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  1. The members and groups on Greytalk Forum have always been our most supportive patrons to Hope for Hounds. As we expand to include other Sighthound breeds, we'd like to welcome the Podenco families to join our auction. Please share The Miss Nellie Auction with your Podenco friends and family!
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  3. We are so sorry for the loss of your precious Bowie. Please post a picture of Bowie. There are so many losses that the numbers seem overwhelming at times. We know so many hounds through this forum and other social media. We invest our time, energy, effort and emotions on our hounds hounds and the hounds we know and love near and far. Every loss is a loss to us all. It is why Hope for Hounds does what it does. We WILL make a difference!
  4. Many Greyhound owners have other breeds of Sighthounds living in their homes. Hope for Hounds welcomes them all! Show us the other breeds of Sighthounds in your life
  5. The Miss Nellie Auction 2019 Hope for Hounds is again pleased to invite you to participate in the Miss Nellie Auction 2019. Our ongoing mission is to raise awareness and funds for research for the cure or lifesaving treatment of cancer in our Sighthounds and other companion canines. This auction will benefit the clinical trials of Dr. Nicola Mason of the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine. This will be our thirteenth auction since 2006 and we are sure it will be as exciting as the past twelve. To those who are new to The Miss Nellie Auction, we welcome you to join our auc
  6. I am trying to post from Flickr but am not sure which code to use so that it loads as a photo and without the printed url. I also tried to upload/drag a file as noted and got the message "You can only upload a total of 0 MB Please contact us for assistance. Help please...
  7. You really must try the upholstery brush. Gustopher P thought that was the BEST!
  8. The nice thing is that donations don't necessarily have to be "Greyhound" items. We have also invited the "Pittie" community who have joined the GHI Blood Bank and have numerous Pitties as donors. Thanks again for your interest and YES! Clean out those closets and drawers!!!!
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