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  1. I had similar issues with Jordy regarding both the crate and the peeing. I quit crating. As for the peeing it was anxiety for him mostly. It took a long time for him to get it- about 10 months I think. He caught onto my routine in the morning More quickly and I was able to leave the bellyband off then but the afternoon or evening took a long time. I come home for lunch. Having a bellyband clearly didn't work to teach him not to pee and so I didn't want him to be wet. I put a max absorbent male incontince pad in the belly band. That kep him dry, my house dry and my anxiety/frustration level down! He finally learned . He no longer wears a belly band and I no longer worry. He has free roam of the house with the other two. I totally get your frustration so take that for what it's worth.
  2. one way to help them learn to go later is to set your alarm (so that she can hear it) at 6 for a few days, getting her out then of course, And then slowly start setting it a little later until you are at a reasonable time for you both. She will start to associate that sound with her getting up time and hopefully a longer night sleep will be had by all. . It worked for all my dogs.
  3. My backyard is all river rock. Mine run over that and pee and poop on it with abandon. I would prefer grass but after resodding twice I gave up.
  4. He's definitely not a spook. He just has issues . Many of those things will disappear or be reduced as he is exposed to them longer and if you are very patient and encouraging.
  5. I've had 6 greyhounds. Of those only one would have and did have off leash. Jilly's recall was supurb. She was also the only one I did actual obedience with which may say something.
  6. I'm so very sorry Chris. Your girl was so special and I know just how crushed you are.
  7. Jordy is a leaping loon too But he's happy to spread the joy with everyone he meets!
  8. Jackandgrey


    He truly was one of the best dogs. He captured my heart as soon as I met him and I know how very much you loved him. The world is much the emptier without that sweet boy. I'm so very sorry Deb and John.
  9. Alan you really can't muzzle her at a dog park. Mouthy chasing play is very normal for greyhounds. They play rough and hard with their siblings and kennel mates and are very competitive. However as had been said other dogs may not be familiar with or fond of that kind of interaction. Sooner or later one of them will turn on your girl. At that point many others will gang up and she will torn apart. Please do take the advice offered here. Neither she or you are ready for the dog park and absolutely never should she be muzzled.
  10. She was a Whirld class girl Charla - so very special! I'm so very sorry it was time for her to leave you and Carl. We will miss that sassy girl forever. Hugs to you. We'll look for your star Gracie Rose. I know it will be the brightest new one up there! Susan and the Js
  11. Just a reminder that greys may love their kennel at the track but that is so different than being in a crate alone wiith no one around or no other dogs around in a home. Crating May be necessary for some for a variety of reasons but it is not necessarily translatable from their situation at the track. As others have said, try a muzzle or if crating is necessary you need to make it a positive experience. Do not withhold affection but don't reward whining with attention. And remember 4 days is so very early in her adjustment. Good for you for looking for guidance though!
  12. I'm so sorry Duckie. What a special little girl she was
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