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  1. Wendy...No words....so sorry for you and Kevin.
  2. What a beautiful picture.. Loved her stories over the years...so sorry she had to leave you so soon.
  3. What a beautiful girl..... Vanitha....many many cyber hugs for you.....sorry she left so soon....
  4. So sorry for your loss...such a beautiful girl.
  5. So well said.... Hugs to you Kari
  6. I was going to say this too....it is such a valuable thing to help out with the shelter dogs. And you didn't fail....many people return dogs. I was single and my first greyhound was a young male that was insecure and could not be alone...I returned him.
  7. I had a similar experience with my first greyhound. He was young and I was single and worked everyday. He was very unhappy...and ultimately so was I...I returned him. It took about a month or two before I was ready to try again. This time I got a 4 year old actually he was almost 5. He was perfect in every way....took him about a week to ease into home life and was my best friend and most perfect dog. Well Not really..he was stubborn and a piece of work in some ways. But perfect for me and my life.
  8. Hope the progress continues and she finds something she loves to eat!
  9. I was going to through eggs and hot dogs in there as well...those were last resort foods....
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