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Please Keep Sully In Your Thoughts

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Monday day Sully was his usual self-- goofy, happy, playful, ornery... nothing really was out of the ordinary. Before bed, he decided to do a bunch of zoomies, first in the yard, and then in the house :rolleyes: (again, nothing unusual-- he usually does zoomies when we come home from work, and often before bed as well, they usually last about 5-10 minutes)


We went to bed like usual, and all the pups were happily on their beds in our bedroom. At about 2 a.m. Sully woke us with the GSOD. He was just standing there screaming, and then tried to climb in bed with us, shaking. We flipped on the lights and tried to comfort him, checking him over.... at first we though maybe a cramp (this has happened once in a blue moon-- also if a leg falls asleep, he'll do the GSOD- he is quite the drama queen) or his leg was asleep, but he was obviously very uncomfortable and upset. He stopped the GSOD, but kept whining and trembing, which is unlike him. We couldn't find any obvious signs that anything hurt upon manipulation.


After a bit, we got him to calm down, and since he wanted to be super close for reassurance, I spent the rest of the night on his dog bed with him. He fell asleep after a bit and slept peacefully until the alarm went off and I got up for work. I got ready and fed everyone. Sully came down for breakfast and I noticed he seems a bit hesitant on the steps. He wasn't limping, just uncomfortable, and holding himself oddly-- kind of stiffly.


He still pigged down breakfast (and tried to steal more out of the food bin too :rolleyes: ) and went out to pee/poop without issue, though he was still moving stiffly. I left for work, and left DH with instructions to call the vet as soon as they opened. He did, and Sully went in at 8 am.


The vet did a physical exam, and didn't find any tenderness on any of his limbs (save for the tender corn on the corn foot), or along his back or neck. However, his abdomen seemed painful upon palpation. They ran bloodwork, but all came back normal. They did some xrays of the intestine/stomach, and again, just fine. Not only was there no obstruction, but also no extra fluids or gas. Normal. They did also do a urinalysis, to check for UTI or kidney stones (blood in urine), but that also came back fine. No bacteria, no wbc, no blood. The one odd finding was some bilirubin in the urine. Not enough to make it a funky color, but enough to show up in the test. By this point, it was late evening, and it had been about 14 hours since he'd peed. (Mr. Iron Bladder didn't feel like performing for the vet techs. It was wet outside. He does routinely hold it for 14+ hours at home, esp. if the weather is bad. He has access to water at all times, and access to the yard via a dog door. Water is added to his food as he doesn't drink much)


So... I'm stumped. The vet is stumped. Sully seemed to be feeling a lot better yesterday and did yard zoomies when I came home, and pigged down both dinner and this morning's breakfast. So, I'll talk to the vet again this afternoon and see what's up, if he has any more ideas. One possibility was if Sully wasn't feeling better to take him to DE to a referral clinic for an ultrasound of the gallbladder, ducts, etc. to explore the bilirubin finding (after I drop off another urine sample today to see if it's still there).


On the positive side... the vet techs are all in love. Apparently he love sponged off of everyone all day Tuesday and when I picked him up they all had to kiss him goodbye. :lol The new tech also got to hear her first greyhound chatter. She had never heard a dog do that before, and had run to get the vet (he chattered, bounced, and wagged his tail as soon as anyone seemed to be coming near him when he was in the cage at the vets) because she was worried that he was cold or in a lot of pain. The vet explained that it's a greyhound thing, and to look at the rest of his body language (happy, excited) and that he's fine, just really happy to see someone and hoping for more attention. :lol


So, please keep him in your thoughts... hopefully this was just nothing....


In vino veritas
Rachael with Rook, missing Sully, Sebau, and Diesel

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Hoping for good news for Sully. Prayers sent your way.



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Hoping it's nothing!!!!! :hope :hope :hope

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Hoping this was nothing but a tummy ache~you know~like some gas stuck up there sideways? :blink: Hug Sully for me. :grouphug


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Rachael, please tell Sully he is not allowed to be sick. It was just gas, that's all!


Jen, CPDT-KA with Zuri, lab in a greyhound suit, Violet, formerly known as Faith, Skye, the permanent puppy, Cisco, resident cat, and my baby girl Neyla, forever in my heart

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How is Sully doing today? He sounds like such a cuddle-bug. I hate it when they are fine one minute and the next you just know something is not right. Hopefully it was something that was just "off" for a bit. Keep us posted.


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