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Found 19 results

  1. Hello everyone , I know that this is a greyhound forum, but I couldn't find a forum dedicated to borzois so I'm hoping some borzoi owners will read this. We are thinking about getting a borzoi and would like to get some info from people who own these wonderful dogs. I read everything I could find about them and my head is full of information, but there are still some questions, that I wasn't able to find an answer to. - How did you arrange your time when you got a borzoi puppy? How long did it take for you to be able to leave them alone when going to work? Do they tend to have separation anxiety or tend to be destructive when alone? We are planning to take time of from work but we cannot be off work for months. - How did you find raising and training the borzoi puppy? I heard that they can be a handful when they become adolescent, do you find this true? In what sense? And how long does this period last? - How do you find the shedding? Is the fur going to 'destroy' a robotic vacuum? I believe that the fur cannot be that bad. I mean, if one brushes them regularly I would think it would be under control. I mean, I'm thinking it might even be easier to manage than greyhound hair cause those hair are like little needles, would get stuck in anything, sometimes very hard to remove... - How are borzoi teeth? we all know how greyhounds teeth are so I'm just wondering - Were you able to achieve good recall and do you let them off-leash? I know there are mixed opinions on sighthounds and off-leash situation, but our greyhound baby was an off-leash dog and he never ever ran away from us, always stayed within sight, and would never ran across the street. - Any other information you want to share and of course I would love to see some PICTURES THANK YOU
  2. Seven-month-old Benny photographed at Sachs Covered Bridge during GiG 2019. Leash digitally removed.
  3. A 4-month old greyhound puppy had a short segment on Animal Planet's "The Vet Life" series. Season 4, episode 2; "Pomeranian Plot Twist."
  4. Hello, does anyone have an experience on how to raise a borzoi/greyhound puppy in an apartment? And provide some feedback on how hard it would be? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you! Emma
  5. Long Post - sorry We've had Atom since Memorial Day. He'll be 6 months old at the end of August and he's not neutered. I've tried everything I can think of to work through these issues and I just don't know what to do anymore, so I'm looking to the great trainers here on GT for some advice. First of all, he's a great puppy! Happy, confident, outgoing, unafraid, social, intelligent - everything you'd want in a pet! - except that he is the most vocal greyhound I've ever encountered! When he's awake, he is constantly either barking or whining. I mean constantly. Every breath out is either a bark or a whine. And he has a huge deep bark for a puppy! And the most piercing, nose whistling whine. So everything I've tried has resulted in *more* barking and whining: verbal corrections (he just barks back at you), redirection (starts up again immediately after), more exercise (hard to get enough now that he's getting bigger), louder verbal corrections (I can still out-shout him!), more vigorous exercise (DH had him outside playing ball at 2am this morning trying to get him tired), take him out to potty (he does bark when he has to go o-u-t), feed him (he goes to a certain spot when he's hungry). Even teaching a command both to "bark" and "quiet" result in more noise whenever he's not responding to the command. A lot of the time he's wanting something - a treat or toy are very common - loud - requests. I have even resorted to negative consequences - a squirt bottle and pop can - and he just barks back at them. He's not afraid of getting squirted or having the can thrown at him - what fun! a new toy! OMG!!!! If I ignore him, he will bark/whine for literally hours. It's not separation anxiety, or anxiety of any kind that we can figure out. It only happens at home. Last Sunday I had him at the empty adoption kennel so he could run around while I cleaned and got it ready for a haul - he never made one peep, even when left alone briefly in the turnout. Yesterday we had him at a neighborhood fair and he was meeting new people and new dogs, seeing new sights, having new experiences - again, he acted just perfect and we couldn't have been happier with his behavior and his reactions. The whining started almost as soon as we got home. I don't think this is a "fear phase" he's going through - he has always been very vocal - but I wonder if it's just a puppy thing? Lilly was never this loud and obnoxious when she was a puppy at the same age, so we've never really dealt with this level of noise! An AKC/Lure Coursing breeder suggested (to somebody else on a puppy page I follow) to get a citronella collar - one that sprays every time they bark. I'm not even sure that would help, but I'm willing to give anything a try at this point. What am I not doing? Is this something he is going to outgrow? Do we just keep redirecting and exercising him to exhaustion until he *gets* it? Is there even anything for him to *get?* Do I just keep on rewarding him when I can get him to shut the freak up for 10 seconds?? I'm really getting frustrated here and am out of ideas. Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..................................... ETA - Here's a photo of the little turdball barking at me for some unknown reason. 20180731_185650 by Chris Harper, on Flickr
  6. Jesse has been getting carsick since we got her, and threw up both days while traveling to bring her home. They said that puppies do that, but will usually outgrow it. I have Googled it, and it all says the same thing, she will probably out grow it, and it is because of their ears not being balanced quite yet. I suffered horribly with sickness as a child, and still have to keep my eyes on the road, so I have great sympathy for this girl. She gives zero warning, can be sound asleep, lift her head and bluckkkkkk. Then she sleeps again. Is there anything natural that I can try ? I don't want her to get to the point of nervousness for rides, as she will be traveling a lot. Dramamine is suggested as a last resort, but says it knocks her out for the day. I don't want that. I take Dramamine and ginger pills when flying or on fair type rides. Any ideas on what we might try ?
  7. Foster boy: 16-month-old land shark greyhound puppy Gigantic, huge, uncoordinated -- jr. high stage, clunks into everything 33" back, all legs and bones; hasn't finished filling in (or maybe even growing taller) 15 races starting at 14 months, no sign of injury, just "no menace" (he lopes, and looks like Bambi on ice when he does zoomies) Cannot find any research or mention of stenosis in young dogs, and I doubt that's it. Any ideas? Early arthritis in the lumbar spine? Simply a coordination issue?
  8. Hi folks - I'm in the process of creating a guidance document for our foster families that have agreed to take on puppies! Does anyone have this already in their files? Would you be willing to share so I don't have to completely reinvent the wheel? Thanks in advance, leigh
  9. In the middle of July my daughter and I flew to Minneapolis. She had to sign her lease for her apartment in St. Paul as she's starting vet school at Minnesota. Once that was done we and Aimee drove to Iowa Greyhound Park, hoping to see some of Bean's sibs race there. On the way there we did a side trip to the farm where Bean was whelped. Because, you know...puppies. So here are some puppy pictures. Firedog: Unnamed puppy: Fireball: Unnamed puppy and Firedog: More in a bit...
  10. Just wanted to share a few iPhone pictures of Bean that I've shared on Facebook:
  11. When I took The Bean out for her evening walk last night I also brought my camera with me. Towards the end of the walk we stopped at our neighborhood park. Bean promptly laid down and playfully started pulling up clumps of grass. It was shortly before sunset so the light from the setting sun bathed everything in an orangish hue. I positioned myself to try and get a few shots while something in the distance had Bean's attention: It was after we got back from the walk that I downloaded the pictures from the camera and looked at them on the computer monitor. It struck me that since Bean is now 10 months old she's close to becoming and looking like an adult. I constantly compare how she looks now versus how she looked when we saw the first pictures of her as a two-and-a-half-month-old puppy back on her Iowa farm. Sometimes it's hard for me to believe it's one and the same Bean. The time being a puppy goes by so fast.
  12. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
  13. Shortly Katie died of lymphoma in September 2013, my wife blurted out one evening that she wanted a greyhound puppy. My mind spun and I thought, "What is she thinking?" Immediately I thought of many a story written by those who've raised one, or adopted one. And I've seen so many pictures these same people posted of puppies, from newborn to finishing-school age, that tantalized my imagination: the short muzzle; the tiny, floppy ears; the big puppy feet; the shiny eyes; the sharp teeth. But living here in southern California, far from the majority of the racetracks still in business, does not afford many opportunities to see an actual litter, whether it be purpose-bred or by accident. We didn't know of any breeders or trainers, nor did we know anyone who owned a greyhound farm. And so I thought the possibility of actually adopting a puppy was somewhere in the range of slim to none. Or so we thought. But one day (Monday) in late February, after returning from the West Coast Greyhound Gathering in Solvang, I got a text message from a very close friend that the owner of the O Ya Greyhounds farm in IA had contacted her to say he had a five-month-old white-and-brindle female greyhound puppy who injured herself during a turnout. The owner wanted to pet her out after the leg felt weak after treating the injury. Would she be interested in getting the puppy from him? Yes, she says. And she knows someone who'd be interested in adopting her. More to the story in a bit...
  14. From the album: Puppy Bean

    Puppy Bean sleeping in the late November sunshine at the O Ya Greyhounds farm in Osage, IA.

    © Photo copyright 2013 Aimée Finley.

  15. Everyone... meet Ollie! We went back and forth over names, and my wife finally said, "When I look at him, I see Ollie." That sold me, so his name is officially Ollie. He's four months old, and CRAZY... but no crazier than Ashe when we adopted him at seven months old. Anyway, I know you're not here to read my writing... you're hear for puppy pictures. Enjoy!! We took the pups for a chilly walk, and the only thing we had that fit him were puppy pajamas. It made for a cute photo!! Everyone's getting along pretty well, including Inca, who's hiding behind the pillows. (Sorry for the blurriness... I tried to take it quickly before anyone moved.) Ollie has started using our Big Shrimpy beds. Maya used to lay on them all the time, so it makes me feel good to see him using them. The size difference between Ashe and Ollie is most noticeable when they eat their dinner. Ashe and Ollie have taken to chasing each other around our living room "race track." (This video was taken after chasing each other for about 10 minutes!) http://youtu.be/iiyWgeyQrAk I'll try to keep the pictures and videos coming. -Joel
  16. I'm new to the forum and was interested to see how many members own AKC Greyhounds or NGA Greyhounds. My wife and I have a 10 month old AKC Greyhound and haven't met another once since. We've met plenty of NGA hounds though. I saw some references to puppies on here, so was wondering if we have finally found some other AKC Greyhound owners.
  17. I expected my purebred borzoi to shed in the Spring, but he nearly looks like he was shaved! (He wasn't.) Fintan is 8 months old and during the shed he lost a voluminous amount of fur and all the curls and waviness are gone. He just has one small patch of puppy fur left on his back, and his tail & rump fur seems not to have shed. I am embarrassed to ask, but is this normal? My borzoi-saluki cross did not have this happen as a puppy so thus my confusion. I just am left wondering if there's a medical reason that I should have him checked for, like a thyroid issue.
  18. We got Reese's Peanut Butter Cup a couple of weeks ago. She is quite the character and amazingly smart. Loving life with a landshark! Her first trip to the ball field the day after we brought her home. 11 weeks here Mama Snuggles OMG, what is that thing!? Helping dig, dig. Dig, dig, a tunnel! She loves hanging out with Sherry! And in the bed. Baby ETS These were taken just this weekend She's grown so much!
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