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  1. Thanks. I think I’ll go with a group I got one from last. Not local, but at least they know me.
  2. I can attest to them forming a Coordinated pack of hunting. I had six here and we live on over 2 acres. In the middle of the desert. Lol. There are plenty of Cottontails and Jacks. They acted like they had meetings on who would do what. Add a Jack Russell in the mix to flush back out from under something...crazy to,watch. Tho mine where about 1/2 and 1/2 as to what they would do,if fought. Certain ones would eat and the others would bring to me. Sadly many times they would deposit a bloody mess on my carpet, that was new at the time. ***sigh***. I have re-fenced off even more sections so they only get into a larger section once in a while. Their “yard” is probably 120x25 so every once in a while they do get a bunny or a quail.
  3. Anyone know of any grey pups out there needing a home? Probably be my last grey, considering my age and our health. Would like a puppy. Been years since I had a grey pup of course. I had Jax and Kala at the same time. That was about 14 years ago.
  4. I use CBD oil in conjunction with meds for Yogi’s epilepsy.
  5. My Borzoi was two when I adopted her. Was still a bit of a handful. I have had two greyhound puppies. All I can say is I kept the doggie door so they could run at all times of the day. A tired puppy and all that. One time: we had just layed sod and planted two 6 ft trees. When my DH drove our property line to get to the driveway, there goes Jax, at 6 months old running down the fence with him carrying that dang 6ft tree in her mouth!!! Greyhound puppies.....land sharks are not for the faint of heart...__
  6. Aww...Kala Blu. A pup that made her debut in Greytalk early. Back then, puppies were still a novelty. She made her way here on the lap of a passenger on a greyhound haul to Phx., from OK. Met them in a parking lot off the I-40. She was adorable. First land shark for us... never forget the time I get home from work and she chewed a huge hole in DH brand new leather recliner. Pulled the stuffing out like it was a prize and put it all over! Lol. She was an exemplary companion. Was always a mamas girl. Won a talent show at the age of 10 weeks because she could already sit, shake and lay down. She is the last of the Original Grey Acres Gang. I have had a few weeks to come to terms with this. I told her how much I loved her, as she went to the bridge. Im sure she was meet at the bridge by her brothers and sisters. Its hard to explain... the night before I made the decision, I truly felt my bed slightly moving, a small dog was walking on my bed. Mine were tucked in, under the covers. After I made the decision, I felt that was Precious coming to take her.... I love you, Kala Boo Baby.... run painless and free sweet girl....
  7. I k I know that there is a way to use FB as a host, but I dont know how to do that. But now that you mention it, Ill try to post to FB GT.
  8. So, thirteen years ago, Friday, I was on the phone with Halfway Home Greyhounds. Carol B gave me their number. I had decided I wanted a puppy. (What was I thinking?). Lol While I was on the phone with them, the Dam (?) gave birth to my Kala Blu. They trucked her out here with a load of Greys going to groups. She road in the cab on a passengers lap. Spoiled from the first. Lol. So at 8 or 9 weeks old I introduced one of the first puppies to Greytalk. ( but there were fewer people then I think). Happy 13th Birthday my Girl. Kept me on my toes, thats for sure.
  9. My yorkie 6# got Kalas 25 mg Proin. Its been 7 hours...how long until effects pass? Vet?
  10. I am always within eye sight of my dogs. All of them. When I walk thru the house people laugh because Im the Pied Piper of dogs. Theres 6-8 on my heals any given moment. Two are my sisters dogs and sometimes they follow the pack. ETA: and I love it. Im never alone.
  11. Well if nothing else, like an owner comes looking or sees a posting...I’ll know in a few months if she has a cycle. Still no reason for the fight/roughhousing “flaging” though. Weird. Just weird.
  12. I did take her for shots since she was around my dogs. The Vet said she could see the scar from her spay.
  13. I hope I can explain this right. Thinking someone dropped a cute little Chi on our doorstep. Looked all over for flyers, called animal control, posted on many many local pets pages. No luck finding her home... very sad. Anyway, as she is playing, finding her place in this managerie she flags when fighting, playing... I am saying Flaging because it is totally like when a bitch is in heat and flaging the male. I have never seen this before and not sure how to address it, even if I should. Thoughts and opinions? Thanks.
  14. I found him. Wild wooleybooly. Spelled crazy.
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