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  1. Huh, Mummy and Daddyman pulled out des rolling clothes keepers and said Ah wuz going to da spa for twelvelebben days. Ah ain't nebber had an spa treatmens afor. Isabella Gosh, I know I have to live my life, but I just hate boarding the pets. The good news Bunny is staying home, but my sister-in-law is coming over daily. Michelle
  2. Hey, I've been looking for the place that used to keep my old siggies. I think it was under gallery, but I can't find it. Did it disappear with the redo?
  3. Plez be okay, wee hegsmahog Neville Longbottom It iz too soon to be picking owt howlloween costumes. Isabellla
  4. Dey iz going to Beijing and will see da greyt wall der, then to Xian to see da terrycoata warriers, then Chengdu where der iz da panda rescue facility, and finally to Shanghai Glad Misser Doug iz doing well and habs a kicks arse nurse Isabella
  5. It iz on Mummy's bucket list, so it is a combinashun obs wanted to do it due to da stroke and a graduashun present. Habs fun for doze going to Dewey. We lubs da B9! Izzy
  6. Mummy says fanks fur da birfday witches. Dis iz da furst year dat she habs werked on her birfday. Sinse Mummy and Daddyman are leabing fur China negst Wednesday she fought she bettah go into werk. Isabella
  7. Ah missed that Misser Richard has died. Ah yam sorry Miss Carol Isabella da sad
  8. Miss Chris and Misser Dennis - Knot the news that anybody wanted. It will not be day same wifout Isabella
  9. It wuz kool and grey todaii. Mummy and Daddyman went to somfing called OhioMart, witch is a place that habs 130 vendurs for chopping and lotsa food boofs. Daddy purrchased alpaca-wool socks. Den later todaii we wented on anudder hike. Isabella
  10. Patsy-Ah yam berry sorry yu losted yur friend. It sounds lik she grounded yu. Whiskey-Com on buddy, yu needz to get bettah Spirit-What an eggsellent idead to tak da kitties bed. Isabella
  11. Is there another way to post pictures besides Photobucket? Michelle
  12. Does dis seem rite to yu? Dis iz how Ah spend Black Dog Day.
  13. Miss Jenbo - Ah yam sorry, but sometymes dat is da best and healthiest option. Isabella
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