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  1. Not sure. The vet said it could be anything from cancer to inflamed lymph nodes.
  2. Cosmo was diagnosed with pancreatitis a couple of weeks ago. When he stopped eating we saw the big lump on his sternum. The vet came Saturday and I was able to pick up his ashes on Sunday. We’re all feeling lost without him.
  3. Pam, thanks for the advice. I was aware of the fat issue. And if he needs insulin, Imhave a feeling we can share.
  4. Hey all, I have a Grey with pancreatitis. The vet came, prescribed meds, but my boy won’t eat. I’m syringe feeding him at the moment. He has turned up his nose at satin balls, chicken, and canned food. Any ideas? I’m calling the vet tomorrow to see if he’ll do sub q fluids.
  5. Damnit Max, not a greyhound herself, but foster Mom to many, crossed the bridge last Saturday.
  6. If I’m going places the dogs can go, they go with me. Several places here in town love Cosmo, and fuss at me when I don’t bring him with me. We go in at the credit union, several clothing stores, all the outdoor stores, most of the outdoor stores, the gun range, musical instrument stores. A couple of restaurants let us sit outside on the patio.
  7. https://cordaroys.com/ I’ve had two of these beds/chairs in the last 13 years. They only died when the Maligator chewed them up. The smallest ones make great dog beds!
  8. No Prisoners, Gable Dodge and Wigwam Wag in his lineage. Healthy as can be. My Tractors Sexy didn't have either, and we lost him almost two years ago to bone cancer.
  9. I've been feeding Fromm for about 5 years. The dogs love it, and do well on it. I rotate the protein sources, just because they get bored.
  10. ^^^Curlers, or a feminine hygene product's insertion applicator.
  11. Mojo ate a robin earlier this year. I wouldn't worry about a few eggs.
  12. Cosmo used his crate until he saw dog beds in the bedroom. That was the end of THAT! He doesn't miss or need his crate.
  13. I gave up on TOTW, since it is made by Diamond, and there were so many problems. I switched to Fromms and rotate the protein source every couple of bags. Poops are fine, I can't tell the greyhound poop from the Malligator poop, and everyone has nice coats.
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