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    I remember that so well. Alan was such a love. Hugs to you today...
  2. A year? Already?? It seems like yesterday...I am so glad he has managed to keep a paw in your lives. Such a special loving and loved boy!
  3. Alicia, your every post about Ava has been an ongoing, loving tribute to her, just a your words always spoke of the loving bond you shared. It shone through all your stories; we know...Ava, fly to the bridge on wings of love. Keep close to your humans and Augie; they will miss you as all of us here on GT will. Hugs...
  4. If it doesn't seem to be bothering her, I would leave, at least for now. Keep an eye on it and if it changes or gets bigger, then maybe consider vet. Other than that, I don't have any advice - hard not to worry I know!
  5. maximum

    My Baby Is Gone

    Oh my god. I'm sorry is so inadequate. I have so enjoyed hearing about and watching Riddick grow into a handsome young dog. I don't know what to say...hugs and thinking of you.
  6. Loca is the reason some guys seriously started considering wearing their jocks to playgroup! She got in some serious whacks to a few of the guys Silly, crazy, most unforgettable girl! This is one of my favourite pics of Loca- I love how it looks like she is running on top of the shadow of the fence - it's just her; impossible, breathtaking and always unpredictable!
  7. Awww poor girl. I don't know about the crying, Robin - Max never cried out after have teeth pulled; whatever they gave him seemed to keep him comfortable. I think they gave him an injection of metacam. They're open to 7, aren't they? I'd give them a call...
  8. Oh my goodness - such a shock to see Saints name here. I am so sorry that he had to leave, but what a lucky boy to have found all of you, and to have lived a life well loved...condolences to all who loved the goregous Saint...
  9. Jen, I am so sorry...How I wish they could stay with us forever... Run free and healthy, Atlas...
  10. The most perfectest boy with the bedroom eyes - I hope you and Max are looking for trouble together! But only for a few minutes; then you have to lay down and sleep! Happy 12th bday at the bridge, Phener-weiner-beaner!
  11. Good golly, he is a handsome one! And very nicely outfitted, I must say - good job! Welcome - you are well-indoctrinated into the "greyhound cult" as my DH calls it!
  12. Adding some water will help; I've also heard of people buying a length of chain and putting it in the bowl; they have to eat around it and it slows them down.
  13. Awwww, the fabulous Phene - miss you handsome! You were one of a kind...
  14. My condolences to everyone who loved Dani and Spicy. We do so much to protect our babies and keep them safe, and an unforeseeable accident can still catch us unawares...as has been said, they were playing and doing what they loved...no true condolence, I know but I hope a small one, down the road. Run fast and play hard at the bridge, precious babies...
  15. Seeing Bee Wiseman's name here still shocks me. She was such an awesome presence on GT - such a special girl, missed forever...
  16. Checking in to see how Bella did over night - hope all is well...
  17. The story of you and Iceman is beautiful; these creatures bring out something special in us simple humans. The specialness of Iceman shines through your words, as does the love you shared. Love never dies...my condolences on the loss of such a special boy.
  18. If only our love and tears could keep them here; two months today my boy left. The days that I wake up and just for a second, forget the reality...the best and worst moments of every day... My heart aches for every one who has loved and lost in recent days and any day. The increadible gift joy and fulfillment that comes from loving these amazing creatures, the gift of loving wholly that they give us, sadly results in corresponding levels of grief and loss when they leave. You cannot have one with out the other...that just doesn't make it any easier.
  19. Positive thought and best wishes being sent! Keep us posted on how things go...
  20. Your Pretty Girl reminds me very much of my boy Max, in looks and in her story. We said goodbye just a month ago now; he was 13 and 4 months. It is so very hard, I know...but I guess that is the cost of sharing our hearts and lives with these angels on earth. I hope the memories make you smile soon. It takes a while but slowly, it will come...hugs to all.
  21. Wabi...such a special little beauty she was. I am so sorry that she had to leave so soon, too soon. But she won't be forgotten - how can such a living and breathing iteration of why to enjoy every day and to love and be loved, ever be forgotten? And if part of the remembering is a little bit of pain, a little bit of sad...well, they are worth it, aren't they? Hugs and peace to all of you...
  22. I'm so sorry Gigi had to leave you so quickly and so young...our babies are never here with us long enough and your special girl was with you for not nearly enough time. I wish words could help you, I know they cannot. Except to let you know that others know your pain, and the special bond you shared with Gigi and why you will miss it and her so very much...hugs and peace to you and Lizze...run free, pretty Gigi.
  23. I understand your pain far too well. Today is one month since Max left us; he was an only dog, too and now it is just me and my husband, in a house too big, too empty. We put all his beds in the basement just a week or so ago; tears when I looked at the empty space. Max, too loved, loved, loved peanut butter - I'm going to have to throw his jar out, I just can't bear to look at it. I found the receipt in my wallet today, of the last boxes of his treats I bought him... tears again. I know - the reminders are everywhere. His food bowls are still out, washed and waiting, his leaeshes and collars
  24. Laughing and crying...that seems a the most fitting tribute of all. Run free, pretty princess Nikki.
  25. This morning, we went to the Gateway Pet Memorial Services facility in Guelph for a final visitation with Max, and then his cremation. I have to say, I was a little apprehensive, but I really felt I needed to say goodbye, as he had passed so suddenly while I was away - I really needed that closure. They did a really lovely job; he honestly looked like he was sleeping. I thought it was going to be kind of...creepy, but he seemed so natural. He was cool but his ears and his paws felt totally normal, his bunny soft fur on his neck felt the same. He loved it when would hold his paw and rub it, s
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