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  1. Spottydog says hi from Calgary!

  2. What abowt Whiskey???

    Joshua confooselled

  3. George Miss Soosan is playing hockey? I have to admit to being shokked. It is a bery ruff game and wiff her gimpy hip and all... wot? Knot hockey? Hookey? I'm sure George sed- oh nebber mind.

    Miss loosy better to oberreakt wen the fiksing is eesy than later wen it isn't.

    Misser Tony we are sending hugs.

    It is too hArd to tic wiff this little fone so I will reed for now and wAte for the big masheen


  4. What are we all going to do without Wabi? I have never looked at dandelions the same way since Wabi. I guess I never will. I am so very sorry Xan. What a miracle she was and what a miracle that you found each other.
  5. Just an update and to say thank goodness I went with my gut. The fine needle aspirate showed histiocells. I wanted it off anyway. The path report shows an unusual mixed tumour of histio cells and mast cells. The aspirate clearly missed the concerning cells. We are waiting for the results of an additional stain but fortunately this would be a grade one tumour so caught early. Growing suspicious lumps need to be taken off in my opinion and I am very glad I did. His ear is healing great with absolutely no problems. He doesn't fuss with it at all. And he now has a cute little pucker
  6. Joshy is getting this off on Monday. And hopefully he will still have an ear!
  7. wot to do; wot to do

  8. When you apply it topically, what does it actually do? What am I looking for?
  9. What a special birthday boy you are Winslow. We love you buddy.
  10. My heart hurts for you. Thinking of you tonight.
  11. Hugs and kisses for Carrier and prayers for tomorrow.
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