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    Trap Is Gone

    Oh Beth - I'm so sorry to hear about Trap! He was a real sweetie; I know how much you'll miss him. Hugs to you; I hope sweet thoughts of Trap will bring you comfort...
  2. I remember the day so well, Robin! A larger than life girl - still so missed
  3. Pretty much the exact same routine here (although Max prefers poultry flavour ). Max has awful teeth; even with daily brushing, he's lost most of them. We're fighting to keep the lower canines (the top two had root canals shortly after we got him). He goes to a dental vet for his work; he said that it doesn't matter what you brush with, as the paste doesn't make much differenece - it's the action of brushing that does it, so technically you could use something homeopathic (ie - without fluroide) that your pups find tasty. That would probably be cheaper than the pet stuff. We've started
  4. maximum

    Cake- Sassy Star

    I am so, so sorry. RIP Cake & Gussy - and please, be kind to yourself. It was not your fault; We try so hard to do everything to keep our babies safe, but we just cannot plan for it all. I know it is easy for someone else to say; as humans, we blame ourselves. But dogs don't know blame - they just love us, as Cake and Gussy still love you now. for you and for Cake and Gussy
  5. Oh Eva - I am so so sorry that it had to end so quickly. Hugs to you and Tim.
  6. maximum


    Sherry, I am so sorry to see Harley's name here. You fought so hard, right along side with him. I was a lucky recipient of a Christmas card from you this year; and I'll put it up again, in memory of Happy Harley! Hugs to all - fly free, Harley - you are loved!
  7. White light and healing thoughts being sent...
  8. Oh Eva - I'm so sorry to hear about Bailey. I hope your days with her are full of happy memories, lots of loving snuggles and moments of joy. Let us know if you need anything...
  9. I guess maybe I'm naive but I am always shocked to read things like this still happen. Bless you, Pam, for being there for Huckabee. RIP precious boy...
  10. I am so sorry for the sudden and unexpected passing of your handsome boy. Too young, and too loved to leave too soon...
  11. So glad to hear of improvement. It will be baby steps, but sounds like the journey has begun!
  12. Thinking of you, wishing Princess an easy journey...hugs to all
  13. Good thoughts, healing energy and hugs all being sent your way! What a tough go you are having...I hope today is even just a tiny bit better :goodluck
  14. Tons and tons of white light and healing energy being sent to precious, happy Harley. Please give him a gentle kiss between the ears from a Canadian fan...
  15. Awwww, look at that precious white face. Thanks for caring for her; hope to read many more updates of her improvements and then her new family (hopefully on GT!)
  16. Liz, I have no experience and cannot add anything. Just my good wishes and healing thoughts...
  17. I'll be thinking of you and your Princess tomorrow. White light being sent...
  18. That's so awesome! Sounds like you a very beautiful nurse maid to help you out!
  19. I am another who was shocked speechless to see the Pimpmaster's name here! What a huge loss that boy will be in your life and for us who admired him here on GT!! Gosh, I'll miss his stories. I am so sorry he won't be physically with you any longer, but I know your protector won't be far... My condolences...look after your momma, Gus...take care of things up there at the Bridge... :gh_runner :f_red
  20. Getting into trouble and being mischievous = a happy & healthy hound! Sooooooo glad to see it; keep getting into trouble, Robin!!
  21. Glad Lola is feeling better! Hope the pepto is doing the trick; I give Max pepcid (generic) regularly. He had a bought of vomiting earlier this year (never did figure out why) but it certainly helped and seems to continue to help with his appetite.
  22. Well, how awesome is that??!!!! I missed the udpates until the news was good! Amazing stuff! Hugs to that handsome boy!! Well, how awesome is that??!!!! I missed the udpates until the news was good! Amazing stuff! Hugs to that handsome boy!!
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