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  1. We just wanted to let everyone know that registration is now open for The Grapehound Wine Tour®, July 21-26, 2020. For those not familiar with the event, The Grapehound Wine Tour is a gathering of sighthound owners hled at wineries in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York near Watkins Glen. The event features wine-tasting, brew pubs, music, greyhound vendors and a Sunday walk to nearby 215 ft. Taughannock Falls. We will be taking steps to avoid large gatherings of people in closed spaces this year, and instead, we will be emphasizing well-spaced outdoor activities. Wineries ar
  2. You may see and order one of our new Walking the Dog ladies V-neck shirts here: https://shop.grapehounds.com/products/walking-the-dog-shirt All proceeds go to transporting and vetting the Florida greyhounds. Larry
  3. We hope everyone is home staying safe from this nasty corona virus. We also hope you are using some of the time taking some long walks and enjoying some time with your hounds. Susie and I find that our greyhounds and our walks are one of the bright spots in our daily routine. (I tell people that our life is so boring, staying at home hasn't changed our life much at all!) First, at this early date (and we are still months away) we plan to hold the Grapehound Wine Tour® as planned. The only reason we would cancel the event is if we are asked to do so by local or state authorities. Gre
  4. What vendors will be at Winterhounds? I just adopted a HUGE boy and need some coats and jammies to fit him. Can drive over for the day from Syracuse area.

  5. Oops, sorry I am just seeing some of the questions here. The E-booklet will go out tomorrow, Friday, July 19th. Just a lot of loose ends to check with wineries, and they are so busy this time of year they don't always get back to you when you call or email them. One thing we're trying to do differently this year is to list all the wineries or brew pubs that have entertainment on an evening so that everyone has some evening options which they can find all in one place. So on Friday on our calendar, for example, we'll list all the places we have found which welcome the dogs and offer mus
  6. Hey man! Far out! We have our new 2019 Grapehound Wine Tour® custom shirt available online. The theme of this year's event is a commemoration of the 50th annversary of Woodstock. The shirt was designed by greyhound artist and caricaturist Kent Roberts. The design shows a greyhound wearing a garland of flowers driving a VW mini-bus decorated with hearys and flowers. He is accompanied by a way cool bunny flashing the peace sign and another greyhound standing next to the minibus wearing bell bottoms and playing the guitar. The design is printed on a lavender shirt in universal or ladie
  7. The fourteenth annual Grapehound Wine Tour® kicks off on Tuesday, July 23 for those who wish to start their wine tasting early. We call them Early Birds. We have thirty-four wineries, five brew pubs and one gorgeous distillery signed up to participate with us this July. The event kicks off on Thursday, July 25th at Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards with a Welcome party from 5PM to 8PM. WE serve the hors d'oeuvres, hazitt has the wines (and do they!), and a food truck (the Little Red Wagon) will be serving tasty wraps and other foods for dinner. Friday (July 26) the festivities move to
  8. Our fourth annual Winter Houndstm event takes place at Geneva Ramada Lakefront (41 Lakefront Drive, Geneva, NY) February 22-24. Room rates at this gorgeous lakeside resort hotel are $105 a night with pet fees waived. Can you believe it? They even have a dining room overlooking the lake. Some folks come a day earlier on Thursday Feb. 21 to start some wine tasting early. We'll have over forty wineries participating on three different area wine tours (which include not just wineries but brew pubs and distilleries too). If you can't stay the weekend but want to do a little mid-w
  9. Thanks to all the hounds and humans who attended Greyhounds Reach the Beach® last weekend. We had nearly 500 people registered and earned between $9,000-$10,000 for greyhound adoption through registrations, T-shirt sales, and our Silent Auction. We won't know the exact amount until all our bills are paid. Each year this event gets harder to manage due to the lack of appropriate spaces, buildings, spaces or locations to host activities. It's also a challenge becasue of the expenses related to the Dewey Beach location. The Town charges all the vendors a $109 annual business license fee,
  10. For many years, since Nittany has managed the event, the Allstar Center has kicked out the greyhounds first thing Sunday morning. This year they were excited to be able to continue the event throughout the day on Sunday. The biggest benefit may be for day-trippers who can only come out on Sunday.
  11. Over the years we saw Advantage, Advantix and other topicals become less and less effective. We would treat our four hounds and we'd still see ticks attached a week or two later. We switched to Seresto collars last year and we didn't see a tick all summer. That is very remarkable, as we live in the middle of a forest with brush and tall grasses here in the piedmont of SE Pennsylvania. Every walk we'd bring one or two ticks home on our dogs and have to pick them off. We walk our dogs about a mile every day. Cost The Seresto collars are far most cost effective too, as they last eigh
  12. The Grapehound Wine Tour® will be held on Seneca Lake in New York from July 26-29, 2018. Registration is now open. We have held this event every year since July of 2006. It has grown to be the third largest greyhound event in the US, but it feels like a smaller event. Grapehounds is a different kind of event where much of our time is spent hanging out with our beautiful greyhounds, sipping wine and meeting new people. The wineries just love these dogs. Yes, we have a bunch of great vendors from all over the country who come every year, but this event is really about the people and our
  13. Check out the great picnic event in Florida sponsored by Freeway's Greyt Escape, April 28th, at Rainbow Springs State Park near Ocala. http://www.freewaysgreytescape.com/springpicnic.html The story of Freeway is pretty amazing. http://www.freewaysgreytescape.com/about.html
  14. For those of you staying at Sleep Inn (and there are a lot!): The Sleep Inn will email you a room confirmation about five days out which will confirm your stay. It will also have an inappropriate pet warning: Please note: Pets allowed until Memorial Day 2018. Pet Fee: $25.00 per pet 2 max Please know that this pet info does not apply to GRtB folks, as all our pet fees and dog limits are waived. They just can't reprogram their email computers for a couple days of our event.
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