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  1. I have such a love for fawns!!! She looks like my angel. Related it appears to! Shanti was HB Commander heritage. She is gorgeous! Congratulations!!!
  2. There one other med too, but I can't remember what it is. We didn't need to move on to that one.
  3. Shanti had it. Fluconozole didn't do a lot for her. She was put on itraconazole. It was compounded by Diamond Back pharmacy in Arizona and shipped to me in California. For us, it was a lifetime battle and my gut tells me that is what took her in the end. She didn't have a cough from it. She had serious joint issues from it. She would fluctuate drastically on tests. Drove me crazy! She was finally diagnosed at age 3 with it and she died at at 11. Mary Jo will likely be more help as she is a vet tech and Sadies battled it and I believe her other dog has it to.
  4. So sorry Amber! To lose 1 is hard enough. To lose 2 so close is utterly devastating.
  5. Lost 2 in 2015. So many others lost their babies too. Shanti did come to visit in my dream the other night. Miss my girls!!!!
  6. I am so sorry. It's so hard to loose them, they take so much of your heart with them.
  7. Still shocked by this. Life is not always fair. look after all the hounds for us Stephanie.
  8. I'm so sorry. . I loved hearing all her antics. She ran the house! She will be missed by so many!
  9. My two recent Angels will find him. . Godspeed Hook.
  10. I've been waiting for this. Today over my house.
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. It's so hard!!!! I picked up Asti's ashes today. Cried again. But it's a comfort to have my girl home. Praying for your strength.
  12. I am so sorry Anne!!!! They don't get to stay long enough an they take so much of our heart when they go. The pain is horrible. May the memories make you smile more than tears flow.
  13. It's taken me a bit to write this, I was not prepared for this loss. . Asti was only 7 and Shanti had just departed last month. My precious Asti has now joined Shanti and Nala at rainbow bridge. Asti came home as my Mother's Day present. I always wanted a Australian Shepard, Merle with blue eyes. Along came miss bubbly, hence her name. Her first family was allergic to her so she came to my house. Shanti was not pleased! Asti adored Shanti. In time the feeling became mutual. Asti had a love for water and our pool. She dove in every chance she got from the day we brought her home. The pool fence stayed up just to control her pool parties. She loved people, animals and traveling anywhere we went with us in the RV. She was one of those incredible all around dogs. She blew out her knee in late May and had the harsh TPLO surgery early June. 8 weeks of confinement and healing. 3 days prior to final clearance, Asti was just "off" to me. Final X-rays showed a broken screw and bent plate. Bloodwork sent up red flags. The next two weeks became a roller coaster ride... Up then down then up then down. We administered fluids and antibiotics with little success. Sadly when I was out of state, she came crashing down in my parents care. They took her in and the worst news followed. Tests showed she was completely overrun with cancer. I could not get home quickly and I could not make her suffer. I gave the permission to let her go and God bless my parents for staying with her as she crossed over. I did not want her alone. I had a dream and she was in it the other night. In the morning I got he call her ashes are in. Her visit to me letting me know she's ok. She is now back home. My heart is still broken as is my kids. We miss her terribly. Until we meet again Asti, we love you!!!! And two of my favorites, classic Asti!
  14. Thank you Ducky!!!! My newest angel. Asti Spumante
  15. Read this. looking like Asti is in the same boat.
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