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  1. Thought I would see what was happening here. It’s been ages since I have been on. Last I was on I was still working. Now I’m retired. We still have two greys. Sky is a feisty 12. Dood is a goofy 11 with lots of health issues.
  2. So very sorry to hear about Rocket. He was such a special boy.
  3. gryhndsr4us

    December 2015 snow

    Out in the snow
  4. Darcy you are gorgeous in pink! Keep up the good work sweetie!
  5. Darcy looks like she is doing really well. Keeping positive thoughts for her. Clark, Gypsy and Dreamy send sloppy kisses her way.
  6. No news on Ria. I'm sure that means she's still holding on. Our Vet is closed on Sunday so I'm not sure if Robyn will be able to visit her today. I'm sure on Monday after work she will, and then I'll get an update. Thank you to all who are praying for Ria I'm sure it's helping. Edited because I can't type this morning.
  7. Heard from Robyn......Ria is not doing so good. Please pray for this sweet girl. Ria remains in critical condition. The platelet destruction has subsided, but her body continues to destroy her red blood cells. She is profoundly jaundiced and her legs are so swollen that the fluid is dripping out of her skin. Strider gallantly donated a pint of blood last night and Ria finished it while I was there tonight. Not sure if her body will use or destroy it. Dr. Jeff gives her a 50/50 chance of survival if we can support her while we wait for Immidocarb and another immunosuppresant to take h
  8. Have you tried Vanila Ensure? Some dogs love it and it has extra nutients. When Clark had his dental troubles the only thing he really ate well was raw ground chicken. Saying lots of prayersfor your sweet girl.
  9. Thank you for your replys! I have sent them on to Ria's Mom. She says Ria was doing better tonight.
  10. Does anyone anyone know exactly what strains of each disease Protatek lab tests for? Is there a better Lab to send to? A friend has a very sick greyhound and is wondering. She plans on getting all her dogs tested, her sick girl Ria has tested positive for ehrlichia. Ria is on 3 IVs she is being treated with doxy, they started that before her test results were known. Ria passed in her sleep last night. Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts.
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