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  1. Uber handsome Jonny. My Harper has started freezing on walks when she hears another dog bark, which is a pain since we have everything from bloodhounds to bernese mountain dogs on our cul-de-sac. I have found one area I can walk her but I like variation. Sometimes I just end up treating her with some kibble every time I hear a dog bark and try to keep her moving.
  2. Oh y'all are so lucky! What a sweet sweet girl!
  3. Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA., about sixty miles south of DC. Sasha is stunning.
  4. He looks pretty darn happy in his pics! Happy birfday!(sic)
  5. Yeah, but you are our PITA. I have listened to you and a few others here in the past and totally have brought up to vets what y'all have said, and have let your past PITA moments guide me in some decisions. There with you and your boy in thoughts.
  6. A lovely tribute! How lucky you were to have her!
  7. Whatta good-looking fella!
  8. I am so sorry. Your lovely and loving tribute really touched me.
  9. Welcome from Stafford, VA. Your krewe is wonderful I think your pics will be in great demand.
  10. Tick keys are fabulous for both dogs and humans. Takes out all of the ick factor.
  11. I am so sorry. Your eloquence once again brought me to both tears and smiles. Never. Enough. Time.
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