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  1. Congrats. What a greyt present. Ah must insist that it remains 365 days a year
  2. No understand of the greater good. Many of my neighbors went to or had people (outside their bubble) for Thanksgiving, so for Christmas it will be death. I really don't understand this. If we had taken this seriously the States wouldn't be here right now. We could be going to restaurants, back to work, and get the economy again. The WHO labeled this a pandemic on Jan 23rd. The U.S. can blame China all they want, we had plenty of warning. I am sorry to go off here and thank goodness I have the WFUBCC and all the hijinks! Michelle
  3. What an absolutely horrible week. Saint yu make sur to eat ebrtyfing yu want.
  4. Mummy dekorated da gingyhouse today. Boy did she make a mess and when Ah go owt obs my way to helps klean up she used her berry loud indoor voice obs Dog and yells at me. Butt Ah just look at her non shalontlee and keep licking. Isabella
  5. Ah logged on to say how much Ah lubs dat pink tree, but Ah say da noos about Cap N' Jack. Dat iz knot gud nooos. We iz sorry.
  6. Fanks fur voting George - Fanks fur beign owr hebenlee shurpa. Yu gibs us greyt komfort. Sweet Lila - Yu will be missed, butt ar wun obs da lucky one as yu had a greyt life. Follow George. Isabella
  7. Ah did knot get my def march yesterday as it wuz snowing like krazy and wuz kold. Ah did knot mind, butt my krazy Mummy went owt and jog 3 miles, herz cam back looking like a snow person . Hahaha Mummy sucks to be you! If yur hooman iz so inclined, plez vbote fur our shelter as the organziation (Greyhound Adoption of Ohio) will get and such. Yu kan vbote daily https://www.shelterchallenge.com/shelterchallenge/Shelter/Detail/1123856 Isabella
  8. Lila- I am glad yu ar feeling bettah! When yu ar ready it iz hokay to go towards he light. Do knot wortwe about yu Mummy we will take car obs her
  9. Mercury-Iz dis a pee akross Merica tour? Yu lucky dog! Mummy iz running slow. She iz trying to get her cards owt butt it iz slow going. Battle - congrats yu iz a berry bravbe dog. Isabella
  10. Sownds like eberybuddy habs a gud day. We hads a fambily fanksgibings zoom call, so it wuz gud. Ah habs turnkey and it wuz greyt. Isabella
  11. Balti - Ah yam so sorry yu iz habing to go fru dis. Paws up, buddy Isabella
  12. Dat bad Mummy took me on a def march in da rayn an Ah came back with bloody stumps, bloody stumps Ah say! Isabella We went one loop around our complex, which is 1.75 miles plus you had your raincoat on. Michelle
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