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  1. This is a good idea - we were planning on ordering a longer leash to give her more breathing room in the park anyway.
  2. I think the leash walking could be what's making her shy about peeing. We don't have an enclosed garden so we have to leash walk and she was definitely used to going in a turnout run. She also seems to be on high alert outside at night, maybe because she hears foxes or something, so that could be putting her off because she does always go in the morning. I think she will catch on eventually, just feel bad leaving her in the crate overnight. Unfortunately our bedroom is too small for the crate.
  3. Yeah, we bring her for a short walk and then to the grassy patch near the house.
  4. Good to know once a day poops are normal! Yes, I take her for a short walk, she never pees on the walk and then I bring her to a grassy patch opposite my house where she usually poops without encouragement and where she pees in the morning. Maybe there's something about night time that doesn't make her feel as safe to relieve herself.
  5. Hi all! My partner and I adopted a 3 year old ex-racer a week ago. She is very sweet and settling well, the only issue we're working on is getting her toilet trained. She poops outside no problem but when it comes to peeing, she's very fussy. She had an accident on the carpet of our rented home a few days in. Since then I've brought her out very regularly to give her more chances to pee, particularly before bed time and have followed advice I read here. The rare time she goes at night - I give her praise, treats, and let her sleep with us. But most of the time she just won't go, no matter
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