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  1. I will have her retested shortly for her thyroid as she is due for her blood work. Thanks for asking.
  2. This has been so interesting to read, especially since they're all fawns. This has really put my mind at rest knowing there isn't some underlying medical issue. Thank you to all of you. Jean & Kiley
  3. OH, that is so like Kiley, in fact it could be her in the photo. Maybe it's a red fawn 'thing'. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I have an 11 yr. old female with a furry coat, she's a red fawn and everyone has always remarked about how soft her coat is, but she has never had the shiny sleek coat that most non-fawns do. Anyway, she has been shedding an enormous amount of hair, piles of it, and even when I stop grooming her I could really keep going because it doesn't seem to stop coming out. Maybe this is normal for her but it doesn't seem to me to be normal for a greyhound. My vet thought she just might be shedding her summer coat. Has anyone had this problem before?
  5. Update: We put Kiley on medication for anxiety, Clomicalm, 40 mg. once a day, and it has definitely helped. Kiley is about as laid back as a greyhound gets and I never thought of her as an anxious dog but I thought we should try it since we couldn't come up with any other reason for her frequent panting. The Clomicalm doesn't make her drowsy as the Trazodone did, so I think we have found the solution. The only negative is the Clomicalm is expensive but if it prevents the panting it is worth it, I am going to check out Drs. Foster & Smith for their pricing.
  6. Definitely, her blood will be retested. Thanks, Jean
  7. Had blood test done on Kiley, everything came back quite normal except her thryoid. She has been on levothyroxine since late winter as she was hypothyroid, yesterday's test shows she is almost hyperthyroid and the levothyroxine can cause panting in some dogs. So we are reducing the meds to get her T4 back down and have hopes this will resolve the elevated breathing problem. Thank you to all for your input.
  8. KF ….. I live northwest of Chicago. Temperature is hot now but the outside temperature doesn't seem to matter, as it started in April when it was still cold here. I keep the air conditioner on and the ceiling fans going so I eliminate the thought that it could be too warm for her. I don't believe that is the problem.
  9. My 11 yr. girl has been having heavy panting and high respiratory rates for a couple of months. She has been limping and so initially I thought the panting had to do with her pain. The diagnosis appears to be arthritis in her foot, she has been on Rimadyl for approx. two months. Limping as gotten a little better and she walks out of it. During this time the breathing has continued to be an issue. X-rays indicate no fracture or tumor in the foot, her heart looks and sounds good and her lungs are clear per x-rays. I understand a dog's respiratory rate should be around 40 breaths per minute, her's frequently (everyday) get up to 130-140 and as best as I can count even up to 160/min. The vet cannot find an explanation for the heavy breathing and I don't know what to do next. Any suggestions?
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