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  1. Irene, I am sorry about your loss, cancer should not be what takes what we love away
  2. Trisha, Burke, This is such a beautiful tribute to Bee. I smiled reading about her and felt great sadness, it touched me deeply as the tears fell thinking of the heartache you both are going through. It is the hardest gift of all to give but I hope you felt the good in the moment she passed as the pain ceased. Bob and I were happy to have spent time with your family at Dewey and hope that wonderful memories will soon replace the sadness. We look forward to spending New Years with you where we will toast to her memory. <<<<<HUGS>>>>>>
  3. Wow 8 icky teeth gone and he will be a much healthier dog. Cosmo lost 8 teeth on his last dental. I can't help you with the potty issue, are you talking about urination? Feel better Marx!!!!
  4. Madeara


    I am so sorry for your loss. You gave the greatest gift to Strider. Remember the happy times. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. ~From a headstone in Ireland
  5. http://www.dogskool.com/canine-body-language-chart.html look at the greyhound under submissive
  6. I really appreciate these responses and thoughts on puppy rearing. I see I could still be in for some rough puppy times. Then again maybe not. Bob and I are there to teach and protect and Nova keeps this puppy busy with playtime that I cannot provide. I am going to do some training this weekend. We do not have any distractions and really keep our dogs on a schedule, I hope that helps too. Stay tuned and please tell me more!
  7. Really? That is nice to hear. I am going to start some training like sit for a treat and stay. He comes when called. If he is good with those I will go for more
  8. What am I missing here? I have a whippet puppy that came home with me at 9 weeks. He is so good! He was easily housebroken, he listens, does not chew down the house etc. I have heard all the horror stories of puppyhood especially with greyhound puppies. Now tell me, is a whippet puppy easier than a greyhound puppy? I wish I had gotten a puppy sooner and am considering another puppy in the future.
  9. YUP I made my own "meat" balls with ground kibble. I joined a Yahoo LP board that gave me all the knowledge and insight for this condition
  10. I had it done on Darius when he was 13. Relief is immediate, he lived to 15. Just make sure you have a skilled surgeon who has done this many times before (board certified) Read about post feeding and care. They learn to eat fine afterward. I would do it again if I had another dog with LP
  11. Nothing wrong celebrating her B-Day, It is wonderful to remember them any way we can. Let all of our doggies stay deep in our hearts
  12. Sympathy to everyone who's heart is broken losing Rosie. Dogs are amazing aren't they? They live in the moment and never look back. The emotions they draw from us is what makes a human's Divine Character.
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