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  1. Hi Battle! Wow eightyleben lbs you pawsies must be ginormous Oh my goodness is Hamish hokay or iz you hims buddy? Ah hoping he iz hokay Isabella
  2. Hola: Just checking on my frends during dis pademic. Mummy iz still able to see clients via zoom and fank goodness dat da insurance companies had deceided to pay for dem so Ah kan get bikkies and such. Ah habs been keeping my rents guessing in terms obs eating sumtimes Ah will eat and sumtimes not. Ah lik to keep a low profile during da day dem wake up at bed tyme. It iz a hillarious game Ah play, but dey do knot like it so much. When my Mummy tries to take me fur a walkies during da day, Ah just stare at her like 'no crazy lady, Ah do knot want to go on your def march' Hope everywun iz doin
  3. Run free sweet Lexie. You touched so many lives and gave greyhounds a greyt name.
  4. KittyDaHownd


    I am so sorry you lost your sweet Mazy. She sure looked happy with you! I am so glad that you were able to give her a good home, but I know that doesn't take the pain away from what you are feeling now.
  5. While kvetching to a neighbor about the situation another neighbor was getting their mail. This neighbor recently lost their Saint Bernard who has a massive crate and they let me borrow it until my came from Amazon.
  6. Time for a review of the contact Lila, I can call DPS (Dog Protective Services) if you like!
  7. We are adopting a greyhound that has never been fostered before. We have had greyhounds in the past, but they were all fostered. Any tips?
  8. Great news! The coordinator of the group kept trying to find a compromise and we figured out one tonight, so this little girl will be coming home with us on Saturday.
  9. Bertie, you are one lucky houndie. You've got the best Mummy and big brother ever. I know Miss Lucy feels lucky too. I love it when your prays are answered. Michelle
  10. We thought we could compromise with them. We agreed to get the larger grate, but we wanted to pick her up this Saturday because we both have 13 days off from work and we wanted to start acclimating her as they don't foster any of their dogs they just have a kennel, however the crate was not going to be her until Monday. This was still a no go for them. They would rather have her spend 2 days in the size crate she has been in for 7 years then send her to a good home. It is not like we were saying we would never crate her. We know she has never been alone and we had planned on making that a part
  11. We are (were) about to about a greyhound from a new group (our old one no longer exists). She is a small female. We spent time with her yesterday to make sure she is fit for us and we are a fit for her. After the visit, we got an email asking if we had all the extras needed (coats, leash, crate, collar, dog beds). We've had 3 greyhounds in the past so we have all the gear except for the collars, which I couldn't bear to have around after Kitty died. We get a follow up email asking the size of the crate. Our is 48Lx 30Wx 33H. We get an email this morning saying that it must be 35H with photogra
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