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  1. I was going to ask if it ever stops but sounds like, at least for me, probably not the case, lol. I will start to brush everyday and see if that makes a difference but sheesh I swear it's neverending for my little one.
  2. I have been using one the last few weeks for my girls has a caribiner that clips into their harness and then has a seat belt end that clips in. I don't currently have a grey so my two are quite a bit smaller but it keeps them sitting in the seats. I like it and got them at PetSmart for $10 each.
  3. HAHAHA!!! OMG I have to laugh about this because I bought some yesterday for my teenager (non-grey) for her arthritis and her travel anxiety. I didn't do research ahead of time as far as pricing but was pointed to our local Doggy Daycare that sells it. I went in and talked to the guy and decided what would be easiest for me to administer... 1 OZ FOR $99 which is a one months worth of doses Let me tell you - there's a sucker born every minute and I am apparently one of them - SHEESH. Anyway - what's done is done and if it works well I'll be comparing the brands in this thread.
  4. I'm confused why you always refer to Trolley's room as the "guest room."
  5. She reminds me so much of my little one Hugs to you and happy times going back through videos and photos of her
  6. My cat was allergic to one of the topical flea meds all the sudden after having used it in the past. The whole patch of fur where I put it she scratched that into a quarter inch thick scab. I felt AWFUL and she was so miserable. She ended up having a flea allergy and the vet recommended one that was made from mushroom fungus or something that came in a chewable tablet. After a while nothing helped her so she was getting prednesone shots every month. Allergies are no fun.
  7. That's perfect! She's obviously the next Naomi Campbell
  8. I adopted a little 12 lb mix and she has since had a front leg amputated due to an injury she had when she was pulled from the shelter - not due to cancer. She is still VERY active but she's young and in thinking long-term I'm wondering if she should be wearing a brace or something to keep her remaining front limb in good condition. I take her to the chiro every-so-often since she now sits weird now that she's down a limb and I'm guessing we'll be looking at arthritis developing in her good leg at some point. I have been told multiple times that it's tough on their bodies when a front leg is taken so I just want to make sure that we're doing everything we can at this point to keep her in good health as long as we can. Is there anything I should be looking into? She is about 3.5 years old and about 6 months out from the amputation.
  9. I used to drop my mutt off at the doggy daycare by me and would watch her throughout the day. She was there for my entire work day so about 10 hours and EVERY. TIME. I looked in on her she was just standing there
  10. I went to an acupuncturist a while ago and as part of the treatment I was given Chinese herbs. Granted it was for a different reason but MAN did those things help! They tasted horrible and I called it "tree branch tea" because it was just a bunch of sticks and what looked like dirt but it was amazing! I have faith they'll work for Sweep
  11. My grey Eden passed last September and my mutt Missy had lived with her for 8 years. Around the time that Eden passed our family had a TON of changes fairly close together - all within about 5 months: Eden passing, DH going overseas, I took up running, my cat passed, I was having car troubles so was rotating through a few different vehicles, and then I decided to start fostering little dogs. Mis was SUPER needy and acting out in small ways after Eden passed and so I started taking her to doggy daycare twice a week to see if that would ease her into being an only dog. Then I decided that she might want another dog so I started fostering little dogs which has helped. I am not planning on getting another dog or fostering for a while after my current gets adopted because I want to spend more one-on-one time with Mis. The issue is that it seems Eden was the calming figure for Mis when we traveled in the car. After Eden passed Mis got stressed in the car and would pant and shake a lot which was totally new but I thought it was just she was lonely. Then I had car problems and went from a 4-door to a Geo Tracker where she was in the back. I figured she might have hated it back there because she didn't have a seat to lean into and it was a rough, loud ride. I got a new car and specifically got a hatchback FOR her but she does the same thing - panting and looking totally miserable no matter if she's in the back or in the front seat with me. I have tried to give her calming chews before we go anywhere but that hasn't helped. After the foster gets adopted it'll be the first time in my adult life that I've only had one pet. Mis loves to swim and hike and go for walks and to the ocean and I want to experience those things with her but the car rides make her miserable which stresses me out. Is there something I can do or try or a medication or anything that might help? There was one great dog park about an hour away and it seems crappy for her to endure 2 hours of misery for about 40 minutes of fun.
  12. Someone must be cutting onions in the office I love Andy's tribute as well
  13. I have had a foster since the beginning of February. My dog has been okay with it and is showing her the ways of being a dog. A few naughty things have happened which I blamed on the foster, since my dog has always been basically perfect. Well yesterday I was at an adoption event with the foster all day, I came home with a second short-term foster as well, and came home to find my unmentionables strewn about and... *gag* super soggy wet. So now I am positive it's my dog being naughty. I am guessing that aside from spending extra time and love on my dog and reinforcing her training it's just something I have to deal with?
  14. All this time you were worried about him vomiting and he's so full I'm surprised he didn't Of course I'm sure now it'll be YOU'RE STARVING ME MA'AM
  15. I had the same problem with a dog I doggysat - she was fine at home but at my place she had to be "re potty trained." I had to take her to the vet for another reason and mentioned it to them and they also said it's new and she'd never been away from home and was nervous so I had to kind of start over. Once she gets a little more comfortable and sees that Mom comes back she'll do better. MAN she's cute
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