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  1. Sorry for delay... I don’t drop in here too often. 1 very slightly rounded teaspoonful each meal - so morning and night. Mixed in with his kibble and a little bit of water.
  2. I got mine at Trader Joe’s. No additives, etc. One of my dogs was on it his whole life.
  3. I rarely leave my hotel room for my first few days there too. And I love it there! I get mild altitude sickness for a few days above 7000 ft and I believe dogs are susceptible also. Hoping for the best.
  4. Interesting. I guess it will show up eventually. She has several wonky nails so I wonder if this has happened to her before. I’ve only had her for 6 months. Thx for the info!
  5. Late to comment, but my girl did this about 3 months ago. Completely gone and a bloody mess - so vet started her on 10 days of antibiotics to avoid any infection since there was an open wound on her toe, which is on the ground and dirty and all that. 3 months later still no sign of a nail but the vet said to watch her toe. If it becomes swollen or inflamed to get her in as she will need more antibiotics. And he said he can see the nail in there but it has yet to grow out at all.
  6. As a puppy my terrier would not allow you to touch his feet. After many years I can touch and sort of massage/play with his feet - but nail trims are excruciating and require a muzzle. So, basically desensitization to having his feet touched did not generalize to having his nails trimmed. My vet said she has a dog that has to be sedated with a fast acting anesthesia, which can be reversed once the procedure is done. My terrier had to have that done for some X-rays a few weeks back. He came out of it just fine, but that would be an expensive option for the frequency of nail trims. They are not intubated with this type anesthesia. I wish I had the name for you, but I don’t. But it isn’t just a benzodiazepine, it’s much heavier duty.
  7. Oh dear... you mean we could have another year of this? 😫
  8. Oh gosh. That all happened way too fast. I’m so sorry...
  9. Thanks so much for posting this!! We are one of the lucky ones dealing with this...
  10. Gosh I hope things are better. I had the extravasation experience and it was horrible. “Luckily” it was on a front leg - and it had been a rear amp - because my poor guy was on two right legs for a while. What a fighter he was. We got through it but it was a long, long recovery. Much worse than the amp. I too consulted with Dr Couto and there was no doubt. The pain was extreme for my guy so I’m hoping you are dealing with something else. (And, given my experience, shame on the oncologist for not taking this seriously. It was carbo that caused the problems for my guy.)
  11. My terrier mix was diagnosed yesterday. 8 week recovery of walks only to potty and total rest/crated otherwise. Full recovery not for 6 months or so, but 8 weeks to begin to recover which means to get scar tissue to really start forming.
  12. Hi! Thanks for asking. I’ve been meaning to stop in and give a pup-date. My Brin is doing so well! It’s rather amazing to tell you the truth. She is running and doing zoomies with her 5 yr old greyhound sister. And correcting the younger one when she gets too sassy. She doesn’t have much stamina yet, as in a walk of about 15 minutes is enough for her, but the transformation is unbelievable. I’d forgotten how energetic she was back in the day as I think her decline was slow and insidious and I attributed it to age, not a correctable problem, until she began limping badly. Interestingly, I have an 11 yr old terrier mix (who is having leg and hip X-rays tomorrow) who we tried on gabapentin with absolutely no effect. The only thing I’m still fine-tuning is Brin’s dose. She is 65 lbs and 300mg morning and night seems to be the sweet spot - pain relief but not too much fatigue. Although it might end up that 200mg am and 300mg pm will be best. They suggested every 8 hours but that just doesn’t work with my schedule. Again, thx for checking in! 😊
  13. Amazon? eBay? I looked and chewy.com doesn’t ship there.
  14. Have you seen a GI specialist? Or internal medicine specialist? That’s what I’d be doing. You may have - given the number of tests that have already been done. I saw a neurologist yesterday and it looks like he picked something up in my hound that my regular vet, who sees lots of greyhounds, missed. So, I’m all about specialists when necessary. Only other thought... because I’m a behaviorist... did anything change in her environment? Could it be any type of stress reaction? Is there anything different in her world now than there was during the 3 months she was doing well? Hope she gets to feeling better soon. Poor little thing. Sounds miserable. For both of you.
  15. Good news so far!! I liked the neurologist... he was very attentive to my girl. Way to get off to a good start with both of us. 😉 He suspects she is experiencing nerve weakness, possible nerve degeneration, not spine problems or LS stenosis. He said the X-rays that my vet took look really good. He would do a CT, maybe move to an MRI if necessary - but can generally see what he needs to on CT, and probably do a nerve conduction test at the same time. But, he was fine with taking a very conservative approach and trying Gabapentin for a few days to see what happens. If it is nerve weakness she should have fast results with the Gabapentin. If no improvement we can move to doing the CT. He also said we really haven’t pursued much in the way of meds and there lots of drug options, and epidurals, we can think about without having to think about surgery if there is something more going on. Carprofen shouldn’t have helped/be helping if it is nerve weakness, and it did help the initial limping, so that’s an indication against nerve weakness, but he still suspects that. Even the knuckling he said can be nerve weakness, not necessarily spinal cord problems. So, yay! So... Gabapentin and go from there. (I have seen some discussion on here about Gabapentin, I admit I haven’t read it, but I’ve had a prior hound who had an amp due to osteo on it with no difficulties - so I’m not concerned.) He is starting her on 300mg every 8 hours and decrease by 100 if it is too sedating. Again, he thinks I should see change within 2-3 days if that is it. Whew!
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