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  1. Hi apbagwell - sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Darn osteo. 😡 My oncologist, who is fabulous and worked with my last hound where I did amputate and do chemo, suggested we might have another good 6-8 months if we were lucky. The radiation really seemed to help manage the pain. She got her 4th zoledronate infusion a week ago and looks great so far. (Getting those once a month.) Playing with my other dogs, running a little bit, and not seeming to be in pain. No limping. (But she is on carprofen and gabapentin.) In fact, she has some bounce back in her step. We are just over 4 months post diagn
  2. I am so very sorry. But she definitely told you it was time, and you listened. Thinking of you...
  3. Just checking in for an update on phoebe? So glad things were looking up re her healing. She does sound a wee bit persistent about getting to her incision. Silly girl.
  4. I feel your pain and discomfort with this decision. My osteo girl has been generally doing well, but today not so much, and no more than an hour ago I asked her if she was telling me it was time. But she wagged her tail. I don’t think it is yet, I think she was just wanting some extra love. 🥰 Which, of course, she got! But I too am in the waiting and watching process. My last grey with osteo, if he had spoken English it wouldn’t have been more clear. He looked me in the eye one morning and told me it was time, he was done. I let him go that afternoon. 😢 It sounds like your girl is still living
  5. I’m so so sorry. 😢 Anytime I read about a limp in a greyhound I’m concerned. I’m currently going through it with my beautiful 10.5 yr old girl too. It’s so devastatingly unfair that these beautiful creatures are so susceptible to osteo. Thankfully, however, most have lived a life filled with love once adopted. 💕 That thought brings me at least some small degree of comfort...
  6. Brin update - she is doing so well! Hates anesthesia but that’s behind us now. Now we just do the zoledronate monthly and hope for the best. Honestly she is doing much better. Her leg is stronger and she’s running a bit, roaching again, and wagging her tail. I think radiation has been super helpful for her. So, we can only hope this lasts many more months. Thanks for the good thoughts her way. Sorry about Phoebe. My other grey (Duke) I amputated but recovery was smooth. (Until chemotherapy extravasation - but that’s another story.) Sorry you are facing so many challenges. One thought
  7. Hi all - Brin seems to be doing well so far. Second radiation treatment coming up tomorrow. I took her off Tramadol as it absolutely wipes her out. She has a bit of pep in her step so I’m remaining hopeful. Thanks for your interest and support! I’ll keep ya posted. 😊 Shannone - I’m so very sorry to welcome you to the osteo club. 💔 I’m not sure how much research you’ve had the opportunity to do yet, but the treatment of choice is amp followed by chemo. That’s what I did with my last guy, but he was younger. As I’m sure you’ve read, this beautiful girl of mine is older, has back problem
  8. Well, some good news. The oncologist had a cancellation so we got in yesterday rather than having to wait until 7/28. X-ray showed little progression from a month ago. Fine needle aspiration was unsuccessful. Times two. She only got blood and a few cells. Said bone was mushy. 😔 She still wanted to definitively rule out valley fever - and FNA did that although not enough cells to determine type of bone cancer. (I think I’ve got that right....) Anyway, given amputation not an option treatment options discussed/offered were: 1) stereotactic radiation - that is considered definitive in
  9. Precious pup whatever the mix. I would not be surprised if there was some greyhound in there.
  10. Thanks for the info everyone. I do appreciate your concern. NeylasMom - correct, there are no vets closer to me than the one in Tucson and then the group in Phoenix. Next would be the group I used in California with my other greyhound before moving to AZ. I know time is of the essence. (But, as a provider myself I also understand that when the schedule is full, it’s full. Although you can usually squeeze one more patient onto the schedule. 😊) I actually think if the local oncologist knew it was me, she might work us in as my last hound lived the 2nd longest of any hound she had seen with
  11. It’s a shame that some of you are suggesting hopeful possibilities - but I can’t get her in to an oncologist to pursue any of them. So frustrating. I have an appointment here 7/28 and I am on the wait list. I called today to see if they had had any cancels. They hadn’t. But I’ll check in weekly and maybe that will help. I also called Phoenix (about 3 hours from me) and can’t get in there until 7/13. Clearly we need more pet oncologists. Or, better yet, less pet cancer. As for pain control - she is on 100 mg Gabapentin am and 300 mg pm - it makes her very tired so she only gets the larger d
  12. Wow. You’ve clearly done your homework. I got my last grey through sagreys but I’m close to Tucson. Maybe I would make that trip to Dallas after all. Good luck.
  13. There are hounds available here in AZ. In fact quite a few have been coming in recently. Where in AZ are you? One issue with that type of road trip in this area is the heat. And, as has been mentioned, many groups don’t like to adopt out of their area. There is a group near me who, for politics regarding racing reasons, can’t get hounds. If you are working with them, obviously try another group. If it were me I wouldn’t wait but wouldn’t necessarily go to Dallas either. There are California groups with hounds also. Good luck. And, welcome to the club. 😊
  14. Thanks for the encouragement Tracy. I haven’t ruled it out... I just can’t get her in. So frustrating. I’ll call the oncologist again tomorrow. I’m on cancel list but... they said that was a 2 month wait also. Maybe I’ll get lucky.
  15. Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions. Here is an update... I am mid-consult with Dr Couto. I say mid because he wants the X-rays in another format so he can see things more clearly. But, based on the files I did send... although it could be osteo he did suggest three other possible types of bone cancers it could be. Because... not only is there destruction of the bone (like osteo) there is also some proliferation of the bone (unlike osteo). I am scheduled with the closest oncologist who I saw with my other osteo guy, but she has nothing until late July. I don’t think Brin will be aliv
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