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  1. Hi, I'm new here and new to greyhounds - we adopted Bob from Dogs Trust a month ago. He is skinny at 33kg, at least 5 ribs visible and doesn't seem to have gained weight yet. When he came to us he was eating Wainwrights salmon and potato dry food with Wainwrights salmon and potato tinned food on top. We were advised to feed 500g dry food per day (200g, 100g, 200g meals) with 1/4 to 1/2 a can on top of each meal (I do 1/3 can). He was wormed and flea treated before coming to us. He'd had loose poos from the start, but he came to us on painkillers as he was castrated 2 days before we got hi
  2. Thank you 😊 hmm, that's a worry. It was my brother that suggested it before we even got Bob. He knew we were looking for a grey (he had had 2 retired racers) and unprompted said if they had a dodgy tummy to try grain free We're just about switched over to it now so I guess we should leave him on it for a while before we attempted to change again? In a couple of weeks I want to get him off the wainwright's tins of salmon and potato - he has this on top of his kibble I probably need to start a new thread, sorry for the hijack!
  3. We gave Bob a Whimzee and he had terrible sloppy, orange poop 🤮
  4. I'm so pleased I found this forum! Our boy Bob came to us from Dogs Trust a month ago and was also on the Wainwrights salmon and potatoes, and he had fairly noxious gas and poops, and 4 or 5 poops a day. We've started moving him over to Step Up to Naturals grain free stuff, I think we're on day 6 now and just onto 60/40 split of new/old. He is still stinky as heck so I'm really hoping he gets sorted soon!
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