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Gypsy, My Princess....

Guest luluaz

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:weep I almost couldn't post this, but I just knew I would need your help in staying strong for my girl-

She woke up and started limping and my heart sank as I fell to my knees to hug her.

Off to the vet's we go for the xrays and, yup, lung mass and bone changes on the right humeris.

Gypsy will be twelve this October, my graceful greying lady.

Crying right now, planning to make my way to the Circle of Grey to get some info on artemisinin, like best source

and best potency. The films did show that lung tumor clearly, but the bone changes are early stage, so maybe we can buy some time. When we were leaving Doc Yocham's office, a lady was sobbing over her beautiful grey in another room and I knew what for :( she was saying, "I have to let you go...." and God, that was hard to witness.

We had an acupuncture treatment yesterday, too, that I had scheduled some time ago and was glad I had---Dr. Barbara Hershey is an oncologist as well as an Integrative Veterinarian, healing with powerful herbs and the acupuncture that this time was used to help offset pain, etc.

Gypsy began the herbal supplements and is now taking previcox and tramadol, as well as bovine colostrum and milk thistle and "SAMe" for her liver. The toughest part of this is that her kidneys are not good and the emphasis on diet is less carb, more protein, which we know is straining on the kidneys. Any suggestions on how to tackle this dilemma are greatly appreciated-

Here she is.........



I wish I had more of her best photos uploaded to photobucket, cuz I'm at work right now and really wish I was home :sick:cry1:brokenheart:gh_runner:paw:hope:candle


PUPDATE, Thursday 9/6

The Previcox has helped, her limp is less pronounced!!! We all went for a very short walk :colgate and Gypsy was very happy to go along. DID NOT overdo it, though, just a short turn out.

I actually took one of the Tramadols last night to see what it was like and PHEW, I am STILL dizzy and slightly sick to my stomach!

I think that because of her slight build(52 LBS.) and fragility, I will stick to the 50mg. tablets, and save the 100mg. tabs for later on-

Her appetite has waned, and it is no wonder, I couldn't eat last night either-

I am giving her roast chicken from Costco(thought of Walmart and Burpdog :) ) and that's about all she wants right now-

I have those powdered herbs and I am mixing them into Nutro High Energy canned food and then hand feeding her.


All of your support and prayers, good thoughts are amazing.....THANK YOU!!


That woman I saw at the vet's office was Teri Rogo, Amanda's(guiness the great) good friend.

Gypsy was helped to trhe bridge yesterday afternoon, hard as it was to do, so very hard.

Thank you everyone here at greytalk for your prayers, support and advise.

Please stop by and visit Gypsy in Remembrance-

She was an angel on earth, my sweet"Little".


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Guest JohnnyBell

I'm so sorry I really know how you feel.Please do join circle of grey it's wonderful.You and Gypsy are in my thoughts and prayers.She is absoluly beautiful.

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Guest trevdog

Please do join Circle of Grey, there is a lot of support and knowledge out there. I'm so sorry to hear this, and I'm sure your incident in the vet's office was painful as well......

Sending lots of white light and strength to you both.

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I am so sorry. Your little girl reminds me so much of our LaceyLaine who was just diagnosed with cancer as well. :( Sending my prayers and gentle hugs. :grouphug


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I'm sorry. There just doesn't seem very much helpful to say. Your girl is beautiful.

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" You will never need to be alone again. I promise this. As your dog, I will sing this promise to you, and whisper it to you at night, every night, with my breath." Stanley Coren

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Guest greygirls2

White light, prayers and positive thought flowing out to your girl. Please do join the Circle of Grey, the support and knowledge there is outstanding. I hope you have some good quality time left to love and spoil your pup.

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I am so sorry. Your little girl reminds me so much of our LaceyLaine who was just diagnosed with cancer as well. :( Sending my prayers and gentle hugs. :grouphug

Patricia, I know how your heart aches right now.....hugs back to you and white light for our girls :candle:heart

Thank you, everyone-she is so beautiful to me, I often find myself stealing a moment to admire her grace :(:brokenheart

I always say, "Memorize her face" to myself, and pray that memory does not fade.

OK, time to buck up and take a deep breath.....much to do and give, loving on her and trying very hard not to upset her is

paramount. They are so sensitive and she is so very fragile :gh_lay

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I'm so sorry. :grouphug


Jen, CPDT-KA with Zuri, lab in a greyhound suit, Violet, formerly known as Faith, Skye, the permanent puppy, Cisco, resident cat, and my baby girl Neyla, forever in my heart

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Sending hugs, prayers, and white light from Canada. Your girlie is beautiful.


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