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  1. How many rounds: He went through two rounds of Panacur and then retested and came back all clear. Did NOT know that about returning open bags; thank you! Unfortunately, hook is *quite* persistent. He may very well have another batch that is newly hatched...retesting would not be out of order. Two rounds is really not a lot when it comes to hook... If all is well and you truly suspect a food sensitivity, you could indeed try something without chicken. I fed Max Holistic Blend Chicken and Rice for a year or so and could never get him really firm. Switched to their lamb and rice
  2. I'm so sorry Frank has had to leave you so unexpectedly- they ask so little and give so much...he and you had a special relationship, we know. My condolences...
  3. Thank you all so much for sharing your kind words...they have truly helped these past two days. I feel like my grieving is now on hold, as I won't be home until late Friday night; I know it will really hit me then. Being so far away right away, in an environment that does not hold any essence of Max- it is rather surreal. I can almost pretend...well, you know... These words have been running through my head, since my boy had to go. They are from Collin Raye's song, Love Me: If you get there before I do, don't give up on me. I'll meet you when my chores are through; I don't know how l
  4. Oh the stories you told through the eyes of your beautiful girl! Absolutely amongst my all-time favourites on GT. She just had such a spark, such life that crackled through your pictures. Only 10 I am sorry she had to leave so soon; what a great life she had and one that you captured so eloquently in your art...
  5. Clicking the "Start new topic" button here is the hardest thing I've ever done. The most perfect boy who ever was, is no more. How can a dog so full of life, so full of zest, so full of himself, be gone?? And he left without me...I am away at school in BC and he collapsed this morning; was gone before DH could catch him and lower him to the floor. Poor DH is going through this alone, in our home that is so full of Max... He was 13 so it's not like this was unexpected but so fast, so fast. He had been out of sorts on the weekend, extra pant-y, shakier than normal, so DH made appt with
  6. I hope Frank continues to feel better today. I know what you mean; Max has had a couple of slips; we now how rubber backed rugs everywhere...at 13, I worry about him so much. Hugs to Frank; they forget quicker than we do...
  7. What a precious gift you were given! No matter what happens today or tomorrow, you will have that memory to treasure...I hope you have many more. We can at least attempt to fix so many things that may go wrong with our babies, but we are defenseless against the relentless marching of time and age. Peace to both of you...
  8. I'm so sorry for your loss of Andy. Run free, and healthy, loved boy!
  9. We haven't had a scope to diagnose Max, but the vet "strongly suspects" LP. He is 13 and has been quite raspy and panty since last summer. We started him on Apo-Theo once summer started this year, and it seems to help. He pants all the time, even with the air set to 71 degrees and fans blowing on him all the time! But he seems comfortable and happy. Walks are limited to only early morning and later evenings, and we too switched to a harness. He still likes to do his morning yoga and his post dinner-dancing in the evenings. When he is out in the yard, he still playbows and does little spinnies,
  10. Awwww - the posting I did not want to see! I had so hoped that Heart would pull through. We all know that if your love and devotion could have pulled her through, she would have been here forever...Hugs and healing to you and your pack...
  11. Healing thoughts being sent. So scary for all of you...
  12. Happy birthday, Iberia - I hope you enjoy the fireworks for you today!
  13. I give Max 3mg twice a day during thunder storm season. Then the rest of the time, I'll often give him one before bed; he gets restless at night (probably due to old age; he is 13) and if there is going to be anything going on that might cause him anxiety. Really helps with his thunderphobia...
  14. I used to give Max Rescue Remedy but have found the melatonin to be more effective. I give him a 3 mg tablet every 12 to 8 hours - 12 hours is sort of a regular maintenance dose, and I will up to every 8 hours during storm season. I'd say it can't hurt so give it a try! I just the regular human stuff from Walmart
  15. I am THE most parinoid person in the world! If she's panting too much after a walk, I check her tummy for bloat, if she's too warm I start soaking her in cool water/ getting the fan on her, if bf and her go for a walk and they are taking too long I start walking up and down the road looking for them, and the list goes on I honestly think it's kinda like being a parent to a first child, you just worry SO much. Thanks everyone for the "It could be this, could be that". Our appointment is on Wednesday morning...on her birthday of all days. Maggie, there is a good chiro in town- she
  16. I am so sorry that Don Juan had to leave- he did not have enough time with you! They were his best months, I am sure...Rest easy, handsome...
  17. Truly, truly the most precious Phener-weiner beaner that ever was. Robin, I am so so sorry he did not get to spend many more pain-free days with you - I was so hoping. I hope you don't mind if I share a few pics; he (and you!) are so much a part of my life with Max: Max & Phene at a meet & greet in Stratford; Phene was an indiscrimate snuggler! In all his regal, Phoenix glory, last April! His favourite thing to do at playgroup - lean on someone and get pets! You were so loved, you gorgeous golden-eyed boy! I'll miss you so much... Robin, hugs to you - wh
  18. Hmmm, this is interesting. I would not have said that Max has allergies, but he does lick his feet a lot. I always thought it was sort of a self-soothing thing. The vet did mention a prednisone might help but he is on metacam for arthritis and can't take it appreantly. We are weaning him off, since he is now on cartrophen shots, that seems to be helping. Wonder if something like Vanectyl would be a possibility? FWIW,Max has been on reactine for 4 nights now, and I don't know if it's helping. He is more cough-y than usual tonight (actually hacked up phlegm which is not normal!) Thanks
  19. Max has been experiencing excessive panting and raspy breathing for a while; I noticed it last summer, but it seemed to get better over the winter. But it has started up again this spring; as soon as it got over about 5 degrees celcius, he seemed to become bothered again. So, to the vet. It might be allergies or "old dog lung" (scar tissue, apparently) or larangyal paralysis. He is now taking antihistamines (reactine); we`ve been trying that for a few days, haven`t really noticed a difference. So we might try a bronchial puffer - did you know they made aerosol chambers for dogs? I did not; t
  20. Just checking in on the handsome Man-Queen! Hope Phener is feeling better and you've heard good news on the x-rays!
  21. Hi Robin! Max has had (and continues to have) Cartrophen shots. After discussing the options between that and Adequan, we went with Cartrophen. Same concept; injectable glucosamine-type product. Max has done very well on them; he has gone through the 4 weekly shots that get it started and is now doing monthly(ish) maintenance shots. They have helped him quite a bit; he is much more confident about his hind end. Max has had those slips on the hardwood; very scary! He regulates himself on hardwood now, walks carefully. Could Phene have pulled something when he slipped, too, that is aggrevati
  22. Good thoughts continue to come for you and Charlie - glad it may only be some hind end weakness and that it passes quickly .
  23. I'm very interested in reading these responses as I suspect my 13 year old had been developing this over the past couple of years. He is very panty in the heat - really any heat, over about 10 degrees celcius and he is panting. And it is getting to be quite raspy. He was never a barker or a roo-er so I can't tell if that has changed. He does not choke or cough much; some though. They are calling for a hotter than normal summer this year; I'm worried already and starting to think about the tie-back...otherwise he is very healthy (for 13, of course! ) Oh, he has some hind end weakness, but sus
  24. What a happy smile he had! Clearly a hound who loved and knew he was loved. I'm so sorry he had to leave so soon. I remember meeting him at Grapehounds...he was a doll. Keep an eye on your skin sister, Stuey... :f_red
  25. maximum


    And a year for Riley? Seems like it just happened! Hugs to you as well...
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