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  1. I can’t believe he was 14. Where did the time go? Godspeed sweet boy.
  2. ml529


    Please take that advice Pam. We are all scared for you.
  3. ml529


    I would start with the State Dept of corrections.
  4. ml529


    There are no words Pam. He was the best terrierist out there. My heart aches for you.
  5. I believe that bone cancer can be in the spine. They were concerned about that with Minnie a couple years back. I'm so very sorry Jen. Hugs, my friend.
  6. I'm so sorry to read about Murray.
  7. Oh Shelby, we'll miss you. I'm so sorry you had to leave. Your old pal Payton was there waiting for you I'm sure.
  8. Oh Tibbie, I will miss your sweet face so much.
  9. Welcome home Percy! You've landed with a great family!
  10. Oh Disco, you're such a love. Godspeed sweet boy.
  11. I second the questions about what specific tests she was looking at, but will say that the late great Payton was diagnosed as Hypothyroid and he also had incredibly atypical symptoms including fairly significant weight loss.
  12. Oh Lori-I'm so very sorry. She was such a lovely girl.
  13. Godspeed sweet brady, I'll miss hearing Goose talk about you.
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