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  1. Wendy...No words....so sorry for you and Kevin.
  2. What a beautiful picture.. Loved her stories over the years...so sorry she had to leave you so soon.
  3. Hot makes me tired and cranky! Hope that is all it is with Zuri....
  4. Jen...evidently we are going to stalk you in this thread now... Glad you were able to get someone to the house for consultation. Hope today is a better day for Zuri....
  5. Wayne is beautiful!! Congrats on finding the right fit for your world.
  6. Wonderful tribute. Thankfully you were in the right place for a dog that needed you when Murray found his home.
  7. I have noticed that my water dish seems to be empty more than normal. And Mollie used to drink quite a bit so with her gone it has to be Dylan. (too tall for the little dogs) He loves to go out and Jeff has been home a lot and has mentioned that Dylan has been in and out a lot lately. He hasn't had any accidents but has always been somewhat of a OCD drinker. RIght before feeding he will gulp down a lot. that it is nothing...since Dylan and he are similar in age I can not even remotely handle another health issue.
  8. greysandmollie


    Sorry for your loss....it is never easy even when it is the right time. You have beautiful photographic memories....
  9. More stalking you fascinating woman!

  10. PJ... He sounds like a very lucky dog that had a great life....I wish he could have had more time with everyone....
  11. It completely sucks.... And I all I ever wonder was..where did the time go.....
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