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  1. Thought I would see what was happening here. It’s been ages since I have been on. Last I was on I was still working. Now I’m retired. We still have two greys. Sky is a feisty 12. Dood is a goofy 11 with lots of health issues.
  2. So very sorry to hear about Rocket. He was such a special boy.
  3. With Sneakers even the yard was off limits. We have a friend that is a trainer and she felt it wa best just to muzzle when we had people over. We very rarely have guests other than Christmas Eve when the family comes over. We had him a little over 7 years. Lost him to osteo in his front leg. Not a candidate for amputation due to LS and epilepsy. Sounds like your girl has a similar personality. Maybe a trainer could help. Until then your best option for safety for her and your guests is to muzzle her.
  4. My bridge boy Sneakers was that way. Even in the yard. We always muzzled him when people were over. We just learned to live with it. He was fine away from the house. On walks people could pet him, meet n greets and at the vets. I mentioned muzzling him at Christmas to one of the vet techs and she was shocked. She said why when he was such a sweet boy. It was just the way he was, I miss my crazy guard dog.
  5. Mine love the turkey bacon. I use the stews as a topper. Too expensive for me to feed two pups complete meals.
  6. Out of 6 greyhounds here. Two were lost to osteo, one to cancer in her spine and one at almost 14 went in her sleep. Two are still with us.
  7. So sorry to hear this. My angel Sneakers was epileptic, in the beginning his seizures were months apart. I kept a chart with date, time and length of the seizures. Also comments about loss of bowels or any other info. We eventually put him on Meds when he had 3 in one day two were only 10 minutes apart. The meds really helped he didn't stop but went back to months apart and very small short duration seizures. A chart is very helpful. Also after seizures I gave him ice cream or yogurt with honey. The seizures can cause their sugar to drop. We also crated Sneakers for his safety when we left the house. Good luck with your boy. Seizures are horrible but can be managed.
  8. So sad to see so many names including my Sneakers. Thank you for doing this it must be hard.
  9. My precious boy has gone to the bridge. My wonderful guardian, my silly boy that thought he was a doberman in a greyhound costume. He fought hard for 6 months but the evil cancer was too much. We let him go with his dignity intact. There is a very large empty place in our home today.
  10. So sorry for your loss. Run free handsome boy!
  11. You say he is timid around his food and water bowls. Does he have tags that hang down? If so try taking his collar off, the clanking of the tags could be scaring him.
  12. gryhndsr4us

    December 2015 snow

    Out in the snow
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. Harley is now pain free and running with all the other greyhound angels.
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