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  1. Hi Robin, Sorry to hear that Treasure is losing weight. If her teeth aren't terrible, I would recommned not doing the dental. At her age and given that she is losing weight, putting her under might exaperatate things. Of course this is not the case in all dogs, but two months after Bailey's dental, she was dx with bone cancer. I regret so much putting her under as anesthetic really takes it's toll on the oldies. Bailey was also 12.
  2. Here is an alternative to pharm drugs for SA. It's a copy of an email that I shared with a friend, so forgive the way it's written We have another dog (Jackson) that we rescued... he lived in a shelter for 7 years and we adopted when he was 9... so he came to us with a lot of baggage. We didn’t like what Clomicalm was doing to him after a while (vet prescribed) so we searched out alternatives. We found L-Theanine. It worked wonders for our dog and eventually he settled and is now not on it. that took about 2 years through, but Jackson was a special case after spending such a long
  3. Our Andy has this problem in the spring and fall when the dew is heavy in the morning. All we did was dry his paws off really well when he came in and it settled the redness no problem. We didn't give him any meds either.
  4. tempt. sounds good to me, but CHECK the increase in dosage w/ you VET! doesn't cost anything to call! she wanted me to start with 10 mg every 12 hours. So I know that going up to 5mg every 12 hours is okay. however, I have stuck with 2.5. The coughing is almost completely gone, but he is breathing more rapidly and panting when up and about. Drinking a little more than normal, but seems comfortable. Will see how tomorrow goes.
  5. thanks everyone. my hydro bill is a testament to how cold the house is. it's been set to 24C since May! Actually, it's too cold, but we keep it like this for Andy. Dog sitter was there today at lunch and said the whole gang was good. Andy coughed a few times, but no panting. I have been giving him 2.5mg every 12 hours. will see how he is tonight and think about going up to 5mg every 12 hours. Tie back surgery is not an option, so I don't need to worry about that.
  6. Thanks so much for sharing. Your situation sounds exactly like ours and it looks like we had the same mindset when it came to treatment. Andy is overall super happy. Even before this, he was a dog that preferred to just stay at home. He is eating well, able to jump up two stairs clearing about triple that, so his back end isn't too terrible yet. But he does have muscle loss and shakiness. walks are no longer an option. We have about an acre, so he is able to meander the yard and then just go in when he's ready. I am on the LP list and they have been so helpful, but since he hasn't ha
  7. he's been on doxepin for two months... from what I understand it's three weeks max to see if it's working. I think it's working in the sense that he is breathing a little better... but the dry coughing started yesterday. vet thinks it's inflamation and recommends a weaning dose over three weeks to bring down the inflammation. He just had another coughing attack, so I caved and gave him .25mg to start. it's a double edged sword - he can't cough forever, but i don't want him panting either. having gone through osteo with two hounds before I thought I was stong enough to live through anythin
  8. Hello, Haven't been on here in a while. Our Andy has been diagnosed with Larangeal Paralysis. Surgery wasn't an option as he is terrifed of clinical settings... nearly died at the consult for the potential LP surgery. So we are managing him with acupuncture, and a drug called doxepin. He was doing great until yesterday when he started dry coughing. Vet came to the house to see him and said his heart and lungs sound good, but there is a little wheeze in his exhale. She has prescribed prednisone. He is 85 pounds and the dose that she started him on is 2, 5 mg pills every 12 hours. So that'
  9. Hi all, Our Andy is 99.9% sure dx with laryngeal paralysis. We are working with our vet to get a referral to either OVC in Guelph, Vet Emerg in Oakville or possibly a clinic in London. We did NOT have a good experience at OVC with Carrier back in 2008, so I am hesitant to go there. We did have a good experience with Vet Emerg in Oakville with Carrier but the situation was different back then - we didn't do a surgery for Carrier there, but rather it was diagnostics on his heart. Has anyone here had the surgery done for laryngeal paralysis? if so which surgeon did you go to in Ontario?
  10. If there's no gastric torsion, they may be able to vomit yet still be bloated. Bailey was full on bloated, but no torsion and was not able to vomit - she was retching and this was already almost 2 hours after she started acting "weird". I think the only thing that can we say for certain is - it happens "A LOT" in greyhounds and if you think they are bloating, chances are, they are... so get them to the vet! There is a list of things to watch for - all of which have been mentioned here and in the links provided. we used that as a guide the first time with Bailey and with that lis
  11. I would have to disagree with those who say it's not common in greyhounds. We have had three GH's and two of them have bloated. Our first was Bailey. We knew the signs to watch for from reading all the greyhound books - attempting to vomit, looking like they swallowed a watermelon, pacing, panting, but in our first experience with bloat - these signs weren't that apparent in Bailey until about an hour after she started not feeling well. That night Bailey woke up around 2am and she walking around the house restless. I let her out to see if she had to go, but she just stood there looking
  12. We let our dear Bailey go yesterday. She was our first dog and she was the best. There is not much more we can say right now... We can't believe she is gone. Eva & Tim
  13. Thank you everyone. GT support is a wonderful thing. Wonder, I am sorry to hear that sparks going through the same thing. Our carrier battled through one of the worst winters here as well and iit was tough. Sparks was one if the early dogs on GT wasnt he? We spoke to dr C to see there was anything we could do and we dicussed pamidronate. Our vet was even willing to do the IV in our home over the 6 -8hours. But after speaking to dr outo again we agreed that only doing the pamidronate was like putting as small bandage in a large wound as dr. C described it. When he told us that most of al
  14. I haven't been able to get on to GT from home as our IP is blocking it for some reason so I am on thru my phone ... Could cost a fortune just wanted to let those of you who know Bailey, our first greyhound, has osteo. Same leg... Same spot as our angel Carrier. Bailey is 13 now so given her age, her reaction to clinical environments, and a weak back end, we have decided to manage her pain and ensure that she comfortable and happy for what time she has left. I can't believe that she is going through the same thing as Carrier. It's heartbreaking to watch and even worse knowing that things
  15. Funny you ask... I am in LABOUR! Just killing time on the computer and trying not to think about it!. the dogs on the other hand are like, "are we going for a hike today?" ummmm... "no" sorry guys. Will let you know when the part greyhound is born eva
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