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Jeanie In Emergency Surgery

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My Jeanie is in emergency surgery getting an obstruction out of her stomach .This morning she threw up pieces of her comforter , she ate the inside quilting material . Why I don't know she has never chewed anything like that before . She was lethargic all day i thought it was from her sore leg and her meds she was on. At 5 she threw up her breakfast along with more quilting stuff I took her to the E-vet and they did blood test , x-rays and a barium test . The Barium is not moving past her stomach. I'm just so worried because she is 10 . He'll be phoning me around 2 am to see how she is . Poor little girl she is such a drama queen and a screamer I wish I could be there with her :weep

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Sending my many prayers for a speedy recovery. :grouphug


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Poor lil' Jeanie. :( Prayers for a successful surgery and uneventful recovery. :hope

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Oh, poor Jeanie! I'm so sorry.


Try not to worry too much. Comforter filling is better than a sharp obstruction, and if it has all stayed in her stomach the op might not be too stressful for her.


Jack is a screamer too, so I understand your worry about her being in for something, but oddly, he is not too bad at the vet. He seems to brace himself somehow - I know he doesn't enjoy it, and I do worry for him, but he's been fine each time so far. Here's hoping Jeanie is that same.


Good luck! :goodluck


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