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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone , I know that this is a greyhound forum, but I couldn't find a forum dedicated to borzois so I'm hoping some borzoi owners will read this. We are thinking about getting a borzoi and would like to get some info from people who own these wonderful dogs. I read everything I could find about them and my head is full of information, but there are still some questions, that I wasn't able to find an answer to. - How did you arrange your time when you got a borzoi puppy? How long did it take for you to be able to leave them alone when going to work? Do they tend to have sep
  2. Hello, does anyone have an experience on how to raise a borzoi/greyhound puppy in an apartment? And provide some feedback on how hard it would be? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you! Emma
  3. Seven-month-old Benny photographed at Sachs Covered Bridge during GiG 2019. Leash digitally removed.
  4. A 4-month old greyhound puppy had a short segment on Animal Planet's "The Vet Life" series. Season 4, episode 2; "Pomeranian Plot Twist."
  5. Long Post - sorry We've had Atom since Memorial Day. He'll be 6 months old at the end of August and he's not neutered. I've tried everything I can think of to work through these issues and I just don't know what to do anymore, so I'm looking to the great trainers here on GT for some advice. First of all, he's a great puppy! Happy, confident, outgoing, unafraid, social, intelligent - everything you'd want in a pet! - except that he is the most vocal greyhound I've ever encountered! When he's awake, he is constantly either barking or whining. I mean constantly. Every breath out is
  6. Jesse has been getting carsick since we got her, and threw up both days while traveling to bring her home. They said that puppies do that, but will usually outgrow it. I have Googled it, and it all says the same thing, she will probably out grow it, and it is because of their ears not being balanced quite yet. I suffered horribly with sickness as a child, and still have to keep my eyes on the road, so I have great sympathy for this girl. She gives zero warning, can be sound asleep, lift her head and bluckkkkkk. Then she sleeps again. Is there anything natural that I can try ? I don't want
  7. Foster boy: 16-month-old land shark greyhound puppy Gigantic, huge, uncoordinated -- jr. high stage, clunks into everything 33" back, all legs and bones; hasn't finished filling in (or maybe even growing taller) 15 races starting at 14 months, no sign of injury, just "no menace" (he lopes, and looks like Bambi on ice when he does zoomies) Cannot find any research or mention of stenosis in young dogs, and I doubt that's it. Any ideas? Early arthritis in the lumbar spine? Simply a coordination issue?
  8. Hi folks - I'm in the process of creating a guidance document for our foster families that have agreed to take on puppies! Does anyone have this already in their files? Would you be willing to share so I don't have to completely reinvent the wheel? Thanks in advance, leigh
  9. From the album: Puppy Bean

    Puppy Bean sleeping in the late November sunshine at the O Ya Greyhounds farm in Osage, IA.

    © Photo copyright 2013 Aimée Finley.

  10. I expected my purebred borzoi to shed in the Spring, but he nearly looks like he was shaved! (He wasn't.) Fintan is 8 months old and during the shed he lost a voluminous amount of fur and all the curls and waviness are gone. He just has one small patch of puppy fur left on his back, and his tail & rump fur seems not to have shed. I am embarrassed to ask, but is this normal? My borzoi-saluki cross did not have this happen as a puppy so thus my confusion. I just am left wondering if there's a medical reason that I should have him checked for, like a thyroid issue.
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