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  1. He's a cow dog He seems to me to be built more like a modern racer than a modern AKC hound.
  2. Dick, thanks for doing this. I no longer have update capability. Could you update Nadia's record to: Change 'Racing owner' to W. H. O'Donnell Add 'Breeder' W. H. O'Donnell Her pedigree: http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=337272 One nice touch is G-D has created a web site for every registered dog. You can post additional pictures, videos and more Thanks again.
  3. Amazing - a story that hits very close to home (all the more because of the dog's name). Thanks for sharing.
  4. Here's the Realtor.com ad... I'm thinking the hound was on "bathroom supervisory" duty
  5. MarcR


    Karen, I'm so sorry. Lexie, you're passing has left a hole in the hearts of all who knew and loved you. Run with the angels Lexie. We will remember you.
  6. Happy Gotcha Day Punkin and Annie. Should we call her Annie Mayhem?
  7. Miss Bea, will you be waiting up for the Great Pumpkin on Halloween? A little tune for you
  8. For short trips, I never worried about the foot wells. When I had three, one of the hounds actually chose the foot well as her spot. My hounds would almost always settle on the back seat.
  9. It's raining chikken and he was KNOT there to "help" clean up. No wonder Cletus is upset.
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