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  1. Oh, no! Does this mean there's a nekkid chikken wandering around the neighborhood?
  2. Happy Gotcha Days and Birthday Cletus has been a camper for a year? Seems like just yesterday. Aiden, way to chill on your double special day. To the other campers... please don't eat the plates
  3. Happy Easter. Cletus, it looks like your wish came true... all the chikkens you can chomp with no negative ramifications
  4. A very happy birthday divine Miss M. They say eleven is heaven
  5. - Brings a whole new meaning to "Put a sock in it!" We can always resort to the utensil employed by the Romans... sponge on a stick https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xylospongium
  6. So, sometimes Cletus has an Annie shaped pillow and sometimes Annie has a Cletus shaped pillow. Perfect symmetry
  7. Stinky fishes in my bowl I like 'em mashed up I like whole Glad the campers got more than one fishy
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