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  1. Yep, we'll send out a list or something for non-Facebook people also.
  2. The official announcement just came out so I wanted to share it here, too. Since the Greyhounds Reach the Beach(tm) event was postponed due to the pandemic, the vendors decided to come together to offer the shopping portion of the event online, via Facebook. If you participated in the Greyhounds in Gettysburg Virtual Vendor Weekend, this will be much the same. The Facebook page (to be announced) will the the "virtual convention center" where you can browse all of the merchandise. The photos will be linked back to each vendor's shop website, or have instructions for how to purchase. Many o
  3. OMG, It's been too long since I updated this thread! But I do have news and some new items to tempt you guys with: Sliding glass door decals - because sure you can use painters tape but isn't that hideous? We have 5 different pretty designs in matte white. Subtle so as to not detract from your decor but clearly visible so the dog knows that the door's not open. (Apply them at doggy eye-height.... or at human eye-height if you have humans in the house who also tend to walk through doors! ) Iggy muzzles! You heard that right, I have iggy muzzles in stock in two sizes. They're
  4. Hmm, can't edit or delete my post so i need to make another post to fix a mistake. Only vendors who had already been approved to vend in Gettysburg are allowed to participate in this event. I'm sorry, I didn't realize that until I was told just now.
  5. I think it would be too hard to organize an event this size with less than a year to go. However, we're organizing a Virtual Vendor Weekend, basically the shopping part of Gig that same weekend done online. We're looking for vendors to participate and also starting to publicize it far and wide for attendees. The fantastic advantage of this is that nobody has to travel to participate! If you want to vend, the only fee is the 10% donation to Nittany. The central "showcase" or entry point to the vendor shops will be a Facebook page (although I'm tossing around ideas for people who HATE F
  6. It's been a couple years since I've been to it (vending with Diane from Scooby North America), but I'm coming back this year as my own vendor. (Yay!) I'm super looking forward to it!
  7. Hi Robin! Sorry, I don't. It is an idea that I play with every now and then, and have asked a few people who make them if I could sell them, but it never seems to happen. I have found some really cheap ones at wholesale distributers but don't like them. Always on the lookout for ones that are nice, though!
  8. So based on some feedback on the Facebook GiG group, I'll be bringing more rental muzzles and setting up a 2-day rental option for the hotel people. I'll have signs posted around also.
  9. I just saw this info about muzzles being required in the Eisenhower. As some of you know, I sell the Irish muzzles with the leather nose padding and was already planning to offer muzzle rentals for the dog-sitting and play area. If you guys think it would be helpful, I can make sure I bring enough rentals so you can have them in the hotel also. (The rentals are also the double padded style, but I mark them as rentals so that I don't accidentally sell them or people don't want to keep them.) I already have my system set up to offer a one-day rental, which I was envisioning as "pick it up to
  10. I'll be vending there again, but using my new business name (Sit. Stay safe!). I can't wait to show you guys the new safety gear we have in stock. I was leaning in that direction last year but didn't have very much stuff yet. Now I have full product lines of reflective jackets and leashes, rechargeable lighted jackets, collars and leashes, life jackets and of course the padded muzzles that everyone loves. Watch for Dave to be walking our ninja dog (Loki, all black greyhound) around the hall to show off how he can't be a ninja anymore. LOL!
  11. Hey all, I have reflective jackets, leashes and "overcollars" in stock now! I will of course be bringing them to Gettysburg so you all can try them on. The overcollars are cool... they just slip on over your dog's normal collar and has a large buttonhole where the leash goes through. So it doesn't replace your dog's collar, it just adds reflectivity! And the jackets are made out of amazingly light, soft fabric. I'm in love, I hope you will be too!
  12. That's a good suggestion, too. I know that when I get lazy and do the same route for a week or so, my dogs start to anticipate where we're going so that when I change the route, they're like "oh, we're doing something different today, ok!" LOL It's kind of adorable that they learn the route and anticipate where they're going next as if they would just walk that route all by themselves if you weren't there.
  13. With the toothbrushing, I recommend you start with baby steps and include it in his daily routine. Same time of day, every day. Later you can relax the routine a little. But the baby steps go like this: First week or so, just let him lick the paste off the brush. don't restrain him in any way. Give him a treat for doing it. Ignore my husband who thinks that you can't give him a treat after his teeth are already clean, at this stage the goal is to turn this event into something fun and/or rewarding for him to voluntarily participate in. Next week or so, while he's licking the the
  14. I think it will take time (in addition to using the other advice you got here). I found that the first entire year and sometimes longer depending on the dog, is all about building a relationship with the dog. Specifically he's learning who you are just as much as you're learning who he is. And you're also learning how to communicate with each other. Over time and going through the same thing you are with my greys, I learned that it helps to let them occasionally decide the walking route. Of course you know things they don't, like if you have time for a longer walk or longer route, or if s
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