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    I remember like it was yesterday, the shock of seeing his name in Rememberance. And the heartbreak in your post...he is missed here, I can only imagine how much in your home and lives... Sweet Alan...
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    Handsome boy - Love the asking for cookies!
  3. I don't have anything to add, Robin - except lots of good thoughts for good outcomes at the appointment! And biiiiiiig hugs to that gorgeous Phene; it's a bugger having our babes get old, isn't it??
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    Josie! Oh my god, I missed this. Oh, I am so, so sorry - This is such shocking news. I was looking forward to hearing how he was progressing on the cartrophen. What a distressing way to say goodbye to your boy. Hugs to all of you; run free, sweet, sweet Tuffy... f_yellow f_yellow
  5. Max is very much the same way. He was at first afraid of thunder, and then as he associated it with lightening and then rain, those things would bring about the panting,pacing, shaking, drooling...the rescue remedy did help. I'd shoot a dropper full into his mouth and 15 minutes later, he would lay down. He'd still be anxious but he would at least lay down and at least relax a bit, eventually sleep. I know it could have been body language from us. But we sent it along to his sitter when we were away once. Just told them to give him the dropper and it "should settle him down". They reporte
  6. I will second the recommendation for a canine chiro. A few years ago, I came home from work and Max was hurting. It seemed like he could not lift his head beyond level with his shoulders, and was moving very gingerly and stiffly. We took him immediatel to our vet, who also had chiro training. What had happened was that the vertabrae that connects to the skull had somehow become somewhat hooked under the back of the skull - or something like that. She did an adjustment in the neck area, he gave a bit of a yelp, gave himself a shake and walked out, perfectly fine. She did say that in time,
  7. Glad to hear Kelly is feeling better. I will add that it may indeed be a pain thing. Last Friday, Max was perfectly fine. We were outside having a bit of a romp. when we came in, he seemed different. He was a bit restless, seemed somewhat agitated. Over the next half hour, he got progressively worse - panting, shaking, pacing, wouldn't/couldn't lay down. This went on all night, even with his regular does of metacam. It was dawn before he finally laid down a relaxed. I got some tramadol from the vet, and took him to the chiro. He had knocked his pelvis out of alignment and was in pain. It took
  8. maximum

    Becky Aka Piglet

    Such a special beauty. Run free and whole, Becky. You are loved... :f_pink
  9. Over the years, Max has had a few such lumps appear. Some he's had now for years that we've just left; the vet checks them when we get our annual check up but almost all we have just left alone. We've only removed one, and that was because after a few years of behaving itself, one lump began sprouting new lumps, and looking rather wart-like. It was tested and was benign. So, as Batmom says, I'd just watch it. If it changes dramatically then would be worth a visit or if it starts to bother Kelly more. They get little bumps and growths, just like we do...
  10. Well I think the second Tram at 8;30 and then the metacam at 10 finally did the trick! We all got *some* sleep last night.He was still restless but very much better! I think we'll keep up the 20 mg tram every 8 hours and see how he does today. He weighs 30 kg (which I think is around 65 lbs). He's still not 100% but maybe 75%...hopefully by tomorrow he'll be that much closer!
  11. Okay, this video is a little disturbing. It shows a dog collapsing BUT the reason I thought it worth sharing was that it shows actual CPR being performed on a dog that was in distress. Don't worry it has a happy ending!!! but it shows how to really do CPR on a real dog, which I found very valuable... Please do not click if you think you will be upset by the sight of
  12. And he's up...but at least I got another tram into him, he had a pee and he had quite a nice snack of kibble and wet stuff.
  13. Thanks so much. That's exactly what the vet was worried about - that he'd get too stoned. So I think I'm safe with another pill but... I can hardly believe it but he is actually sleeping at the moment! I am loathe to wake him; I'll give him another pill when he does wake up; I can't imagine this will last long...
  14. 20's actually - she wanted to keep him on the low end of the dose...he is such an unhappy camper!
  15. How long does it take for the tramadol to take affect? He had one tablet at 12:30; as I posted he did lay down after that but only for a couple of hours or so; he hasn't had a really good sleep yet - he still seems uncomfortable laying down. The instructions from the vet said 1 pill every 12 hours but can be increased to one every 8 hours if needed; I think I'm going give him another at 8:30. He gets his metacam at 10. I finally got some food into him, too - about a 1/3 of a can of wet food, but it's a start. He's starting to worry me...
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    My Brindle

    I'm so sorry to hear of your Brindle's passing. The words to the song are so approrpriate; such perfect timing to have heard them. My condolences.
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    Miss Echo

    Oh Jen - what to say? I had so hoped when I saw she was home again that she was on her way to a full recovery. Such a sweet baby - I wish she could have stayed with you forever I know she was your princess baby doll. :f_pink
  18. Thanks for the info everyone, and the good wishes! Chiropractor found his pelvis had slipped out by quite a lot, so she adjusted that; easily something he could have done running in the yard last night. Everything else was fine (I was a bit worried about his neck but she gave it a good look and it's fine). So, hopefully that will do it. I've given him a tramadol so fingers crossed that will make him feel all pain free and a bit drowsy (poor boy is so tired - really hasn't slept since around 7 last night) and he'll get a good sleep in and wake up feeling better (and hopefully I'll get a bit of
  19. Max has been on metacam for arthritis and just completed his series of shots of cartrophen (it's like Adequan) and has been feeling very good. Maybe too good as he seems he hurt himself running in the yard last night. He was perfectly fine until around 9 pm (after playing in the yard around 8 pm),and then progressively got worse as the night progressed. he was very anxious, pacing and panting, but that can just be Max I had given him a melatonin around 7 ( he gets them fairly regularly) and then his dose of metacam around 9. He seemed to be unable to lay down; everytime he'd try to lower hi
  20. How is Ben doing, Jan? He is so calm and easy going, I can't imagine he would actually need the cone - maybe just when you guys aren't there??
  21. I just started my boy on these shots last week; going for the second of 4 tonight. It appears to be cheaper than Adequan, and very similar in it's performance. Max has been on metacam for 8 months or so now, and I am hoping to wean him off if the Cartrophen proves to be successful. He has not had any side effects from either and his blood and urine results are all good, but given that he is almost 13, I don't want to keep him on the metacam if the Cartrophen will do the job on it's own. I'll let you know! Good luck with Tuffy...
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    Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss of Grover! He was clearly meant to be in your home and in your hearts. Run free, sweet baby... :gh_runner
  23. I started giving Max melatonin last summer to help with his thunder phobia and any other things that were causing him stress. After giving it to him off and on over the summer, I noticed that his coat was becoming very soft and thick; almost lush! He doesn't get it as often since fall (maybe once or twice a week) but his coat is still full, and soft. Also, he hardly sheds at all now - that's even better than the thick coat!
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