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  1. He's such a beautiful boy!!! I have a soft spot for the black hounds Hope he feels much better very soon!
  2. Have there been any updates on a new home for Luna? Wishing you peace and success.
  3. Agree with Miss Lucy. I lost both parents at 19 and while I don’t fret or obsess about it (I actually pat myself on the back for how well I came thru it), I do feel completely unanchored at times trying to feel my way through life. I had to find a new home and new life, and moved across the country by myself to California, all by age 20. Yes, I am an orphan. I get how losing parents is utterly, devastatingly life changing. And kudos to all who have weathered that sad, grievous storm.
  4. Carmen! Our girls always manage to eat around the peas in their food.
  5. hidoey


    I'm so very sorry.
  6. Oh how shattering for you! I am so very sorry.... we hate thunderstorms too. No more thunder for you, sweet Honey. You can rest now.
  7. We've been thinking of you all constantly. Thank you for letting us say our "see you later!" to her this weekend. It was so wonderful to hug her soft soft soft bunny fur, kiss her on her fleur de lis face, and join on her long walkie. We love her, and we love you. We're so very sorry.
  8. hidoey


    Absolutely crushing to read this.... I'm so very sorry.
  9. My senior girlie Tangerine only eats when we hand feed her too. It's a fairly new habit of about six months now. We call it "feeding the baby bird".
  10. I'm so very, very sad and sorry.
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