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  1. New adoptee. Vet prescribed panacur for hookworm infection. He is also due for heart worm preventative. I have interceptor plus. Is it ok to give on same day? I forgot to ask the vet.
  2. Our first greyhound passed away fall 2018. We finally felt we were ready to adopt and now we have Watson a 3 year old male. We got him one week ago and he turned 3 Friday. He broke his right hock the week of May 8 which ended his racing career. Slight limp otherwise it doesn’t bother him at all. Likes his crate and hangs out in it on occasion. Has been sleeping in crate downstairs and our bedrooms are upstairs. At foster he slept in a crate in fosters room on main floor. We are waiting until his vet visit Aug 1 to do stairs bc he hates them and I want to be sure his hock is checked first as w
  3. I’ve always used the easy walk harness. Life changer for us.
  4. I found this to be reassuring. I think I’ve heard Dr. Stack is an excellent vet. http://www.greyhound-data.com/dir/394/Hock_Fractures.pdf its also here http://www.greythealth.com/hock.html
  5. Yes only leash walking as fence not installed yet. Will get X-ray August 1st at new dog checkup appointment. Thank you!!! I don’t think he had surgery there’s no scar. It looks like a bone growth around area I think from fracture calcifying. He does limp off and on but doesn’t seem at all in pain.
  6. Thank you so much! Will get an X-ray when we see our vet Aug 1. Our vet is popular that’s the earliest I could get. I am only leash walking as we haven’t put the fence in yet. Should we avoid our big flight of stairs? I did buy glucosamine-chondroitin treats also.
  7. We have a new hound that broke his right hock at the track. It is unknown what treatment was performed but I would say at most it was casted/splinted. It happened the week of May 8. He still does limp mildly and occasionally holds it up but doesn’t seem to have much pain. There is a lump where it healed. Calcification? Just wondering what others have done as far as activity restrictions etc? And for how long? He will see our vet this week. We just got him yesterday !! Also he has a dry tail with dry dead looking skin on the tip.....
  8. Sorry to hear. It is so hard! The people on here are so wonderful and supportive. We lost Max (Starz Lee Max) in September. He was born April 2008. Maybe they were related? Peace to you.
  9. We lost our 10 year old hound suddenly in September. I'm sorry for your loss. It is so hard. The people here on greytalk really helped me. What also helped our family was putting together a memory book on Shutterfly. Now we have a nice book we can open and look at whenever we want to remember our Max.
  10. My hound stopped using flights of stairs at age 6, but could do one or 2 stairs. Just FYI. The "not the sharpest knife in the drawer" dog is hilarious! Staring at his reflection? Too funny!
  11. Can I say this--it also depends on the cat. We had a cat when we adopted our gound. He was "cat-safe" but very interested in her and did chase her but she slapped him twice on the nose and that was that. She passed 4 years ago, then same thing when we got our recent cat, she walked right up to him and slapped him a few times and then no problem.
  12. I liked the productive grieving link and shared it with my family. My daughter brought home 2 books from school. Even though they're children's books we all got something out of them. "A Dog Like Jack" by Dianne DiSalvo-Ryan and "Dog Heaven" by Cynthia Rylant.
  13. Thank you. We really miss him. I'm making a photo book of his life on Shutterfly. Going through the pictures helps me see how great of a life he had with us. He was our baby. My 14 year old son is struggling too. He's sleeping with Max's blanket.
  14. What a handsome hound! I hope he continues to do ok.
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