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  1. When I moved out here to Arizona, I brought 6 retired racers with me and a standard poodle. As of Sunday they are all gone. Sugar left this world for the next about 8:30 Sunday evening. I had to take her to Tucson, it was pricey, but it was one of the best experiences I had with having one of my pets leave this earth. Sugar came to me as a foster dog when she was two. She remained my foster for 10 months, no one ever inquired about her. She was a severe spook and had some medical issues as well. I finally gave up and just adopted her. She was so scared of people. In the beginning she could barely be in the same room with people. After a while she got more comfortable and would at least stay in the same room with me. Then she'd "sneak" up behind me and poke me with that long nose of hers and then run! It was adorable! Then she got mouthy with me. She'd stand across the room and make noises at me, and bark and roo at me. Eventually I could actually touch her in the house, I could usually (not always!) walk up to her and pet and love on her. Still to her last days, I could only rarely touch her outside unless I cornered her. Her "spot" in the house was my closet. For the last 13 years I have not had a closet in my bedroom. That was Sug's place where she felt comfy. When the thunder would be loud or something frightened her, off to the closet. My Lulu slept with her in the closet. Those two were pretty much attached at the hip. It was hard for Sug when Lulu went to the bridge more than 2 years ago. Her hearing was going, her sight was going, her back end was very weak. Sugar looked at me on Sunday afternoon and I knew it was time. She's been going down hill for a while now. My heart is broken. Who's going to get me up in the mornings? Who's going to bark at me and demand food or to go out? Hopefully her ashes will be home soon. I have been so lucky, I have had the most wonderful greyhounds in my life. Each one of them wonderful and unique. I don't know if I will have another greyhound or what, but for the moment I just need to get over losing Sugar. This is Sugar this past May.
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