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  1. I had been feeding mine Taste of the Wild Roasted Smoked Salmon - grain-free. My vet told me last week to switch to a food with grain in it as they now have 3 dogs in the practice with DCM. I just switched to Taste of Wild Roasted Smoked Salmon - Ancient Grain. They adjusted to it quickly.
  2. My prior vet said there are hookworms in soil everywhere. ???
  3. I used Springtime Joint Health and Fresh Factors for years with all of my greys and had no problems. Most reasonably priced.
  4. So glad to hear that the lump was benign.
  5. I get mine from Bluebird Botanicals. I use Signature 250 mg because it has frankincense in it, which I need for my girl due to her epilepsy. I put it in her food twice a day and she just laps it up with no problem.
  6. Beautiful girl. Congratulations. Seeing a greyhound go from the track to becoming a home pet is a wonderful experience.
  7. My boy LOVES the cold weather. Now he has an extremely heavy coat for a greyhound and he has it year round, so it's not like he's going to freeze, but I do keep watch and he's not allowed out for more than 10 minutes if it's that cold.
  8. I wasn't aware that KV Vet had been sold but that explains why they have gotten so SLOW over the last year when I order an RX refill, etc.
  9. My greyhounds never cared for them, but my Saluki and my Podenco love them. Also keeps their teeth nice and clean.
  10. The light colored greys shed horribly twice a year. It was awful during the summer with the heat and humidity, especially in June and July. My Vet said everyone was complaining. I expect he will start up again within the next few weeks. I can brush every day and get a "small dog".
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