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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone , I know that this is a greyhound forum, but I couldn't find a forum dedicated to borzois so I'm hoping some borzoi owners will read this. We are thinking about getting a borzoi and would like to get some info from people who own these wonderful dogs. I read everything I could find about them and my head is full of information, but there are still some questions, that I wasn't able to find an answer to. - How did you arrange your time when you got a borzoi puppy? How long did it take for you to be able to leave them alone when going to work? Do they tend to have separation anxiety or tend to be destructive when alone? We are planning to take time of from work but we cannot be off work for months. - How did you find raising and training the borzoi puppy? I heard that they can be a handful when they become adolescent, do you find this true? In what sense? And how long does this period last? - How do you find the shedding? Is the fur going to 'destroy' a robotic vacuum? I believe that the fur cannot be that bad. I mean, if one brushes them regularly I would think it would be under control. I mean, I'm thinking it might even be easier to manage than greyhound hair cause those hair are like little needles, would get stuck in anything, sometimes very hard to remove... - How are borzoi teeth? we all know how greyhounds teeth are so I'm just wondering - Were you able to achieve good recall and do you let them off-leash? I know there are mixed opinions on sighthounds and off-leash situation, but our greyhound baby was an off-leash dog and he never ever ran away from us, always stayed within sight, and would never ran across the street. - Any other information you want to share and of course I would love to see some PICTURES THANK YOU
  2. Hello, does anyone have an experience on how to raise a borzoi/greyhound puppy in an apartment? And provide some feedback on how hard it would be? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you! Emma
  3. The Solvang Gathering will be held January 9~12, 2020 in Solvang, California. Registration is now open! It's a weekend filled with sighthounds and their people who come together for an event filled with friendship & fellowship and welcome the hounds of the world. 2020 event information: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-solvang-gathering/-2020-registration-information-/2194727403895490/ Mail in registration: https://tinyurl.com/yy6jzqgf PayPal instructions: https://tinyurl.com/y6hdjw4a After event expenses, proceeds will be donated to greyhound and sighthound 501(c)3 adoption groups to assist them in finding forever homes for their adoptables. Please visit The Solvang Gathering Facebook page to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/The-Solvang-Gathering-155551541146430/
  4. From the album: Fun & Modern Martingale Dog Collars Greyhound Whippet

    Collar Town - Modern & Fun Martingale, Buckle and Tag/ID Dog Collars, handmade in Ontario, Canada. Worldwide shipping. Link: www.collartown.etsy.com
  5. For the first time in months, I am away from home tonight. Two hours ago I received a phone call from the dog sitter. Fintan was unable to eat and was screaming out. He would eat a few bites of food, then scream. This happened three times. Second time it happened she called me. I told her to take the food away from him. I ticked off symptoms of bloat, while she was checking he let out a belch and it seemed all was fine. 15 minutes later she gave him the rest of his dinner. For the third time in a row he ate a few bites and started screaming, I could hear him screaming over the phone. I told her to take him to the emergency vet. Fintan, 13 months old, never been sick. I have never heard him scream out, it scared me. I called ahead to the e-vet, told them he is on the way and advised of his symptoms, and provided my credit card. I had to chose a level of care, and I simply said do whatever it takes to make him better even if that means surgery. The initial exam by a vet turned up nothing. I asked if they had tried feeding him, no they had not. Well, duh! So they did. Vet calls back and yes, he ate then screamed and his stomach does not fell right. Exactly my fear, is it bloat? Vet did not think so, but can she do x-rays? Yes, do whatever to find out what the problem is! I am so upset and frustrated that I am not there. I am out of town for a family event taking place tomorrow, staying at a hotel. So far the bill is nearing $600. I am waiting for a call back with the x-ray results. Maybe he ate a toy or something, before the petsitter arrived at the house to feed dinner? I don't know. Fingers crossed that the source of the problem if found and he is treated.
  6. I expected my purebred borzoi to shed in the Spring, but he nearly looks like he was shaved! (He wasn't.) Fintan is 8 months old and during the shed he lost a voluminous amount of fur and all the curls and waviness are gone. He just has one small patch of puppy fur left on his back, and his tail & rump fur seems not to have shed. I am embarrassed to ask, but is this normal? My borzoi-saluki cross did not have this happen as a puppy so thus my confusion. I just am left wondering if there's a medical reason that I should have him checked for, like a thyroid issue.
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