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  1. See if this works for you - it is the vendor directory with links to their shops.
  2. In order to help Nittany Greyhounds, the vendors from GiG are having a virtual sale with 10% of proceeds being donated to Nittany. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2802782286424187/
  3. Not a heart attack but arrhythmia issues. He’s still in ICU for now. But unfortunately we've “been there, done that” with this before.
  4. I just had to cancel our two bedroom cabin at the Lodge. Sean took an ambulance ride this morning. Probably another heart attack.
  5. If somebody stops by in Dewey I will donate something. It's so much easier for me to hand something to someone when everything is set out than to remember to do all the online and then mailing stuff.
  6. Just a bit of trivia.... That Sampson state park is named after Sean's great great grandfather - Admiral William T Sampson. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_T._Sampson
  7. I'm booked but I didn't get our cabin number. It's one with two twin beds.
  8. I think that a lot of people live local enough that they may choose to day trip up on Sunday only. I have wanted to vend on Sunday for a long time. Not necessarily until 5 pm, but we'll see how it goes.
  9. The tent is fully booked. She won't be alone in the tent.
  10. If the owners of the fair are asking you to participate as cast then they should allow you a spot in the shade to establish a small home base/resting spot. I would insist on that as a condition of participating. It doesn't have to be a fancy pavilion, but at least a spot under a tree with a chair for you and a bed for the dogs.
  11. We did the VA renn faire a few times as vendors and our Greys were guest Her Majesty's Hounds members. When they weren't being walked around or on the coursing demo field they stayed in an ex pen in our tent but we were set up either right next to or close to the hound tent. Shade is a big deal. It helps having a home base for them to lounge in the shade because they won't want to be on their feet all day or only plopping down for brief rests while you walk around. For a poop bag holder just get a small leather pouch attached to your leash or add them to your belt pouch. We have these in our Etsy store. https://www.etsy.com/listing/236991100/soft-brown-and-tan-leather-belt-pouch
  12. A little further out than Bethesda, but much cheaper and very good. Dr. Prowell at Beltsville Vet right off 95 one exit up from 495 so a quick trip. 301-937-3020. She's not warm and cuddly to people but she knows her stuff and sees lots of greys.
  13. I got mine from No Nude Hounds. https://www.nonudehounds.com/4-leg-jammies..unitards.html Get the extra long turtle neck option.
  14. When Bailey didn't want to eat, often a McDonalds cheeseburger would do the trick.
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