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  1. One of my girls dislocated a toe. While I was on the phone making a vet appointment, she fixed herself. She had no further problems,with it. That said, a dislocation may make the toe more susceptible to future dislocation. As mentioned above, losing a nail easily may signal SLO, so watch for any further loss.
  2. Indeed. I swear when I groomed Cleo she was having another litter
  3. Nobody told me about the blood curdling GSOD - greyhound scream of death. It seems that the more trivial the injury, the more nerve shattering the GSOD.
  4. I've adopted two older hounds: Cleo a .9 1/2 year old brood mom and Antnee who was 10. Both were wonderful additions. Kara was seven, sort of borderline senior. She was a great companion. Don't letage deter you if you like the grey and he/she is a good fit for your family. As somebody (I can't remember who) includes in their siggie: Blessed is the person who had earned the love of an old dog.
  5. As long as Cletus doesn't try to eat Limu
  6. I remember hearing that story. Aren't the emus especially fond of breakfast food? Hmm... Maybe Cletus should replace Doug. The it would be Limu emu and Dog
  7. I'm sad to read this beautiful tribute to Miss Bea, but also found a few smiles. She had a wonderful life as a camper. True to a broodie, she knew she was home before you did. Run with the angels Miss Bea.
  8. A glorious, special happy birthday Miss Bea. and a special Hello to all the campers and head counselor Miss Jan.
  9. Obviously the work of Vincent van Snart
  10. Glad for the good results. His eyes are so expressive.
  11. He may snore, but he won't believe you if you tell him cuz he can't hear it
  12. I hope he can get his stitches out. If so, will he still be a sock puppet? I want a video of Cletus snoring
  13. He looks so forlorn is this picture. Glad to hear he's doing well. At least the donut acts sort of like a cushion
  14. I'm glad he's doing well... but KNOT the Cone of Shame... Say it isn't so.
  15. Thanks for the update. Glad to see how well Cletus is doing. What do you think about this?
  16. Glad you are home and feeling OK. You even look kind of happy, or at least unperturbed, by the blue donut
  17. Yay! Glad Chikken Boy did well. Cletus, my lad, the hoomans will ALWAYS hide going to the torurnarian behind "Wanna go for a ride?" The think they're tricksy, butt we know better
  18. Did Cletus forget to spring forward or does he refuse to acknowledge DST Hoping all goes well for Chikken Hound
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