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  1. Thanks Karen. He seems to be doing better with the change in foor for the moment so I hope it continues.
  2. Lets hope so. I would prefer that to be the issue. Keep a sharp eye.....
  3. A semi good Quixote update (Hi Judy! Yes, he's getting in and out of the truck fine and hoping around on furniture just fine too.....always trying to get in my bed. Little stinker ) Sorry I'm late updating on this but with the crazy Christmas holiday it's hard to get on line while out of town. I'm working on switching Quixote over to this new food Orijens fish formula and so far it's working really well! We're still doing the gradual change over but he's eating all of it at every setting now so yea! No runny poo or any signs of upset stomach so that's a double yea! :clap I should ho
  4. Thank you all so much for the food options. That will be a huge help...hopefully. I'll keep everyone posted. Knowing Quixote I'll get home and he'll eat like a pig. Then of course go back to fasting as soon as I think everything is ok.
  5. Me too Nancy, if only they could just tell us. Thanks for your thoughts though. And Merry Christmas mate!
  6. No, Quixote doesn't show any signs of the LS bothering him, no mood changes or anything like that. Like I said above he's still very playful and in good spirits. But thank you for the recommendation of the Deramaxx, that is something to consider. Does that have any side effects to food/ appetitie? Judy, that thought just occured to me when I was typing my first reply. Quixote has been known at times in the past to eat a hair scrunchie. I'm very aware of where I put those down now a days. I don't think he's ingested anything he shouldn't but goodness, who knows? That's a possibility t
  7. Stools are fine. But that's a good idea about further testing. Thanks. I see an extended vet visit coming up. I've been doing that, well taking his bowl upstairs with me so it's near his bed. He'll get up from time to time and pick at his food but there's always leftovers to throw away the following day before making a new batch of food. Also, I should add that he is in good spirits, and even very playful. He doesn't "act" like he feels bad but you know how dogs aren't actually able to express sickness.
  8. Allow me to give a bit of back history on Quixote first. When I adopted him 3 years ago from JCKC he was in less that good condition, I won't comment on that further, however it took us months to find a good food for him to eat that agreed with him and started putting weight on him. After everything we finally settled on Solid Gold's Barking at the Moon. Been great ever since. Until a few weeks ago. Quixote eats, loves to eat so when he suddenly became finicky about eating I was concerned. Was it a bad bag of food? Was there something wrong with his teeth and it hurt to eat? (you know gre
  9. Taken way to suddenly. I'm so sorry.
  10. LOL, I'm still around. Not as much as I use to be but that will probably be changing soon. Hope you are doing well! :)

  11. Thanks for all the tips! We're wrapped up and ready to start healing.
  12. That's what I was just looking at. Thank you. Thanks for the help everyone!
  13. Oy....I've heard the stories but never experienced it myself. Richard got home early today and took the hounds out. After doing that he went into the kitchen to make some coffee and when he turned around it looked like a crime scene had taken place .....and was still occurring seeing as Chad has a very waggly wobbly tail wag. You can imagine the mess. The one good thing? Nothing on the ceiling. Good thing they are tall. However, after spending $25 at Walgreens for a make shift first aid kit I'm having a hard time keeping the wrapping on his tail. The gash is at the very tip and is about an inc
  14. I'm so glad Sparks is doing better today Kari! I didn't realize he was having such health issues. We'll be sending healing thoughts his way.
  15. Jennifer

    Nike Is Gone

    I'm so very sorry.
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