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  1. Welcome back...this the first time I have been on here in quite some time
  2. I am very sad to read this Wren was such a beauty and the bond she and Tyler had was amazing to see. Wren made being a bigger girl (as they say big boned LOL) beautiful. I feel so blessed to have known her and all your hounds. Those pictures, my oh my......miss them all so dam much. Have fun with your buddy Tyler at the Rainbow Bridge Wrenn, till we all meet again sweety you will be missed.
  3. I am sad to say hubby isn't comfortable going to three hounds. I really hope these two can stay together...Come on there has to be someone who can open their hearts and home to them.
  4. oh my........I loooove the old ones. I am gonna mention these two sweeties to my hubby, but I have a feeling he'll say no it's a huge step going from one hound to 3 (for him....not me, lol). I have asked in the past about two other seniors needing a home...All I can do is try.....
  5. Hi everyone, many may not know this but Donna Morin, creator of Bow Wow Bonnets, is in the hospital recovering from lung surgery. I thought it would be a wonderful idea if anyone who has purchased hats from her for their hounds would post their pictures. I am certain this would make her day and help in her recovery. I have also posted on FB. Here is her website for all to enjoy. http://www.bowwowbonnets.com/ Thank you!
  6. Oh no.... so very sorry. You gave a great life and I know Trish is grateful for that. Now Bebe is with her momma and I am sure Trish cried as she met her at the bridge, two hearts are now whole at the birdge. Thank you for loving her after she lost her first momma. Hugs to all of you.
  7. so sorry Deanna and Brian, but you gave her a great life while she was with you. So very traggic. Rest well pretty girl. Find my brindle one eyed bridge girl Maisie and you two can run like the wind. Bridge pups Lily and Marx will be there too, give them smooches from their mommy and daddy please.
  8. I would take them in a heartbeat, unfortunately hubby is against 3 pups. Dec. 2012 we adopted two senior girls due to a change in home circumstances, was the best thing we ever did. Unfortunately we lost one of the girls in April. Whoever adopts these sweeties will not regret it for one single moment. I hope and pray they will not have to kenneled at their age.
  9. Yippee!!! Congrats! Deanna is she a one eyed wonder pup? You never go to meet our bridge angle, she was a one eyed, left turn sally (as I called her) wonder dog
  10. Deanna you and Brian gave her a wonderful life, you never gave up on her with her silly quirks. I was honored to have loved her and greysit the pups on a few occasions, she was such a character. I would chuckle how she would glance up the evil ceiling fan. It was obvious that she loved you both and the gaggle of greys she bonded with. I am so glad I got to see her and Wren at GIG, she looked so good to me. Thank you for giving her the best home possible. I am very sorry she had to leave you, as you know you will see her again one day. Run free sweet beautiful Symbra, I loved you little girl.
  11. I am so very sorry Robin Rest well sweet Treasure you will be missed!
  12. I live in the Baltimore area and may be able to help get them to you snowmo18. Not sure if you are closer to Queen Anns County than I am. here is my email rescueagrey@gmail.com
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