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  1. This is a cross-posting. Sorry in advance! Hello dear Grey lovers, In my ongoing search for the perfect harness my final two candidates after a starting point of more than twenty, are: https://hurtta.com/collections/harnesses/products/weekend-warrior-harness-eco?variant=39791233663125 https://ruffwear.com/products/front-range-everyday-dog-harness Both in orange, because of the visibility on our grey Greyhound. We already have the Hurtta Weekend Warrior Collar and it is very well padded and very visible in the dark. It does get dirty quite easily, so it loses a lot of its
  2. Sorry, have not been well a few days. My vet says she does not know (I called her yesterday) of any study that says that the use of dryfood is bad. she is not a fan of raw before adulthood due to risks. If adult, then my choise but still no fan. One other vet (my old retired) thinks dry is good enough. she left me very confused. Same goes for Orije & Acana. Almost EVERY site gives Acana one of the highest scores and Purina Pro extreme low. I could give you the sites. I haven’t a clue anymore. I want to give my new one good food with the best chance of gettin
  3. Gosh, it is becoming rapidly ever so more complicated now... I am honestly torn between going full raw after all and kibble (the problem is that several websites say quite the contrary of what you are stating!). It is very hard to make a decision. Just for the record: if you buy instant raw deep-frozen, you got these big sausages and I wonder how in heaven you people split these into workeable parts? Do you use electric knives? Or a plain old cleaver? Still got a few weeks to decide! Thanks for the input, though! Greetings, Herman
  4. I was just messing around of course. However, I seldomly eat meat but when I do, I prefer a piece of turkey or a slice of turkey on my bread. Funny, right?
  5. Ducks is a good idea! But I reckon that in the first few months that he is able to consume chicken necks, these will suffice. But if they become too small for our little piranah, I will step it up to something bigger. By the way, our local butchers and supermarkets and even street markets sell chicken, duck, kangaroo, and even some occasional crocodile meat. Turkey has been on European diets for decades now. Believe me, here in Europe we are not in the bush-bush... :-)
  6. Indeed I will not start with bones until the little bugger is old enough! I will not cook bones, but some chicken necks maybe when he's a few months old is a fine start to see how he reacts to it.
  7. Hello, Quite new here on this Grey forum. In a couple of weeks our puppy will arrive in our home in The Netherlands. We have had many cats and dogs, but never a puppy! So this is new for us. That is why I have a little bit of a noob question about food for the little bugger. I’m a fan of raw food; it feels natural. However, after many years of research and talks with many dog owners and veterinarians, I have come to the conclusion that there isn’t a real need for raw food. I might be wrong, though. However, for my new puppy I am planning (he will be around 8/9
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