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  1. Happy happy birthday girlfriend!

  2. the 'different tests' was just her talking about the full panel not just the total t4, she was giving the 'tell me like I'm a four year old' version because she didn't know that I have a google medical degree So in the week and a half Jeffy has been taking his meds, he has gained 2lbs, increased the amount of 'zoomies' he does in the yard and in the house and has stolen a pair of flip flops. He has also started to sprout fuzz on his butt. My boy is back He is still being very picky about eating and still refusing to eat out of his bowl in the feeder, but will eat out of it if I put
  3. Well, except for the Giardia screen (which is expected back tomorrow) all of Jeff's re-testing results have come back. My vet started off the call by saying, "I have Jeffy's results, going into the tests I was slightly concerned and wanted to get a look at his values for kidney function and also to rule out diabetes, you have to interpret all the values differently because he is a 'greyhound' and they are special, that being said they look just fine as did the abdominal xrays" She then told me that she would diagnose Jeff as Hypothyroid. She said she knows it is a huge controversy
  4. Thanks everyone. Jeffy the pooh is at the vet this morning, they are doing another full blood panel and thyroid etc. A urinalysis. Doing a SAF fecal and some xrays. Once all that is done and checked we are scheduling a dental. I am not going to do any dietary change (well except I cook for him , - steak yesterday) until I have all the medical ruled out
  5. Yes we did a thyroid panel and yes checked his protein levels, all normal. Yes re tried prescription diets, tried allergy challenge. Not tried raw though in addition to the kibble I also add to all of his meals or else he won't eat them. I cook chicken or beef or make a 'stew' to add to his meals. He does get occasional marrow bones etc as a treat but he doesn't love them. He does love bully sticks and milk bones and would probably happily eat a dozen but somehow I don't think that is a reasonable solution! This last week he has been just picking the meat etc out and leaving his kibbl
  6. Yes! it was Tylan. Zoomdoggy was Jeffy's wonderful foster mama, we drove 16 hours to go get him and it was so worth it! Aims got him from the farm and he 'wouldn't chase the lure' which is why he never raced. He loves to run, but only when he feels like it and he has no prey drive. I should add he is a picky eater so basically I have to switch his food and add stuff to it. He is currently eating Iams green bag, because he will. We have tried many many foods throughout this process including several vet ones. He is good for a couple bags of any food then won't eat it anymore so I ro
  7. Yes, we are not talking just a couple pounds. He came to me weighing 67 lbs and stayed close to that for a couple years and then started dropping weight, he is now at 50 lbs.
  8. Yes, he really is. It has not been a sudden big loss, but a continual loss. I would say he has lost about 15lbs over the last 2 years.
  9. Hi everyone, Jeff Gordon was rubbing his eye against me on Monday and pawing at it a bit and there was some goop in the corner. I warm water rinsed it and gave him some polysporin eye drops and waited 24 hours. Saw good improvement but decided to take him into vet anyway, just to be sure. His eye is fine, no infection and no physical injury, was probably just irritated. Good news right? Except they weighed him and he has lost another 7 pounds since his last visit (about 7 months ago). Those of you around for a while will recognize the subject, Jeffy has been continually losing we
  10. Thanks everyone. My inlaws actually are in a lyme endemic area in SW Ontario near lake erie, however this was an adult male deer tick, which means though attached it was not taking a blood meal. I learned about that last spring when my daughter played outside at her grandparents and ended up with 2 on her scalp, discovered two days later I know it is important to remove them quickly but as I mentioned I knew it had already been on there at least 48 hours so I figured another 8 while I sought advice on any less traumatic choices would be okay. We don't have Frontline here, according
  11. I picked up the Preventic collar on the way home. I told DH I would put it on Jeff before he removed the tick as Jeffy would likely avoid us after. I opened the package, stretched it, whacked the tick with it and told it to 'warn your friends you are going down', put the collar on Jeff and cut off the excess. Called DH to come remove the tick. Flipped over Jeff's ear and no tick!! After some neurotic itching and not finding the tick on Jeff's bed, I noticed it crawling across my foot!!!! Much cursing ensued and I am now in LOVE with preventic. For some reason I always had it in m
  12. We have Preventic, my vet offered it when I was there at lunch, I told her I had to come back and Google first Revolution is labeled (at least mine is ?) but only for some latin name that my vet says means American Dog Tick, but it is deer ticks that we always seem to get. I don't have any cats (just the really old chilla as Meredith mentioned) but my inlaws have 3 cats and it is when visiting/staying with them that the ticks find Jeff, is the collar unsafe around cats?
  13. I hope it is just an upset tummy. Jeff Gordon loves to eat bunny poop, his favourite spring snack. It has given him giardia twice, which came with big d and vomiting.
  14. Dangnabbit, I was hoping you would all say, oh just leave it alone and it will fall off (but then I guess I would have a tick lurking in my house and that would bring on a whole new level of neuroses ) He is on Revolution but that doesn't stop deer ticks, I already had an appointment with the vet to discuss the pros and cons of switching from revolution to advantix and heartgard. Thoughts on that anyone? He has done well on the revolution and I am always hesitant to switch to an unknown but I have heard the advantix repels ticks (as opposed to them repelling me!) He has an appt (whi
  15. Argh. When we have to go away, Jeffy stays with my inlaws. He adores them, they have an acre fenced in and they also have his best canine buddy, Bo. The problem is they live in a heavy tick area. When Jeffy came home on Monday I checked him over for ticks and found one and removed it right away. No problem. This morning I discovered another one, on the inside of his ear. So it has been there since at least Monday. Here is the problem. Jeff is crazy sensitive about his ears. He does the GSOD if anyone touches them even if they just brush over them when petting him, his ears h
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