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Heavy Shedding

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I have an 11 yr. old female with a furry coat, she's a red fawn and everyone has always remarked about how soft her coat is, but she has never had the shiny sleek coat that most non-fawns do. Anyway, she has been shedding an enormous amount of hair, piles of it, and even when I stop grooming her I could really keep going because it doesn't seem to stop coming out. Maybe this is normal for her but it doesn't seem to me to be normal for a greyhound. My vet thought she just might be shedding her summer coat. Has anyone had this problem before?

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Summer coat. I had one greyhound who threw off hair every time she sneezed. The hair just wafted through the air.

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That sounds just like my Lila. She's 12, red fawn, super soft plush fur and the annual Big Shed. Clouds of it come off her and tufts that I can pluck out. Thankfully it's just once a year then she's back to her wonderful soft non-shedding fur. Until next year. :lol:


Adding a photo - This was just a casual brushing of one side of her during the Big Shed.


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Same thing happening here with my Mazy, a fawn. I could brush for an hour and still get more hair off of her. This happens a few times a year.


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The light colored greys shed horribly twice a year. It was awful during the summer with the heat and humidity, especially in June and July. My Vet said everyone was complaining. I expect he will start up again within the next few weeks. I can brush every day and get a "small dog".


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