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  1. Thanks for the responses all, we're excited and looking forward to seeing all of you!
  2. Anyone have experience staying at the country inn? It's our first time and that's where we're booked. Thanks!
  3. ORLANDO FLORIDA AREA I'm not the sitter but highly recommend Mollie Moore who has greyhounds of her own but also operates a pet sitting business. She can be reached at mollie707@yahoo.com We have left our hounds with her and have always been completely satisfied. She has a great fenced yard and is very accommodating.
  4. I'm going through similar issues with them getting old... prayers for you and yours. Let us know how the appointment goes.
  5. Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes! Thankfully King did ok overnight and this morning. Our vet does acupuncture so, while pricey, we were able to do that for both of them this morning. It seems to have helped King as he's moving around a little better. It is likely still a neurological problem for him but we'll do what we can to keep him moving and comfortable. On the plus side Dazie's chest xray was clear so the cancer hasn't spread. It looks like the greyhound health initiative isn't currently offering free carboplatin but we're going to write to them to see. Out vet also offers a new therapy for dogs that has been used in people called glucose metabolic inhibitor. We'll see what we can work out for her. Thanks again for all the prayers, we're ok for now.
  6. My King and my Dazie are both dealing with issues tonight that signal the end may be nearer than we anticipated. They are sibling 12.5 year olds. King has an unknown neurological issue that is keeping him from standing up and walking well. He has his ups and downs with how well he does lately. Dazie has a cancer in a joint in her foot. We're going for chest xrays tomorrow and we will take King and talk to the vet about him too. Hopefully everything will be ok but just in case I wanted to ask for prayers for my babies. They've had a yummy dinner of medium rare ground beef with pork roast juice and I'm giving lots of love, just in case. Thanks. Here's my very best and most recent picture of them. King on the left and Dazie on the right.
  7. I don't get on here too much any more but we've recently had a professional photographer come to our house to take photos of the dogs and I felt the need to share... The result... King & Dazie Dazie King Dazie King
  8. So glad to see how well Percy is doing! You're both fantastic!
  9. Congratulations Ducky! It was so nice to meet you at Mountain Hounds! I'm so glad this worked out for you and Percy, I know he hit the jackpot with you!
  10. Can you help me figure out why the image below is coming out so small? It's in my gallery and I thought I picked the large size but it's only loading tiny. Thanks.
  11. KingsMom


  12. I have to agree. Dazie has been diagnosed by more than one vet with a grade 2/3 murmur and we have never been instructed to have it checked further. She's getting older and doesn't run too much anyway so we don't worry to much. Hope your vet is willing to confirm it as low grade for you!
  13. We went to the vet today and got the culture and sensitivity test. The results should be in next week. He looked at King's throat and didn't see anything specific. He recommended we try an antihistimine for a few days to be sure it isn't congestion. If that doesn't help we'll have to work on getting the LP scope. Thanks to all who posted info, if anything changes I'll be sure to update. Here's a pic of my good boy, thanks for the help with him!
  14. 3greytjoys thanks so much for your post, it's good info to have and I appreciate it. If we get a confirmed LP diagnosis I'll probably reach out to you via PM. Last night Kings roo had a bit more sound to it but not much. It's like he's re-learning how to use his voice. However, I did hear a definite growl out of him (towards a bunny on our walk). So it seems that he can use his lower register but really struggles with his upper register; I don't know what to make of that. Thanks for all of the responses, I'll keep you updated as I get more info. Thanks!
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