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  1. I have been using one the last few weeks for my girls has a caribiner that clips into their harness and then has a seat belt end that clips in. I don't currently have a grey so my two are quite a bit smaller but it keeps them sitting in the seats. I like it and got them at PetSmart for $10 each.
  2. HAHAHA!!! OMG I have to laugh about this because I bought some yesterday for my teenager (non-grey) for her arthritis and her travel anxiety. I didn't do research ahead of time as far as pricing but was pointed to our local Doggy Daycare that sells it. I went in and talked to the guy and decided what would be easiest for me to administer... 1 OZ FOR $99 which is a one months worth of doses Let me tell you - there's a sucker born every minute and I am apparently one of them - SHEESH. Anyway - what's done is done and if it works well I'll be comparing the brands in this thread.
  3. I'm confused why you always refer to Trolley's room as the "guest room."
  4. If this isn't one of those "people look like their pets" pics I don't know what is
  5. I kiss each of the dogs. I tell the big mutt to "be my best girl" the little mutt not to be a jerk and the cat "don't wreck sh*t."
  6. I was wondering if this was going to work on people but then I saw the "charged" photo and I'm going to need a bit more pep than that
  7. I have that photo saved at work and is part of my screen saver.
  8. UUum yeah - you're going to need some rocket boots for sure!
  9. Jorah Mormont A loyal character and a loyal dog
  10. She reminds me so much of my little one Hugs to you and happy times going back through videos and photos of her
  11. AAAAH! That second picture is so cute!!! Happy birthday Nova!
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