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Good Bye Jim


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I am posting this for Judy. (Silverfish) :heart:grouphug:heart



Judy's beloved Jim passed away last night. His weak heart finaly gave out on him. :cry1 I know he was very dear to her and her family and he will be greatly missed. I never got to meet Jim but I feel very close to him. Judy and I have spent a lot of time talking about our hounds and I knew that Jim was ailing but he was a fighter too :) . He would always end up surprising her on afternoon walks by suddenly getting some pep in his step and acting silly. But his age would soon catch up with him and he would remember that he's not as young as he use to be. :blush Like all of us, we cant fight time.


Judy, I have never done this before, and I hope I am doing Jim justice. I feel like I have lost a friend today too. :(



God speed Jim, we will miss you so. :f_white







I know Susan is waiting for at the rainbow. :angelwings

Welcome home Quixote (formerly known as Whytell Mango)


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I am so sorry for your loss. My sympathies to you and your family.


Godspeed Jim.


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Judy :grouphug A BIG FAT HUG from across the pond. :sad1 I'm so sorry about Jim and if there is anything I can do, let me know!!!


Jennifer, I know this hurts you too as well as all of us who have grown so close on this board because of the love of our hounds. :grouphug here's one for you too!! :kiss2


I love you both!!

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Judy I am so sorry you had to let your best boy Jim go. :cry1 He will always be in your heart. I hope you can think of the many wonderful things Jim did in between the heartbreak :brokenheart you are feeling now.



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Guest trevdog

I'm so sorry Judy. He will be missed by us all and greeted by many of our pups at the Bridge. I know Susan is with him and they both will watch over your family.....



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:f_white It's always too soon and there's never enough time with them. What we wouldn't give for five more minutes... :f_white:brokenheart Will miss hearing about him. Run free and strong Jim. :gh_runner

Alice (missing 12/7/05), Wonder and Ben


And our beloved Bridge Kids... Inky, Maui, Murphy, Ragamuffin, Della and Natalie

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