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  1. No Lamb Chop shall go unpunished Well done Annie. Welldone.
  2. Happy Easter at the bridge Cletus. Chase all the chikkens you want. We miss you.
  3. Paddy Alvin- often imitated but never forgotten. I wonder what Punkin was dreaming about. A new slogan for the campers - GBMGP - Greyhound Butts Make Great Pillows
  4. I'm so glad Aiden is feeling more like hisownself again. Maybe you could combine Aiden's furn with Annie's and make a temporary substitute for the chikken?
  5. Annie, whatcha got there? Hound fur to make puppy britches? Looks like she's not in the least amused
  6. Annie... channeling the Mayhem. Did she get any icicles on her tongue? In that pose, she reminds me of Kara
  7. From Internet RFC (Request for comment) RFC2321 (and yes, this is a real document )
  8. Happy bridge birthday Cletus, the very special chikken hound. I heard they added chikken to the bacon bar just for you.
  9. Best and most risky bef fail ever Happy birthday Annie
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the campers. Ah, Seamie - best Soo0s chef ever! Antnee was proud to be his assistant
  11. Happy birfday Punkin Have a very happy and special day
  12. Yes. The real cause for the shortage is the very dangerous exploding paper towel roll. It's led to a voluntary recall. I do have to point out the Her Grace had on more than one occasion defended the Duchy from killer toilet paper rolls.
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