niger in 178?, one back to Smoker in the 1790s and one to Tiger in the 1780s. Been a long time since i traced all their lines all the way back, so I just followed one line on each of those three. One of them also goes back to this dog, which I think is hilarious. Mr Pickering's Yellow Bitch 178?,
  6. Dick is right. They are gone over after every race. A lot of trainers will rub them down with liniment just to ease any minor muscle soreness. Everything from ultrasound massages to whirlpools are used. Most will go over the dog the day of the race also, just to make sure and if there's a problem you can scratch them out of the race. They don't just sit for several days between races, that's just asking for major problems. Usually they're sprinted or walked several times between race days to keep them loose. There are times too when you just pull a dog and put him through some morning s
  7. Some have names that are part of their racing name, others have no connection at all. Depends if the owner sent a separate kennel name along with the official name. First kennel I was in had very few dogs whose name were related to their kennel name. We had two brothers, Homey and Step Off, call names were Honda and Honky. Best one was one who came in with the call name Damn It. no relation to his racing name but oh so appropriate. He was a trip. Some of the old trainers were adamant that no crate had a racing name on it, just kennel names. Always fun to come into a new kennel and have t
  8. I can edit dogs but I am so not good with pictures. I'm amazed I got photos up on my own dogs.
  9. I'm with Wendie, that GSD is very overweight. He needs more and less
  10. Dogs can develop sensitivities to the main ingredient in the medication. You could switch him to Heartgard which is an ivermectin based treatment instead of the milbemycin oxime in Sentinel.
  11. Warts aren't so bad comparatively. Viral warts, you take a pill. Seed warts, you can pop like a pimple after they get kinda big. A little gross . Other warts, just a little electricity. I admit, I was never the one who popped the seed warts, unless I really felt like throwing up. I was the one who soaked them and let the dog run until they popped themselves.
  12. Could be a wart. If it gets bigger and bothers him, depending on what kind of wart it is, it can be treated by a vet with azithromycin or can be cauterized. If it's a seed wart, it will get bigger and will cause him some discomfort. Then you can soak it and pop out the seed or get him to run around after soaking. Seed warts will often pop out themselves at that point.
  13. Hi Pam Yep, the dreaded 4 D meat, whichever kibble you liked. That ranged from Purina brands to Diamond, I know one who fed nutro, another fed that science diet crap. Figure for a kennel of 60-70 greys, you used about 100 lbs of meat, Then you had add ins, Fish meal, bone meal, flax, veggies, fruits, stews, There were also a variety of vitamins and supplements to add in. Bones, some fed raw bones, some cooked. Some used marrow bones like femurs, others used knuckle bones. I'm afraid that a lot of the broken fangs come from the bones, not from crate chewing. You really had t
  14. Now I feel old, I watched one of her grandmothers run (Bow Moneybags) and two of her great grandmothers (Bow Jewel and Stylish Lilla) Lilla was one of the sweetest greys I've ever met and a fine racer.
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