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  1. What vendors will be at Winterhounds? I just adopted a HUGE boy and need some coats and jammies to fit him. Can drive over for the day from Syracuse area.

  2. Oops, sorry I am just seeing some of the questions here. The E-booklet will go out tomorrow, Friday, July 19th. Just a lot of loose ends to check with wineries, and they are so busy this time of year they don't always get back to you when you call or email them. One thing we're trying to do differently this year is to list all the wineries or brew pubs that have entertainment on an evening so that everyone has some evening options which they can find all in one place. So on Friday on our calendar, for example, we'll list all the places we have found which welcome the dogs and offer music. Another thing to mention is that Kent Roberts will be with us this year! He'll be signing shirts for people from 11AM-12PM on Friday morning in the social tent at Catharine Valley Winery, our host this year. As Tricia indicates, temperatures will moderate in new York after our mini-heat wave this weekend. Temps are predicted to run from 78 degrees on Tuesday to about 81-82 degrees the rest of the week. Mostly sunny all week with 40% chance of showers on Thursday. Usually the temps for our event are much cooler in NY than in the mid-Atlantic area (PA, NJ, Maryland) where we live. I know it was hot yesterday when I drove to Baltimore to pick up our wine glasses! Trudy, I hope you'll stop down and look us up. That's so cool that you're in Syracuse during the event. There's a gathering at Rasta Ranch Winery on Wednesday evening with music and food. That's the popular hippie-60's winery. The main event will be at Catharine Valley Winery (4201 St NY St Rt 414 Burdett, NY) on Friday and Saturday, July 26-27. The main host winery (with vendor and social tents) is four miles north of Walmart in Watkins Glen. It's also a straight shot south on Rt 414 off the NY thruway at Seneca Falls. We do have some Woodstock shirts left over if some folks didn't order one but would like one for Kent to sign. Can't think of anything else right now, so look for the booklet tomorrow. I'd better get back to editing right now! Larry
  3. Hey man! Far out! We have our new 2019 Grapehound Wine Tour® custom shirt available online. The theme of this year's event is a commemoration of the 50th annversary of Woodstock. The shirt was designed by greyhound artist and caricaturist Kent Roberts. The design shows a greyhound wearing a garland of flowers driving a VW mini-bus decorated with hearys and flowers. He is accompanied by a way cool bunny flashing the peace sign and another greyhound standing next to the minibus wearing bell bottoms and playing the guitar. The design is printed on a lavender shirt in universal or ladies cut styles. Peace, man! We are custom ordering shirts for everyone who wants one for the next couple weeks, so by ordering now you can get the size, style and printing you want. Once our order is placed in early July, we'll only have various left-over sizes available and you can't be assured we'll have your size and style unless you order in advance. We won't be printing this shirt again so this is a one-time opportunity. Get more details here https://shop.grapehounds.com/products/see-no-evil-ladies-cut-gildan-t-shirtin-lavender-small-only or see the image below for a first glance...
  4. The fourteenth annual Grapehound Wine Tour® kicks off on Tuesday, July 23 for those who wish to start their wine tasting early. We call them Early Birds. We have thirty-four wineries, five brew pubs and one gorgeous distillery signed up to participate with us this July. The event kicks off on Thursday, July 25th at Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards with a Welcome party from 5PM to 8PM. WE serve the hors d'oeuvres, hazitt has the wines (and do they!), and a food truck (the Little Red Wagon) will be serving tasty wraps and other foods for dinner. Friday (July 26) the festivities move to the main venue at Catharine Valley Winery where they have a beautiful view of 400 foot deep Seneca lake from the hill of Seneca Lake, along with a cool summer breeze. There we will have all our greyhound vendors in a big vendor tent sellings coats, beds, collars, leashes, T-shirts, dog treats ... well let's just say "...and a lot more!" We'll also have a big social tent where you can hang out with like-minded greyhound people and sip a glass of wine from your lawn chair. Hang out for an hour or an afternoon. Seneca Lake isn't going anywhere. On Saturday (July 27) at Catharine Valley Winery we'll continue our festivities with our Blessing of the Hounds at 2PM, then our greyhound ice cream social at 3PM with free ice cream for the people and free vanilla frozen yogurt for the hounds. At 4PM we will close out all the tremendous values in our Silent Auction. On Sunday (7/28) the fun continues at 10AM with our easy one-mile walk to the tallest waterfall in the Northeast, 215 ft. Taughannock Falls. People love to have their portrait taken with their hounds in front of the falling water. At 11AM folks may congregate at Fulkerson Winery which always volunteers to be our Sunday send-off winery. Or you can continue by touring around the lake at wineries of your choice until you have to head back home to the real world. (Ugh!) The Grapehound Wine Tour® is an event where you set the pace or set no pace, it's up to you and your hounds. Tour the lake or hang out with us at Catharine Valley. Go to twenty wineries or to six. We don't care! You could not visit all the wineries in a weekend if you tried! Make it your weekend, at your pace! Bring the husband or leave him at home, get some girlfriends and hang out with us! There are still plenty of rooms available, including cabins and hotel rooms within the area. The great hotels in Ithaca are a greyt option this year because Catharine Valley winery is closer to them than any other group of great dog-friendly, pet-fee waiving hotels! Plus they are next door to a huge Wegmans and a Walmart for all your travel needs. They are all listed on our Hotels page at https://www.grapehounds.org/hotels--ny-.html Whoever you bring, dogs or humans, we are glad to see you and hope to show you and your greyhounds a greyt time. You can keep up with all the plans for this year's event at www.grapehounds.org or on our Grapehound Wine Tour® facebook page. And you can enjoy your weekend knowing that all the money we earn for the event wil be donated (after expenses) to area greyhound adoption groups and to the Humane Society of Schuyler County. We hope we see you at Seneca Lake this summer! (Jeff and Trudy: Come back to NY and see us for Grapehounds! We miss you guys! Come back to New York!)
  5. Our fourth annual Winter Houndstm event takes place at Geneva Ramada Lakefront (41 Lakefront Drive, Geneva, NY) February 22-24. Room rates at this gorgeous lakeside resort hotel are $105 a night with pet fees waived. Can you believe it? They even have a dining room overlooking the lake. Some folks come a day earlier on Thursday Feb. 21 to start some wine tasting early. We'll have over forty wineries participating on three different area wine tours (which include not just wineries but brew pubs and distilleries too). If you can't stay the weekend but want to do a little mid-winter shopping or need a coat for your pup, stop down to the Geneva Ramada on Saturday February 23 and do a little shopping! Kris' Koats will be there selling all sorts of coats over the weekend. Harleys Barkery will be "in the house" selling some greyt dog treats. And check out our new 2019 Winter Houndstm shirt! We have a few shirts left in small. medium and XL. Check out the event and the new shirts here: https://www.grapehounds.org/winter-hounds.html See you at the Geneva Ramada!
  6. Thanks to all the hounds and humans who attended Greyhounds Reach the Beach® last weekend. We had nearly 500 people registered and earned between $9,000-$10,000 for greyhound adoption through registrations, T-shirt sales, and our Silent Auction. We won't know the exact amount until all our bills are paid. Each year this event gets harder to manage due to the lack of appropriate spaces, buildings, spaces or locations to host activities. It's also a challenge becasue of the expenses related to the Dewey Beach location. The Town charges all the vendors a $109 annual business license fee, even though our vendors are only in town for a few days. They also want people to buy a Dewey Beach dog license, even though the state statutes are clear that if your dog is licensed in your home state, no additional dog licenses is needed "anywhere in the state." They want us to buy a "permit" for any outside activities. When these onerous fees are added to the very few very available (but expensive) locations that in Dewey Beach, it is a real challenge to use this location to host the GRtB event. Next year the new ballroom will be finished at the Hyatt Hotel. Anyone can rent it ... for $20,000 per day. Yes, that's not a misprint...they want $20K per day. They rent it to rich brides from the Washington D.C. area who want a beach wedding. It sure won't be the greyhounds who rent it, that's for sure. So, all things considered we are thrilled to have our fourth consecutive successful GRtB event since rejuvenating the event in 2015 and once again raise thousands of dollars for greyhound adoption. We are especially happy to say that one of the many greyhound adoption groups whom we support with our donations is the largest Delaware-based adoption group, Greyhound Pet Adoptions of (Newark) Delaware. Our parent corporation, The Grapehound Wine Tour, Inc., is headquartered in Delaware and our volunteers are almost all Delaware residents or have Delaware roots. We are also registered to do business in all three Delaware Counties and we are members of the Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to all who agree with us that when it comes to Greyhounds Reach the Beach®, "It's all about the greyhounds."
  7. For many years, since Nittany has managed the event, the Allstar Center has kicked out the greyhounds first thing Sunday morning. This year they were excited to be able to continue the event throughout the day on Sunday. The biggest benefit may be for day-trippers who can only come out on Sunday.
  8. Over the years we saw Advantage, Advantix and other topicals become less and less effective. We would treat our four hounds and we'd still see ticks attached a week or two later. We switched to Seresto collars last year and we didn't see a tick all summer. That is very remarkable, as we live in the middle of a forest with brush and tall grasses here in the piedmont of SE Pennsylvania. Every walk we'd bring one or two ticks home on our dogs and have to pick them off. We walk our dogs about a mile every day. Cost The Seresto collars are far most cost effective too, as they last eight months and cost about $52 each. (I pay around $40 each with various coupons or offers.) Thus even at at full retail they cost an average of about $6.50 a month. Compare that to about $15.50 a month for Advantix (and the Advantix doesn't always work!). Reactions We have not heard of any greyhound reacting to these collars, which was our main concern when we began to use them. And we ask people constantly, especially the adoption groups which use them for all their dogs. No one has seen an adverse reaction from a greyhound. I also don't like topicals which work by being absorbed into my dog's system. Dawn If you are seeing fleas and ticks, wash your dog and soap him up with Dawn dish detergent (unscented basic version), which is gentle for the animals (even baby birds coated in oil) but an effective flea and tick killer. (In fact, when we used to see a tick attached, before we used Seresto collars, we soaped up the spot with Dawn and the tick died and fell off in a few hours.) Rinse your pup well after washing, towel dry him,and let the dog completely dry off for a couple days; then add the Seresto collar. Keep the collar adjusted tight enough to just fit one finger underneath it. It needs to contact the neck consistently. Fleas For flea infestations, you cannot just put a collar on your dog. I saw one fellow post elsewhere that he put a Seresto collar on his dog and kept finding a couple live fleas on his dog every day so the "collars don't work." In fact, his carpets and dog beds were likely teeming with generations of fleas and he hadn't addressed the problem. The collar was likely killing dozens of fleas but the dog was just continually reinfested. If you're finding a couple fleas on your dog, there are probably hundreds in the bedding and carpet of your dog's home. The dog beds (and maybe your beds) have to be washed and the carpets need to be treated thoroughly with sprays or powders or you may have to hire a pest service. You likely will have to treat a couple times to get all the pests after they hatch. Just putting a collar on your dog won't kill a total flea infestation. And if you are seeing fleas on your dog, please assume they are everywhere in your dog's home surroundings and on your other animals. These Seresto collars are the best flea and tick preventative we have found and we've had greyhounds -- both our own and fosters -- for 12 years. They use Imidacloprid for flea protection and Flumethrin for tick protection. Not only do ticks not attach, they drop off almost as soon as they climb on to the dog. They make your dog's whole body a tick repellant. The medications in the collar are completely topical (external) and the collar makes your dog and his bed repel ticks for months. Many greyhound groups use the Seresto collars exclusively. If your topicals or holistic preparations aren't working, give these great collars a try. This is a video demonstrating how the collars work:
  9. The Grapehound Wine Tour® will be held on Seneca Lake in New York from July 26-29, 2018. Registration is now open. We have held this event every year since July of 2006. It has grown to be the third largest greyhound event in the US, but it feels like a smaller event. Grapehounds is a different kind of event where much of our time is spent hanging out with our beautiful greyhounds, sipping wine and meeting new people. The wineries just love these dogs. Yes, we have a bunch of great vendors from all over the country who come every year, but this event is really about the people and our greyhounds and relaxing in the midst of some beautiful wineries. This part of New York is drop-dead gorgeous. There are lakes and waterfalls all over this region. Better yet, there's no concentration of top notch wineries anywhere in America like the Finger lakes of New York. In recent years we have added many brew pubs and distilleries to our "tour." You honestly could not see all our participating wineries in four days if you tried. Early Birds can start touring as early as Tuesday, July 24th this year. On Thursday evening we have a greyt Welcome event at Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards with music, hors d'oeuvres and lots of beverage choices. Vendors open on Friday morning and wine tasting continues around the Lake. On Friday evening we have a big concert in our social tent. (Did we mention the wine tasting thing?) On Saturday, more wine tasting with vendors open in the morning and a Blessing of the Hounds, an ice cream social and the end of our big Silent Auction Saturday afternoon. This year we have a Scottish band coming to participate in the Blessing event. On Sunday morning we walk a fairly level one-mile walk to Taughannock Falls, the tallest waterfall in the Northeast, taller than Niagara Falls! We do portraits of people in front of the falls. Then, Fulkerson Winery hosts us for a going away event on Sunday afternoon. Our website is here: www.grapehounds.com Our motto is, "Wine and greyhounds: what's not to like?" Don't wait too long to book your hotel room. Things are filling up. All proceeds go to greyhound adoption groups in NY and the mid-Atlantic states. We hope to see you there.
  10. Check out the great picnic event in Florida sponsored by Freeway's Greyt Escape, April 28th, at Rainbow Springs State Park near Ocala. http://www.freewaysgreytescape.com/springpicnic.html The story of Freeway is pretty amazing. http://www.freewaysgreytescape.com/about.html
  11. For those of you staying at Sleep Inn (and there are a lot!): The Sleep Inn will email you a room confirmation about five days out which will confirm your stay. It will also have an inappropriate pet warning: Please note: Pets allowed until Memorial Day 2018. Pet Fee: $25.00 per pet 2 max Please know that this pet info does not apply to GRtB folks, as all our pet fees and dog limits are waived. They just can't reprogram their email computers for a couple days of our event.
  12. OK just a few updates on Greyhounds Reach the Beach® with just a week to go. Where does the time go? The weather is looking spectacular a week out with no rain in the forecast and 70-degree temperatures. There will be nine vendors inside the Sleep Inn headquarters location including Joe Bushman and Andrea Guttman, Long Dog Leather, the art of Linda Evans, Commins Greyhound Coats, Grey Drive, Something Special Pet Supplies and more! Plus Cave Bird Coffee will have free coffee samples inside from the unbelievable coffees Glen roasts from around the world. Then of course there are all the vendors in the huge vendor tent: Midwest Greyhound Adoption is back with all their great products, beds, etc., VAGA is back, Greyhound Love is back, Gretwear is back all the way from Kansas, Houndstown, Wetherby Martingales, Fast Dog Foodies, Classy Couch Potatoes, on and on. Then we have some great new vendors from all over. Some will be in the hotel, some in pop-ups around the big tent. We couldn't squeeze them all in our ginormous 140 foot long wedding tent. Vendors will start selling in many cases by 10AM Thursday.​ We are doing bag raffles this year with some amazing stuff, including a lot of great gift certificates from area restaurants. We'll start raffling off these gift certs on Friday so people can use them on the weekend! We also have a great Silent Auction with deals on Seresto flea/tick collars, wine with classic art greyhound labels, gift baskets, too much to list. Raffles and auction will be at the speaker end of the big vendor tent behind Sleep Inn.​ We're doing our first tours of the area with your greyhound aboard. The first two tours sold out so the great folks at Sun Otter Tours hope to add a third tour on Friday afternoon. Get your name in to them if you'd like to be inclued. The tour shows you the old city of Lewes (found in 1631), then scoots over to the beach at cape henlopen for a nice walk then finises up with a delicious a la carte lunch at Crooked Hammock Brewery. https://www.sunotter.com/greyhound-adventure/​ Registration for GRtB closes this Saturday (9/30), so don't wait if you haven't already registered. Advance registration is cheaper than registering at the event, so don't wait. No need to buy separate dog licenses for your hounds if you register for the event and list them when you register. They're all covered under our blanket dog license agreement with Dewey Beach. No hurricanes this year, just mild fall days, so register! you don't have to fret about the weather.​ We have a shuttle from the hotel and back to Revelation Craft Brewing Co. on Saturday night, 5-9PM. Shuttle also runs from the Beach House in Dewey to Revelation too, all evening. Very cool. Muzzles suggested on shuttle.​ E-Booklets were emailed to everyone registered on Tuesday night. We updated and included a ton of new dog friendly restaurants and pubs in Dewey, Rehoboth and Lewes. Let us know if you did not receive yours. admin@grtb.org​ We still have some of the gorgeous deep purple event shirts with Linda K. Evans design in a unique six-color screen print, even in long sleeves this year. But I wouldn't wait to order. They usually sell out the first day of the event anyway and this year's combination of deep purple and Linda K. Evans design is pretty special. It'll get comments wherever you go. https://shop.grtb.org/products/official-2017-grtb-universal-cut-short-sleeved-t-shirt-to-be-shipped-to-your-home Dine for the Greyhounds Plan to eat at Crabby Dicks and they will give 15% of your bill to greyhound adoption (doesn't count booze or specials). Use the coupons we have for you at the registration table or see one of the adoption groups benefiting from the offer, Del GPA, Forever Home Greyhound Adoption, or God's Greyts. What a great way to have fun and help the hounds.OK, too much stuff to list everything. I can't type anymore! It took 48 pages to describe this year's event in the E-Booklet. Just load the hounds into the mini-van and plan to come to the beach. Have fun. See friends. We'll see you there!
  13. Oh, a few more things... Forever Home Greyhound Adoption will be babysitting greyhounds during the day at Sleep Inn. Thursday-Friday-Saturday. Just bring your muzzle (they will have extras). There will be vendors at Sleep Inn Thursday all day, Friday all day, Saturday, all day, and Sunday 10-1PM. Not all vendors will stay for Sunday; There are so many vendors at Sleep Inn we cannot fit them all in our big vendor tent. So some vendors will be in the big vendor tent, some will be inside the hotel, and some will be outside the hotel in pop-up tents. It will be a vendor extravaganza! ​We are updating our E-Booklet with restaurants that have outdoor seating and are dog friendly. You won't wnat to mis that list since eating is as much a part of GRtB as greyhounds!
  14. Just wanted to mention to everyone that we encourage folks to check the Updates page at www.GRtB.org for information about what's going on at Greyhounds Reach the Beach® this year. We'll be posting our full schedule online, speakers, etc as we are finalizing our preparations. You can also sign up for weekly email updates on the home page at www.GRtB.org. With running three greyhound events and all the normal stuff of life, I find I have less time to check the other great websites out there like Greytalk or others for questions or concerns people post. We've got some great speakers planned, a ton of classic vendors at the Sleep Inn, a greyt Beer N Biscuit Mixer Saturday night, and even a greyhound walk on the beach Sunday with a group photo from an aerial drone. The E-Booklets will go out about September 25th to all those who are registered, so that will have everything about the event. You can also ask questions at admin@grtb.org Just three weeks to go! We look forward to seeing you all at the beach! Larry B.
  15. We have a girl who has so routinely eaten things like wash cloths or socks that we have to keep her muzzled with a poop guard when we're not supervising her. I saw a foot long squeak toy which we knew she would not try to swallow disappear down her throat. Fortunately we see or realize that she had swallowed these things so we were able to get her to urp them up using hydrogen peroxide, which is a life saver (or maybe a $5,000 surgery vet bill saver). So much easier to have her throw up once than to see her go through gastro-intestinal surgery which is expensive and dangerous. We use the hydrogen peroxide when we see her swallow something but you need to do it within the first hour or two. It can take ten minutes or so for the dog to react to the hp, though some dogs I am sure react pretty quickly. Signs of an intestinal blockage could be vomiting, lethargy, refusal to eat or drink...
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