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  1. Happy Birthday Dear Lexie! I didn't know we share a birthday. I, however, am KNOT 14 Wishing you a day as special as you and a year of Health and Happiness
  2. Happy Gotcha Day Pretty Ruby! Love the curl in the tail.
  3. I cast my vote for these 2 happy, hampsum boys.
  4. Happy birthday hampsome Whiskey! What an awesome little heart healer you all have there.
  5. Oh Jan Such beautiful memories. I remember my first Dewey in 2006, sitting in the upstairs hallway with shy Miss Bailey laying next to me for a few pets.
  6. Excellent photo! Dig on Lila
  7. Claymore you are MUCH more than a simple man! I think the monocle and top hat would be spot on....that's your cue, Miss Ducky
  8. Ah! A match made in Heaven. Congratulations Miss Susan Welcome Home Buck
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