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  1. We have a diffuser next to her bed in the master bedroom but Daisy has discovered the joys of underfloor heating and now prefers to lie on the bathroom tiles. We were actually on the way to the vet for a booster jab when she spooked and the vet said to give her some time and if she hasnt improved by our next visit then we should talk to their behaviorist. I persuaded my husband to join us for a long walk this morning, Daisy started to relax about 20 mins in and by the end of it she was pretty much back to normal. Phew!
  2. Massive set back today We were on our way out of the house for a walk and as usual my husband was inside the house setting the alarm while I was outside with our girl on the lead a few meters away. She suddenly spooked and ran behind me and since then she has been terrified of my husband. Neither of us have a clue what it was that scared her so badly or how to fix it as she doesnt want to be anywhere near him.
  3. My girl is a bit nervous and doesnt like the garden so we got for a short walk to the end of our road and back so that she can have a sniff and a pee before bed. Maybe a little change of scenery would help your girl too?
  4. Thanks you have all made me feel much better and we will both give her more space from now on. We are sticking to quite a rigid routine because getting her up and out of bed for pee breaks used to be really stressful for all involved and after 14+ hours indoors the poor girl must have been absolutely desperate. She will now happily get herself up 5 times a day for walks/food/pee breaks although she does sometimes beg for a lift down the stairs. I dont think she realises how tricky it is for an unfit 5 foot tall woman to carry a very long 30kg hound down a narrow staircase! She is l
  5. My husband and I adopted an ex-racer from a rescue kennel a few weeks ago. Shes really gentle, great on the lead, clean in the house and has no interest in the furniture or our belongings so we very rarely say 'no' to her but she is still very nervous. She won't go in the lounge, kitchen, spare room, my husband's office or the garden (after the neighbors had a party) and mostly sticks to the master bedroom even though I refuse to feed her in there. She has beds all over the house and might spend time with me in my office in the morning but if we get post then she dashes straight up the stairs
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