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  1. Chocolate chips... just what I was thinking
  2. Aiden, wot an excellent report. We used to get he occasional crazy wabbit, too. Does make you wonder how they can't smell dogs. Butt a frog in your water bowl? I guess that's better than a frog in your throat.
  3. I'm so very sorry for your tragic loss. Watch for a sign It may be subtle or it may be obvious. I was a skeptic, but I learned it's true. Run with the angels Oreo
  4. That's Aiden... Just trying to bring the critter out of his shell.
  5. Friends, Roman and country men, lend me your ear... and that includes you Miss Lambchop
  6. Aiden, that was most impressive and perfect for "tongue out Teusday" Fritz the cat on a leash. (For "Rocky and His Friends fans)... Now there's something you don't see every day.
  7. She's only half right. All that's left id the other half
  8. Happiest of Gotcha and birthdays Aiden 1-4. You have been and are a joy to you momma.
  9. No Lamb Chop shall go unpunished Well done Annie. Welldone.
  10. Happy Easter at the bridge Cletus. Chase all the chikkens you want. We miss you.
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